Chapter 355 - She Never Owed Anyone

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Chapter 355: She Never Owed Anyone

In fact, Du Jingtang was wrong. She never owed Chu Lui anything. She had never owed anyone anything at all. It was him who owed her. He owed her a promise. He owed her too much. He would return it all to her, even if it meant he would give up everything. As long as she wanted it, he would give it all back.

Du Jingtang looked at Chu Lui weirdly. He didn’t know what he was thinking, but he was at ease now. His cousin always stood by his words so he didn’t need to worry about that woman anymore. She was just an innocent woman. Whether she was dead or alive, it was best if she was not involved with Chu Lui anymore. It seemed all of Chu Lui’s women were unlucky.

After Du Jingtang left, Chu Lui placed his hand on his chest, his fingers gently touching the amulet around his neck. He wanted to return this to her, as well as many other things.

However, it wasn’t that easy looking for a woman who had disappeared for four years only to reappear briefly just to vanish again without a trace. His life still continued, but every day was agonizing.

He had that same nightmare every night about his cruelty, his ruthlessness, and his heartlessness.

He finally understood what regret tasted like. Many warned him that he would regret it, but he didn’t listen. Now, he finally knew what it was like to regret his whole life.

He stood up in his office and looked outside with his fatigued eyes. He had lost much weight, and the air around him was colder and more unapproachable, but there was a desolation to him that didn’t belong. He still hadn’t found her.

A man hustled into the office, his white doctor’s coat fluttering in the air to his strides.

The door opened with a slight thud, making the man in the chair press his lips together in annoyance. Couldn’t he be quieter? If he continued like this, he wouldn’t need to bother coming in again.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot.” The man scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Be quiet next time, Lin Jun.”

“Sorry, I’ll take note in the future.” Lin Jun nodded frantically. “Big Brother Gao, that little cutie of yours is here today, isn’t she? Where is she?” He looked around the area in search of the little figure. He hadn’t seen her for a week and really missed her.

He was finally able to come here today. He had left everything behind just to come.

“She’s here.” Gao Yi nodded slightly and pointed to the room. “She’s tired so she’s sleeping.”

“I’ll go take a look.” Gao Yi hadn’t even finished his sentence, but Lin Jun had already tip-toed into the room. “Don’t worry, Big Brother Gao. I’ll just take a look. I won’t wake her up.” Gao Yi’s face darkened slightly. Lin Jun just continued to assure him.

Gao Yi could only shake his head as he flipped through the medical record in his hand. It belonged to Rainy. He had just finished her body examination. He took utmost importance with Rainy’s health so he would bring her over for a check-up periodically just to be safe. After all, she had such a serious illness not too long ago. The results put his heart at ease. She was recovering well, and she had grown slightly taller, too.

Lin Jun pushed the door open carefully and then squeezed himself through the door. He looked at the little girl sleeping while hugging the doll without blinking. She was really small, and as she was curled into a ball, she was just a small dot on the bed. That cute face was smaller than his hand, and her skin was baby-smooth. Her long lashes looked as though someone had pasted two mini brushes on her eyes, and her pink lips were pursed. She slept very soundly.

The soft hair on her forehead was spread out softly, and she really resembled an angel.

He reached his hand out to compare. Hmm, it really was smaller than his palm. What a tiny face.

“Come, little cutie. Let Uncle hug you.” He really couldn’t hold himself back from wanting to hug the little girl. He had long forgotten Gao Yi’s warning about him disturbing her sleep.

He lifted the child carefully form the bed and rocked gently. He laughed to himself. Lucky. I get to hold the little cutie. She really is soft.

The child in his arms reached her tiny hands out to rub her eyes, looking around in grievance. She did not want to get up. She wanted to sleep.

“Okay, little cutie, stop sleeping. Uncle will bring you out to play. It’s so much more fun outside.” He completely didn’t understand the child and brought her outside. Gao Yi put down the record in his hand and turned around to see Lin Jun carrying the child in his arms.

The child saw him and reached her tiny hands out.

“Daddy, Rainy wanna sleep.” She rubbed her eyes non-stop, evidently still half-asleep. This guy must have woken her up.

Gao Yi stood up with a serious face. “I told you not to wake her up. Why didn’t you listen?”

He lifted Rainy from Lin Jun’s arms hurriedly and sat down while holding her as he gently patted her shoulders. The child had just finished a series of examinations and was tired. Didn’t he see?

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just that your daughter is too cute. I really couldn’t help myself.” Lin Jun rubbed his head apologetically, and he realized that the child had closed her eyes and went back to sleep in Gao Yi’s arms.

Gao Yi didn’t lie. Children were energetic, but they tired easily.

Gao Yi’s hand softly caressed Rainy’s soft hair which had already reached her ears. Her hair grew really fast, and it was extremely soft, making it difficult for them to hold back from touching it. He looked at his watch. It was almost time. His stomach was extremely hungry, too.

The sound of knocking came from the door. Lin Jun reacted and made a sign towards Gao Yi, saying softly, “I’ll open it.”

He walked lightly towards the door and opened it. When he saw the person standing outside, he let out a smile. “So it’s Sister-in-law. You’re here to give Big Brother Gao his lunch?”

“Yup.” Xia Ruoxin nodded gently. She had a huge lunchbox in her hand filled with lots of stuff. He really ate a lot. That man got hungry easily, it seemed.

She tucked her hair, which was the same short length as Rainy’s, behind her ears. “Is he here?”

“Yes, yes.” Lin Jun opened the door quickly to let her in. He looked enviously at Gao Yi. This was torture for someone like him who was unattached. Big Brother Gao was really lucky to have such an adorable child and such a beautiful wife… as well as a job as good as this. It made people so envious. He had everything a man wanted.

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