Chapter 314 - She wasn’t Afraid

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Chapter 314: She wasn’t Afraid

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His hand pressed down on her shoulder and embraced her fully. This woman had already left a mark in his heart on that day four years ago. It was their fate that they had met now.

He looked down. This time, the woman in his arms had her eyes closed, and she had dropped all her defensive shield against him. That made his smile widened even more.

He wasn’t a particular man. He did not mind that she had been married before or that she had a daughter. He would only choose what he wants. As for Rainy, he was really fond of her.

Rainy gently flipped her body sideways, and she stuck her thumb into her mouth.

“Mommy, Uncle…” Those two words came out of her mouth from time to time. The child had accepted Gao Yi. She could differentiate who had treated her well and who had not. She had known.

In the office of Rainy’s attending physician, Gao Yi studied Rainy’s medical records. The doctor believed wholeheartedly that Gao Yi was a doctor… and a highly skilled one.

With his slight revision on the surgery procedure, it became safer and closer to perfection.

“Alright, that’s settled for tomorrow’s surgery. Does anyone have any questions?” Gao Yi stood up and set the medical record aside as he asked the staff before him.

“No, we fully understand.” All the doctors voted unanimously in favor. They were exceptionally serious and focused on this upcoming procedure.

Gao Yi carried Rainy, his fingers gently grazing her very pink face. “Rainy, are you afraid?” He stared into the child’s bright eyes as he held her. They would be going for the surgery very soon. Was she afraid? After all, she was still so young.

Rainy shook her head. “No, you are with me.” She kicked her naked feet as both her hands hugged Gao Yi around his neck. It was true. With Uncle by her side, she was not afraid. Not in the slightest bit.

“Uncle likes you, my brave girl.” He patted gently on Rainy’s cheek and embraced her tighter in his arms.

Xia Ruoxin walked in. Although she had managed to calm herself and not panicked, she couldn’t help being scared.

She raised her head and looked at Gao Yi, and then at Rainy who was in his arms. Her eyes started to redden. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t scared at all.

“Are you worried about Rainy?” Gao Yi scooped the girl up in one hand. With his free hand, he reached out and lay it on Xia Ruoxin’s face. The warmth on his hand caused the dam in her heart to collapse. Tears as big as pearls landed on his fingers.

Gao Yi’s hand shook lightly as though he had been burned, and it scalded his heart.

Xia Ruoxin nodded her head. They might have told her that there were no risks with the surgery yet, she could not help herself from worrying.

“Are you worried about me?” Gao Yi wiped her tears away lovingly as he asked her another question.

Xia Ruoxin froze for a second, and then she nodded her head once more.

Gao Yi broke into a smile while Rainy looked on curiously. She wondered why her mother was crying, and the uncle was smiling.

“Don’t worry. Both of us will be fine. Isn’t that right, Rainy?” Gao Yi retracted his hand as he motivated the child in his arms. He knew that she would understand. She was a smart kid after all.

“Mmm.” Rainy nodded her head hard. She reached out with both hands and hugged Xia Ruoxin around her neck. “Mommy, Uncle and I will be very brave. We are not afraid of the pain.” She used her cheek and nuzzled against her mother’s, and then she planted a wet and sloppy kiss on Xia Ruoxin’s cheek.

“Mommy, kiss me, too.” Rainy’s eyes turned into a pair of crescents, and the smile made her the more adorable.

“Okay.” Xia Ruoxin kissed her daughter’s little fair cheek gently. Finally, Rainy went back into Gao Yi’s arms. She then proceeded to plant a kiss on his face, too.

Gao Yi merely caressed her cheek with a warm smile on his face.

“Uncle, you have not kissed me yet.” She offered her pinkish cheek to him.

“Okay, I’ll kiss you.” Gao Yi teased as the child was throwing a tantrum. After that, he kissed her on her little face.

“Uncle, you have not kissed Mommy.” She pointed her finger towards Xia Ruoxin who was standing by the side. Both Gao Yi and Xia Ruoxin froze in awkwardness. It was different for them. They were a grown man and a grown woman, not children.

A look of melting gentleness flashed across Gao Yi’s eyes. He was totally willing to do it.

He leaned closer to Xia Ruoxin and, once more, caught her blushing a light shade of pink on her face. It surprised him that a mother, who had had a child, could blush so easily.

As it turned out, both mother and daughter were equally adorable.

Gao Yi’s face magnified as he came closer and closer to her until she could see make out his extremely long eyelashes, and his tall and straight nose.

When Gao Yi’s breaths sprayed onto her face, she shrunk her body ever so slightly. However, she did not make any attempt to avoid him. He was doing it because her daughter had asked him to. Moreover, she realized she did not dislike the idea of him coming closer to her.

There was a thick scent of masculinity on him. It smelled clean, and there weren’t much other scents on him other than the light fragrance of the shower gel. It was actually quite pleasant.

Gao Yi touched her cheek lightly with his lips. As he looked up at her, a faint smile lit his face.

She was nervous.

He did not stay for long and left soon after because he was worried that she might pass out from being too anxious.

“Okay, Rainy. I have kissed you. Let’s go for our surgery.” He took her tiny hand in his.

Then, he turned around and reached out with his other hand.

“Walk with us, Ruoxin.” This wasn’t the first time he had called her by her given name. Yet, each time he did, it would send a wave of emotions through her heart. She reached out, and Gao Yi gripped her hand tightly. He noticed her hand was cold and sweaty, and he sighed softly. On the outside, she said she wasn’t anxious. In reality, she was on the edge. Her body was stiff with nervousness. He wasn’t concerned about Rainy, but he was worried about her. He was afraid that she would pass out outside the operating theater because she was too terrified.

“Don’t worry. We will be out soon.” Gao Yi held Xia Ruoxin’s hands as he comforted her once again. This woman was too stressed. She needed to rest properly.

“Mmm.” She agreed with her reddened eyes. She might have promised him, but she just couldn’t stop worrying.

At this moment, she was not as brave as Rainy who was constantly playing with the buttons on Gao Yi’s shirt. She was the only one who was beside herself with all the worrying.

Now, a team of doctors had gathered outside the operating theater as they waited for them.

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