Chapter 309 - A Fairytale Only Kids Believe In

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Chapter 309: A Fairytale Only Kids Believe In

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“Let’s stay like this. Don’t push me away. You’re tired, and when you’re tired, you should have a good rest. No one will blame you.” Xia Ruoxin listened to his deep and gentle voice and let go of everything. Inside the arms of a man who would still be considered unfamiliar, she received a warm embrace she had never gotten before.

“Good, that’s it. Like I said, leave everything to me from now on. You only have to wait for Rainy to recover.”

Gao Yi patted her back repeatedly like he was coaxing a child, and Xia Ruoxin finally relaxed her taut mind and body. This time, she was really so tired she couldn’t open her eyes.

She was tired, really tired.

Let her have a little more rest. Let her feel a little more of this warmth.

Gao Yi lowered his head. The woman in his arms seemed to have fallen asleep. Her long lashes were already under her eyes, and there were two obvious dark patches under her eyes.

“Sleep tight.” Gao Yi placed his hand on Xia Ruoxin’s face, stroking gently from time to time. His warm, big palm made Xia Ruoxin finally give up all her struggles and resistance. It was the first time she slept so soundly.

Gao Yi remained still until her hand slowly fell back to her side, and her breathing became even, which let him know that she had really fallen asleep.

Gao Yi lifted the woman, who had no weight in any part of her body, and placed her on the hospital bed at the side. He sat down for a very long time before standing up and walking over to Rainy’s bed. Actually, the two of them were sick. One had her body hurt, and the other, her heart.

Rainy rubbed her eyes, wanting to call out for her mother instinctively. However, she felt a finger press against her small lips. She raised her head and blinked.

“Hush, little darling. Mommy’s asleep. Let’s not wake her up, okay?” Gao Yi bent down and looked at Rainy’s eyes at eye level.

Rainy nodded her head and placed her hand on Gao Yi’s lips, too. “Then, Uncle cannot be loud; if not, you’ll wake Mommy.”

“Okay. We’ll both be quiet.” Gao Yi rubbed Rainy’s bald head dotingly.

Rainy reached out her small hands again. “Uncle, hug.”

Gao Yi lifted an eyebrow indifferently, reaching his hands out to lift the child.

“Shall we get you out in the sun for some sunshine?” The child’s complexion was extremely pale and in need of some rosiness.

“Okay.” Rainy agreed obediently. She put her arms around Gao Yi’s neck. It was different from Mommy’s hug, but she liked it as much.

She smiled sweetly and reached her hand out to wave at the sleeping Xia Ruoxin.

“Mommy, Rainy is going out with Uncle to see the sun. We will come back.”

She spoke in a low voice. She did not forget Uncle had told her to not wake Mommy up.

“Smart little imp.” Gao Yi hugged the small child in his arms tightly and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Outside, the sunlight was extremely warm. It did not feel hot at all, just warm.

Gao Yi let Rainy sit on his lap, and he hugged the little body tight. For fear that she might fall down by accident.

“Uncle, it’s so warm.” Rainy reached her hand out to cover her eyes.

“Yes.” Gao Yi patted her cheeks. Sure enough, there was some color now.

“Uncle will get you some candy.” He stood up with Rainy in his hands and walked outside.

Rainy let him hold her quietly with her small feet exposed. She was not wearing any shoes. Gao Yi lowered his head and caressed her feet. Looks like he would have to buy her some shoes too. She couldn’t go barefoot like that.

They reached a large shopping mall. Rainy immediately covered her bald head with her small hands. She was not wearing her hat.

“You don’t have to hide it. You’re very cute.” Gao Yi pulled on her hand and led her forward.

Rainy laid against his shoulder. There were so many people, and it made her feel sad.

Gao Yi took a lollipop from the counter, holding Rainy with one hand and searching for his wallet with his other. He only needed one arm to lift the little girl up.

“Your daughter is really pretty.” The saleswoman took the money from Gao Yi. She really liked the little child in his arms. She was cute. Even though she was bald, it made her cuter.

“Thank you.” Gao Yi thanked her without commenting on anything else. He lifted Rainy and walked out and then took the lollipop out of his pocket. He unwrapped it and placed it in Rainy’s hand.

“Here, eat it.” He patted the child’s bald head. He suddenly recalled the woman’s words. Perhaps it would be lovely to have a daughter like her.

Rainy pinched the lollipop in her hand, then raised her hand, and put the lollipop against Gao Yi’s lips.

“Uncle, eat,” She said politely with a wide smile.

Gao Yi pulled down her hand and coaxed, “Uncle bought it for Rainy so Uncle won’t eat it. It’s for you, and adults don’t eat sweet things.”

Rainy pondered over his words. Adults don’t eat sweet things?

“No.” She licked the lollipop in her hand. “Mommy loves them. She can even make it appear for Rainy to eat like magic.”

Gao Yi’s fingers clenched slightly.

Only children would believe those words. That woman might have never eaten sweets before.

He lifted Rainy up again and walked towards another shopping mall to find a children’s store.

Rainy sat down on a sofa, swinging her legs from time to time.

The pair of legs was soft and pale, almost transparent. Her hand was holding onto the lollipop, and she was licking it constantly.

“Sir, this is a new product in our store. It is new from Italy, and the soft leather surface will definitely be comfortable on the child.”

The salesgirl introduced a pair of shoes in her hand.

Gao Yi took it from her. It was a pair of cute, pink leather shoes with a pretty bow on top of it.

“Okay, this is it, as long as it is comfortable for the child to wear.” He was not affected by the price.

“Okay. I’ll let the child try it on.” The young woman bent down hurriedly. This pair of shoe was no joke. It was really expensive, and selling one out meant that her bonus this month was secured.

However, Rainy refused to let someone else put on the shoe for her. Her legs dodged around, then she jumped down from the sofa, and ran barefoot towards Gao Yi, hugging his legs tightly.

Do not touch her legs, for she did not like it.

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