Chapter 308 - Save Her

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Chapter 308: Save Her

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“Uncle knows. It will stop hurting soon. Uncle’s here so don’t be scared.” He patted the child’s small back and blew lovingly to the child in his arms who had suffered so much.

Looking at her bald head, he understood what such an illness meant to a child. Constant chemotherapy had already pushed her body to the limits.

If he hadn’t rushed back, she would not be able to live on with her body in such a condition. The thought of it filled his heart with dread.

Who could bear to part with such a lovely child?

Especially a woman like her. She must have suffered more than he could imagine.

When Xia Ruoxin returned, she met the doctor standing at the door. Was he not going in? She had not been to that place to work recently, but from the looks of it, she would be returning soon as she knew the operation would not be cheap. Fortunately, she could still owe it and think of a way to earn it.

She stood at the door with the doctor but saw another man holding her daughter accidentally. It was the first time her Rainy laid quietly in the arms of an unfamiliar male.

“Rainy,” she called out her daughter’s name. The man looked up.

Her eyes landed upon a charismatic face, and her body shook a little.

Her lips trembled slightly too. It’s him…

Gao Yi. The doctor she had met twice. Why was he here?

“It’s been a long time, Miss Xia.” The edge of his lips lifted slightly, but his face darkened as he gave Xia Ruoxin a once-over. She was not doing well at all. That deathly pale skin. She was much paler compared to the past.

She looked more like a sick patient than Rainy.

The doctor understood at that moment. “So the two of you know each other. That’s great! No wonder Rainy was so strangely close towards him. This is really great. Looks like there’s really hope for Rainy this time.

“Miss Xia, Mr. Gao here is Rainy’s bone marrow donor. I’ll leave you two here to have a talk.” The doctor finished and went out, closing the door behind him.

Xia Ruoxin walked closer slowly and stood by the bed. Was the man, who had obviously been forgotten by her, willing to save her daughter?

“Save her, please, save her.” Xia Ruoxin stood in front of Gao Yi, hot tears rolling out of her bloodshot eyes.

Don’t refuse to save her daughter. She was still small and did not understand much.

Gao Yi let out a small sigh. He placed Rainy, who had fallen asleep in his arms, onto the bed softly before standing straight up.

He reached his hand out and placed it on Xia Ruoxin’s face. “Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. I will definitely save her.”

He moved his fingers slightly and placed them under her eyes. Suddenly, he felt a strange feeling in his heart. It was slightly painful, slightly heart-wrenching, as if someone had pulled harshly on his heartstrings. It was still hurting faintly now.

This woman’s tears moved him and made his heart ache.

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” Xia Ruoxin cried even harder now, almost without restraint. She was unable to take it anymore. Could her daughter really be saved now for real?

“I never knew how much tears a woman could shed.” Gao Yi’s hands were covered with her tears, but she evidently had no intention to stop crying. Was she trying to flood the entire room?

Xia Ruoxin just choked with sobs. No, no. She couldn’t stop herself. She really couldn’t stop herself from crying.

“Alright, I’m not blaming you. You don’t have to do this; otherwise, people will think I’m bullying you and making a girl cry so miserably.”

Gao Yi pressed his hand to her face. “Do you know? You’ve lost a lot of weight. It’s been hard on you, isn’t it?”

It was the first time someone asked her this. Was she suffering? Was she tired? She had been facing everything by herself all along. She endured everything on her own.

No one else cared. Nobody’s heart ached for her.

“Hush, stop crying. Leave it to me in the future.” Gao Yi dropped his hand and wrapped it around her shoulders, feeling her protruding shoulder blades.

She was really skinny.

With such a body, she must have already been worked to the bones.

“It’s okay. I’m here.” He tightened his arms and held the extremely skinny body instinctively. “Sorry for being late.”

He apologized. If he had been in the country, Rainy might have already recovered. She would not have to suffer so much.

Xia Ruoxin shook her head. No, that’s not true, but she felt a lump in her throat. She couldn’t let a single word out.

“I know, I know. Don’t say anything. Just know that I will save her. Leave everything to me.” He comforted her repeatedly. There was no way he wouldn’t know what such an innocent woman was thinking.

“Thank you.” Xia Ruoxin nodded her head and reached her arms out to put on his waist. “Can I lean on you for a little while? Just a little while.”

Gao Yi patted her face gently. Don’t you know you’re taking advantage of me? Even though he thought of that, his arms wrapped around Xia Ruoxin’s back automatically, and she was enveloped in his embrace.

Such a thin and frail woman should not have to bear this. It should have been the man’s job. Since others were not willing to, then he would do it.

There were some things he was unable to let go of, for example, her. He couldn’t let go now.

“Have a good rest. You don’t have to be so worried. Look, I’m here. You can push everything to me. I’ll help you take on everything. Remember, everything.”

He said, reaching his hands to caress Xia Ruoxin’s hair. However, it didn’t feel quite right. His hands twitched.

Seeing the puzzled look on his face, she took the wig off her head, revealing a bald head that looked exactly like Rainy’s. The mother and daughter resembled each other tremendously.

“Very pretty.” Gao Yi smiled gently. There was no sign of his usual distance and indifference, only warmth.

Xia Ruoxin realized that they were hugging intimately together, and her hands were on his waist, not even wanting to remove them. This man was really warm, warm enough to revive her long-frozen heart.

She struggled against him slightly, but Gao Yi hugged her even tighter.

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