Chapter 312 - You are Free

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Chapter 312: You are Free

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From her meaningful eyes, Gao Yi was unable to tell if she was a friend or a foe.

“I have come for you, Xia Ruoxin.” The woman straightened herself. She did not care about the crease that had appeared on her clothes because she had leaned herself against an uneven surface. She was wearing a pair of black high-heeled shoes. When she walked, she was as sleek as a black cat.

Gao Yi pursed his lips as he stood in front of Xia Ruoxin, using his body as a shield. He looked at the woman’s eyes while she approached them as though she was an unfriendly person to them.

“Shen Wei…” He heard Xia Ruoxin called out for the woman from behind him.

He assumed that Xia Ruoxin was calling out for that woman.

“Yes. I told you I will be coming.” Shen Wei stood before Gao Yi with a faint look of surprise in her eyes. The presence of this man was simply too unexpected. With all her years of experience surviving in that kind of place, she could tell that this man was definitely not as simple as he appeared to be.

Those penetrating eyes and pursed lips were similar to someone. This was a man appeared to be mild-tempered, but in fact, he was a cold and heartless man.

It was at this moment that Shen Wei realized she had been in a daze. Each time she thought of that man, she would always become like this.

“You need not be defensive with me; I would not do her harm. She wouldn’t be in this state if I had wanted to do her harm. She would have been worse—perhaps, much worse than this.” Shen Wei’s lips moved as she spoke, but that only made Gao Yi’s expression turned more sullen.

What was she trying to say?

Shen Wei brushed her hair lightly with her fingers as she gave a charming smile. However, Gao Yi’s eyes remained penetrating—unmoved. To him, everything about this woman represented danger.

“You don’t have to ask me the reason. That’s because she would have taken the initiative to tell you everything if she had wanted to. Even if she doesn’t, you can ask her yourself. This woman is very silly. She will tell you everything about herself and reveal every bit of herself to you.”

Shen Wei had totally grasped Xia Ruoxin’s character because, through her, Shen Wei could see herself—the woman from the past.

Xia Ruoxin carried Rainy and came out from behind Gao Yi. There was a pain in her eyes. So, in this world, there was someone who would protect her, a woman who had been lonely for far too long. She only had herself to depend on. It had always been so. She never had someone who had protected her and defended her like this.

She smiled at Gao Yi, and then she shook her head, indicating she was fine. Finally, she faced Shen Wei whom she had not seen for the past few days. Xia Ruoxin had not returned to work for a long time. Was Shen Wei here to reprimand her or to bring her back?

“I’m sorry, Shen Wei. I will be back to work soon. I couldn’t leave because my daughter is really very sick.” Xia Ruoxin explained bitterly. She had not forgotten her status or the fact that she needed money to pay for her daughter’s operation.

Shen Wei remained smiling, and then the smile widened on her red lips. “No need. You don’t have to go back again.”

Her smile was sincere, and yet, it wasn’t easy for one to see it.

“Why?” Xia Ruoxin was stunned. Did Shen Wei mean that she wouldn’t have to go back there to work? How could it be possible when she was clearly not done with repaying the loan that the company had given her? She knew it wasn’t easy for one to get out of that place once one had entered.

Why did Shen Wei say that she had no need to return to work?

If she didn’t go back to work, what would happen to her daughter?

She was going for her surgery soon.

“I’m sorry, Shen Wei. Can you give me a second chance? I really need this job. My daughter is going for her surgery so we need the money,” she said in a rush, pleading in a painful voice.

However, there was a man standing behind her. Gao Yi placed both his hands on her shoulders. “I told you. I’m here for you. All you have to do is wait for Rainy to be healthy.” Gao Yi was upset. This woman had actually forgotten what he had said to her. However, his heart also went out to her. She had been alone for far too long, and she had become accustomed to dealing with everything on her own.

Xia Ruoxin was slightly stunned, and she instinctively went closer to the man behind her. She could no longer control her tears, and they flowed down her face.

“Ha…” Shen Wei chose this moment to laugh which was weird timing. One woman was crying while the other had laughed.

She took out an envelope which she had kept on her and put it in front of Xia Ruoxin. “You are free. Isn’t it better? Have you forgotten once a person had entered that place, it would be difficult for them to come out of it?

“You don’t have to worry about the rest. This is for you. It is enough to save your daughter.”

Shen Wei bent down and placed the envelope in Rainy’s small hands. Rainy stared curiously at this beautiful auntie with her little hands around the huge envelope. At her tender age, she had no idea that it contained a large sum of money. She could only felt the weight of it, and it felt heavy. It took some effort for her to hold onto it.

“Auntie, Mommy said not to take anything that belongs to others.” Her little hands shoved the envelope hard back at Shen Wei. This was Xia Ruoxin’s way of raising her child even though they were poor.

“Such an obedient child.” Shen Wei pressed her little hands down. “I am not giving this to you. It is a loan. You have to pay me back when you grow up.” She touched Rainy’s extremely adorable cheek. She, too, was very fond of Rainy.

“Shen Wei, this is too…” Xia Ruoxin was too shocked, and suddenly, she could not react.

Why was she helping her like this? They were mere acquaintances.

“I like your daughter. Can I carry her?” Shen Wei asked Xia Ruoxin. There was a look of expectation in as well as a dull sadness in her eyes.

“Rainy, let Auntie carry you. She is a good person.” Xia Ruoxin smiled as she told her daughter, and Rainy understood what she meant.

However, Shen Wei’s smile was bitter. There was no one left in this world who would have said she was a nice person. Xia Ruoxin was the only one to say that. She was truly a silly woman.

“Okay.” Rainy nodded her head. She gave the envelope to Xia Ruoxin, and then she opened her elbows wide for Shen Wei.

Shen Wei took the child over from Xia Ruoxin’s arms and carried the little girl carefully. Rainy was an adorable child, but she was severely underweight.

“Is your name Rainy? What a nice name,” she asked as she looked at the child in her arms. That was what Xia Ruoxin called her.

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