Chapter 352 - So This was the Truth

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Chapter 352: So This was the Truth

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“What did you think?” Chu Lui pursed his lips slightly. “I can have any woman I want. If not for this amulet, I wouldn’t ever fall for you.” All he wanted was the girl he had chosen when he was young. He didn’t care what she grew up to be—whether she was tall or short, fat or skinny, pretty or ugly. It didn’t matter to him, for she was the one he had set his mind on. If not for all the things that had happened, he would have chosen her for life.

Xia Mingzheng did not understand anything they said. So Chu Lui and Yixuan had met when they were young, but why hadn’t he ever heard Yixuan speak of this before?

Or… he widened his eyes and turned back towards Shen Yijun, who was still bawling her eyes out. Could it be…?

“I’m sorry, Brother Lui… I…” Xia Yixuan stood up at a loss and slightly speechless. She really didn’t know that there was such a story behind the amulet.

“Brother Lui, actually…” She really didn’t know how to tell him. It was more difficult to say than her disappearance of four years. She was hesitating between whether to tell him or not, but she steeled herself. She did not want to be someone’s substitute, never—as it was an insult to her.

She closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she bit her lip and choked out.

“Brother Lui, that amulet isn’t actually mine.” At last, she let the words out. All of a sudden, she felt a gust of wind on her face; and her throat squeezed.

Her eyes widened in terror and disbelief that the Chu Lui, who loved and pampered her, was choking her to death right now.

“Brother Lui… let go, Brother Lui…”

She thrashed against him and clawed at his hands. Xia Mingzheng and Cheryl was shocked and tried to pull him away, but Chu Lui seemed almost wild.

“If it’s not yours, then whose is it? Whose is it? Tell me.” He spat out the words, full of venom. If she wasn’t the little girl from that time, then who?

Shen Yijun stood up at this time. She stepped towards Chu Lui and took the amulet from his hand. She reached out both her hands, her eyes lifeless and dazed.

“This was my daughter’s—it’s Xinxin’s. It’s all my fault. I seized it from her neck. I could only think about giving Yixuan everything at that time, but I forgot that Xinxin’s the one who’s my daughter, my biological daughter.

“I ruined everything for her.


“It was all because of me.

“If not for me, she would be happy now. She loved you so much. If I hadn’t snatched the amulet away, then you would belong to my Xinxin. You would be happy together.”

She mumbled under her breath. Chu Lui’s hand loosened suddenly, and Xia Yixuan dashed into Cheryl’s arms. Her body trembled like a leaf, and she dared not to even look at Chu Lui.

“You’re saying that this amulet belongs to Xia Ruoxin?” Chu Lui asked again in disbelief. He didn’t know where the voice was coming from and couldn’t find his normal tone.

“Yes, it was all my fault. She begged me that time. She said she didn’t want a doll; she just wanted this, but I still took it away by force. I had forgotten that she was only four years old.

“I did her so much wrong. It’s all my fault. Why am I still alive? Am I still human?” At this, Shen Yijun gave herself a tight slap to her face. The bright smack shocked even Xia Mingzheng.

“Yijun! What are you doing?” He immediately rushed forward and held onto her hands in fear that she would harm herself. That was her own face. Didn’t it hurt? Or was her heart hurting much more than her body?

Chu Lui looked at the scene in front of his eyes absurdly. People crying and making a scene, and yet his lips curved upwards sardonically. He took his amulet from Shen Yijun’s hand and strode outside, leaving behind the scene that looked like it came out of a ridiculous farce.

Ruoxin, you know, you’re really pitiful to have a mother like that… and a husband like me.

He ran his fingers gently over the amulet. He could almost see the drop of tear in his eyes as he shut them. He seldom cried, even when he was young.

Yet now, he was crying over a woman. He really owed her too much, so much that he would never be able to make it up to her.

“Sorry, I’m really sorry.” He apologized over and over, but could she hear his apologies? Would she forgive him? Even he couldn’t forgive himself. How could he ask for forgiveness?

He sat on the car and rested his head on the steering wheel, but his hand was pressed hard against his chest. It felt like it was going to rip apart. It was a terrifying pain.

So pain that he couldn’t even breathe.

A while later, he raised his head and started the car. He wanted to see the woman. He needed to. If she was willing, he would use the rest of his life to make it up to her.

No, no matter whether she was willing or not, he would do everything he could to make it up to compensate her.

However, it seemed that it had slipped his mind that there was someone back at home whom he could never give his everything.

That was his wife, Li Manni, the wife he had married using all means necessary.

He had to make a choice between the two women, but would such a decision really be easy?

The car stopped, and he walked inside the hotel. The women inside were scantily clad, and the men’s teasing could be heard. It made his heart clench.

It was all because of him. If not for his revenge, he wouldn’t have tried to ruin her; and she wouldn’t have had to come here. It was all his fault.

However, he had looked for a couple of rounds, but the woman was nowhere to be seen.

His face changed, and he turned around to find Shen Wei, who had unknowingly stood in front of him.

“It’s you?” He asked, narrowing his eyes dangerously. He disliked this woman, who always looked like she had other intentions.

“Are you looking for her?” Shen Wei smiled and asked Chu Lui, then sat on a chair by the side. Her smile was filled with caustic and sarcastic.

“Tell me, where is she? Where have you sent her?” Chu Lui’s eyes reddened. He was trying his best to maintain calm, but his tense muscles and cold air told everyone that he was a mess and had long lost his composure.

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