Chapter 307 - It’s Her

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Chapter 307: It’s Her

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Upon hearing this, the book in Xia Ruoxin’s hand dropped to the hospital bed. Rainy hugged the doll in her arms tight in confusion and picked up the book to continue writing. So to say, adults were really strange sometimes.

“What did you say? She’s ready for surgery?” Xia Ruoxin found her voice at last. Please, don’t be so cruel to give her hope and tear it from her again; she would not be able to take it anymore.

“Yes, Miss Xia.” The doctor’s voice was high-pitched from excitement. “Have you forgotten? I have said before that there were two matches for Rainy’s bone marrow. One of them was Mr. Chu, and the other—we’ve not been able to contact him.

“He contacted us voluntarily just now. He is now at the airport and can rush over to the hospital immediately. He said he would donate his bone marrow to Rainy without any conditions.”

“Is this real?” Xia Ruoxin stood up, her whole body shaking in nervousness. “You mean, Rainy can have the operation. She doesn’t have to die, and she can continue living.”

“Yes, it’s certain. He is already on his way here, and he has no need to deceive us.” The doctor nodded again. Even he found it hard to believe it, much less say Xia Ruoxin. After all, they were truly in the dark without a hint of light, and all of a sudden there was faint dawn. Having been in the dark for too long, they stopped believing and took a step back.

“Thank you, doctor.” Xia Ruoxin bit her lip and clenched her hand firmly. She did not know how to express her feelings now. She was excited but very afraid.

She was afraid that the man would not show up all of a sudden or would be unwilling to do so, just like Chu Lui.

“Don’t worry, Miss Xia, that man dropped everything in his hands abroad to rush here specifically. He will definitely save Rainy.” The doctor noticed her unease and hurriedly comforted her. She was evidently unable to take any impact again.

“Thank you,” Xia Ruoxin choked out. Rainy was still writing her name earnestly. She sat down and wrapped her hands around her daughter’s small body. Rainy blinked curiously, but she placed her book on her leg. Who knew what she was writing?

At this time, in the bustling airport where pedestrians pass by from time to time, a young man was walking in large strides. A pair of black sunglasses covered his eyes, and he was clad in off-white casual clothes. He looked more casual and free. He reached a hand and took off his sunglasses, revealing a face that, though not considered very handsome, was masculine and very pleasing to the eyes.

He lowered his head to look at the watch on his wrist and took even bigger steps forward.

He seemed to be running late.

He entered a car and looked outside, his eyebrows furrowing. It seemed like it was always furrowed.

The car stopped at the hospital entrance, and he walked out. Looking up, he noted that it was not a big hospital, and his eyebrows furrowed even more.

He entered. Someone was waiting for him at the door.

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Gao?” Rainy’s attending doctor hurried forward to welcome and ask the man who had come a long way. He resembled the photograph in the documents so it should be him.

“Yes, I am.” The man answered with a low voice.

The doctor finally let his apprehension ease. He finally came. He was anxiously waiting for him, so anxious.

“I want to see the child first.” The man requested, his eyebrows furrowed tightly.

“Yes, please come with me. She happens to be awake now.”

The doctor turned around and gestured for them to move off.

“Okay.” The man nodded and followed the doctor in huge strides. He wanted to see the three-year-old child. If he hadn’t received the notice late, he would have already been here. Just a three-year-old child. It must have been tough.

The hospital room door was pushed open carefully. Rainy was still playing with her doll. Her attention was focused as long as she had her doll.

The man stared at the child’s bald head and then looked at her long eyelashes, big and lively eyes, a face that had evidently thinned a lot, and a cute little mouth.

His pupils constricted. How could it be her?

“Rainy?” The man called out her name.

Upon hearing the unfamiliar voice, Rainy raised her head. When she saw the man standing at the door, her next action shocked the doctor. She had reached out her hand.

“Uncle, hug.” The babyish voice sounded extremely nice.

The doctor’s mouth dropped open. It was unbelievable. This child had never asked anyone for a hug. They were the ones who were always fighting to hold her. How was she so welcoming towards this Mr. Gao?

The man walked towards the hospital bed in huge strides, carrying little Rainy into his arms.

Rainy grabbed the man’s clothes with a sweet smile on her face.

“Little girl, you still remember me?” The man placed his big hand on Rainy’s face. Her face had become smaller, and she looked nothing like what he remembered.

Her skin was much paler. Her cheeks were rosy, but now, it was just a shadow of what it once was.

“Of course, Rainy didn’t forget.” Rainy tilted her chin up. She had a very good memory; of course, she remembered Uncle. He had a very warm hug, and it felt a bit like what they call a father.

“What a clever kid.” The man stroked her bald head. She had lost all her hair, but she was still cute.

However, Rainy immediately covered her bald head with both hands and shrank further into his arms.

“Uncle, Rainy is very ugly now, isn’t she?” Her bright eyes opened wide as she asked the man with pursed lips.

The man just moved her little hands away. “Says who? Rainy is still adorable.” He rubbed the child’s small head again and hugged her closer.

“Rainy, where’s your mother?” He could not imagine how she had lived her life these days.

“Mommy is earning money to cure Rainy.” She was at such a young age, but she was no longer the baby who was sheltered from the world and did not understand anything. She was still her mother’s baby, but she was more sensible than others her age.

Rainy clutched the man’s shirt tightly again. “Uncle, Rainy is scared and in pain.” Her little hands and thin fingers were exerting a lot of force, which made the man’s face flash with heartache.

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