Chapter 311 - It was not Tough on Her

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Chapter 311: It was not Tough on Her

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Gao Yi pulled the sun hat lower again as he carried Rainy steadily in his arms. Then, he made his way back to the hospital. That surgery must be done as soon as possible. Or else, Rainy’s life would be in danger if they were a day later. He held the sleeping and adorable child, and his lips curled into a smile unknowingly.

“Your mom has given birth to you and raised you well. I am really very fond of you.”

Unconsciously, Rainy grabbed onto something within her reach; it turned out to be a chunk of his shirt. She slept soundly in his arms—the uncle who has treated her very well.

Xia Ruoxin slept for an extremely long time in the hospital. She woke up leisurely. However, when she saw the other bed opposite her, she sat up in a hurry. Rainy’s doll was still there as well as the book which she had been using to practice her writing. However, she was not there. Where had her Rainy gone? Who had taken her Rainy away?

Her hands became cold, and she became very uneasy.

Coincidentally, a nurse happened to walk past. She noticed that Xia Ruoxin had awakened. She smiled and said, “Miss Xia, you are awake.”

Xia Ruoxin asked hurried, “Where is Rainy? Where is my daughter?” She was so terrified.

“Miss Xia, don’t worry. Mr. Gao has taken Rainy out to have fun. They will be back soon,” the nurse said, consoling her. Once she heard this, Xia Ruoxin began to loosen the grip on her clothes.

He was the one who had taken Rainy out; she could stop worrying now. They might have only met a few times previously, but she already trusted him impeccably.

She sat by the side of Rainy’s bed and picked up her practice book.

It contained Rainy’s childish handwriting.

‘I love Mommy and Mommy loves me.’

She couldn’t stop herself from smiling. However, at the same time, she could feel her heart aching.

Of course, she loved her daughter. However, she had never taken good care of her. She had started taking Rainy with her to work ever since the little girl was just a few months old. When other children were basking in their parents’ love, her daughter had already learned how to help her to wash or bring in the laundry.

When other children were asking their parents to buy things for themselves, her daughter already understood that she needed to save money. She had not asked for anything; even when she saw something that she liked, she would only take one more look. They were poor and couldn’t afford it.

Xia Ruoxin had not given her daughter many good days; instead, she had given her this illness. It had caused Rainy to be in pain for such a long time.

She stood up, opened the door, and walked out. She missed Rainy. She missed hugging her daughter and kissing her. Rainy was truly her most adorable daughter.

She waited anxiously as passers-by walked past her from all directions. However, they were not the one she had been waiting for.

It wasn’t until she spotted a man’s familiar silhouette did she start to feel at ease. She took a step forward and made her way towards them.

The distance between them and her was getting nearer and nearer. It was really them.

Gao Yi carried Rainy and walked closer to her, step by step. Xia Ruoxin actually felt like crying. Her Rainy had never like to sleep in another person’s arms. However, now, she was literally sleeping in Gao Yi’s arms.

She approached them. When she looked at her daughter in Gao Yi’s arms, she noticed her daughter seemed to be smiling. Xia Ruoxin rarely saw her daughter smile. Yet now, Rainy was truly smiling very sweetly.

“Thank you.” Her voice was breaking. Gao Yi laughed abruptly—a burst of bright laughter. He had not guarded himself against them, not the slightest bit. It was as though they had known each other for a long time.

“You do not have to thank me. I, too, am very fond of Rainy.” His arms tightened around Rainy’s body once more as he said that, apparently worried that no one would like this sweet and adorable child.

“Will you give her to me?” Xia Ruoxin reached out with both hands, wanting to carry the child in her arms. Her eyelashes fluttered because a few beads of tears had already gathered on them.

Was she touched? She did not know it herself. All she knew was—this time—she felt a feeling of revival, like she had been given a new lease of life. Rainy could stay alive, and so would she.

Gao Yi shifted the child over into Xia Ruoxin’s arms carefully. However, he couldn’t help himself from worrying. Would she be able to do it? She was so weak, and he could tell that her left arm was completely powerless. Had she been carrying her child like that for all these years?

With her unbelievably frail body?

Exactly what kind of woman was she? She might appear weak, but her heart? How was she able to persevere up till now while facing the fact that her child was so sick? What kept her going?

Even though they had been very careful and gently; nevertheless, they still woke Rainy.

“Mommy…” Rainy rubbed her eyes as she clutched onto Xia Ruoxin’s blouse. “Mommy, I had a very good time today. Uncle bought me candies and a hat.” She touched the sun hat that she was wearing, extremely happy.

“And shoes too. Mommy, look. Am I pretty?” She began to swing her little feet to show Xia Ruoxin her new shoes.

“Pretty.” Xia Ruoxin praised her, and then she planted a kiss on her daughter’s adorable cheek. Of course, her daughter was the prettiest.

While she did not know how she could thank this man for his kindness, her eyes still shimmered with tears from time to time. It looked like countless ripples swimming inside them. Gao Yi took a step towards her and placed a hand on her emaciated shoulder.

“I told you before. Don’t thank me; I don’t like it.” He purposely put on a sullen expression which was meant to scare them.

However, Rainy started laughing in Xia Ruoxin’s arms. She wasn’t afraid of this uncle.

What a smart kid. Now, he had really given up.

He admitted his defeat against this pair of mother and daughter.

“Let’s go. It’s time for Rainy’s check-up.” Gao Yi did not retract his hand. Rather, he continued to lay his hand on Xia Ruoxin’s shoulder hoping to provide her with some support to stabilize her. He was always worried about her tripping.

Xia Ruoxin noticed the tender look in Gao Yi’s eyes that he was giving her. He did not intend to hide it or remove his hand. Xia Ruoxin wanted to lean on it for a while longer because she wanted to know what it felt like to have someone by her side.

It felt good. Really good.

To outsiders, the three of them looked like a loving couple who had been married for a long time with their child.

The man was gentle while the woman was beautiful, and the child in the woman’s arms was exceptionally adorable.

Xia Ruoxin turned around. Her body suddenly stiffened.

“What is it?” Gao Yi felt her unnatural posture, and the look of surprise on her face seemed somewhat wrong. He followed her line of vision and saw a woman in black. The woman was leaning against the side of a wall in a lazy manner. Her lips curled into a smile while her eyes continued to stare at them.

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