Chapter 356 - I Will Accept You

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Chapter 356: I Will Accept You

“You’re here.” Gao Yi looked up at Xia Ruoxin, his eyes gentle and laughing. “You could have come later, too. I’m not that hungry.” He said, smiling. He wanted her to rest more.

“I’ve rested enough already, and I made your favorite dish today. I wanted to let you try sooner.” Xia Ruoxin said, her hands already opening the lunchbox and taking the dishes out.

She had nothing to do so she worked hard to improve her culinary skills. Everything she made now was getting more and more delicious, to the point where Gao Yi was unable to eat food made by others anymore. She would deliver the food to him every day on time for fear of starving him.

She took her daughter from Gao Yi’s arms and said, “I’ll take her in. You eat first.” She smiled gently and carried her sleeping daughter into the room. She laid her on the little bed and then stuffed the dolly into her arms.

She caressed her daughter’s cute little face. She had put on a lot of weight, and she almost couldn’t lift her.

Lin Jun swallowed his saliva. It looked really delicious.

However, that was prepared for her husband so he could only swallow his saliva. No, he was going to order them, too, the exact same dishes.

Lin Jun covered his eyes; otherwise, he would bear a hole into the food. “I’m gonna go eat, too, Big Brother Gao,” he said hurriedly and then ran outside. He wanted to eat, and of course, he didn’t want to be third wheeling between the couple.

Xia Ruoxin settled her daughter and walked out. Gao Yi had already started eating. Seeing her, he reached his hand out. Xia Ruoxin took his hand naturally and sat by his side.

“Have you eaten?” He asked.

Xia Ruoxin smiled and said, “I ate a little when I came here. I’m not hungry.” She didn’t want the food to get cold so she just had a few hasty bites and left. It was a good thing the hospital wasn’t that far from their house. The food was still warm.

“Don’t do this next time. It’s okay if you come later. I won’t starve to death.” Gao Yi parted her hair with his fingers. Her face was slightly red. She must have run here.

He had said many times that she didn’t need to rush. Why didn’t she listen?

“Gosh. Even Rainy is more sensible than you.” He pinched her cheeks lightly, a smile in his gentle voice. Then, he picked up some food with his chopsticks and put it in front of her. “Here, take a bite.”

Xia Ruoxin took a bite obediently. It was really delicious. She knew it just by looking at him.

Also, Gao Yi’s words made her blush in embarrassment. She wasn’t insensible, and she wasn’t Rainy. It was so embarrassing to compare her, an adult, to a child. She would be a middle-aged housewife in a few years.

“So, Gao Yi,” she said in all seriousness. “I’m not a child anymore.”

Gao Yi put down his chopsticks and pinched her nose. “I’m not treating you like a child. I’m treating you like a wife, okay?” His eyes were gentle, and his voice tender. When this man was gentle, he was really irresistible, but Xia Ruoxin lowered her head, wanting to escape.

“I’m going to check up on Rainy.” She just stood up when Gao Yi pulled her tight, making sit in her original position.

“She’s fine. She’s sleeping now. Ruoxin, are you running away again?” Gao Yi had no intention of letting her go again. Every time they came across this topic, she would escape like this. He had given her enough time.

Their lives now, other than sleeping on the same bed and the marriage certificate, they were like husband and wife.

“Gao Yi… I…” Xia Ruoxin bit her red lips. Gao Yi placed his thumb on her lips. “Stop biting. It’ll hurt.” His thumb grazed against her lips, and then—without warning—he lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers. He didn’t make a further move, and they just sensed each other’s breathing.

Xia Ruoxin widened her eyes suddenly. She didn’t even dare to breathe.

“You don’t have to be so nervous.” Gao Yi moved away from her lips, placing a hand on her shoulder as he coaxed gently. “Ruoxin, you can trust me completely. You know that I’ve always been waiting for you, and I will continue to do so. I will give you time to think through all the things in your past. I know you still have issues and doubts, but I’ll wait for the day when you overcome them all. Trust me, I really don’t care about any of your past. I will accept you no matter what kind of woman you are.”

“Gao Yi…” Xia Ruoxin clutched tightly at his arm, only his name slipping out of her mouth. She still had so many things she hadn’t told him, so many. She was afraid that he would come to hate her and was afraid that she wouldn’t have the courage.

“Okay, Ruoxin. Believe me.” Gao Yi embraced Xia Ruoxin in his arms, mending everything in her past with his heart. He knew that she had suffered a lot so she needed more time and more care from him.

“Let’s eat. I don’t want to waste your efforts.” He picked up his chopsticks but didn’t let go of Xia Ruoxin. He started eating, and he fed Xia Ruoxin in between bites. They really acted like a married couple who had been in love for years, but they both knew that, in fact, they weren’t. There was still a huge wall between them, making it hard to close the gap between them.

It had just been an idea to prevent Rainy from getting hurt, but now, no one would believe them if they said it was all fake. No one, including them. As for Gao Yi, it was what he wanted.

Rainy walked out rubbing her eyes with the doll in her hands. She was barefoot and yawned constantly.

“Daddy, Mommy. Rainy is hungry. I wanna eat.” She had smelt the aroma of food and wanted to eat now.

Gao Yi lifted Rainy into his arms. She had really gained weight, but she was still small.

“What do you want to eat, Rainy? Daddy will feed you.” He rubbed Rainy’s soft hair and asked her.

Rainy shook her head fervently. “Rainy doesn’t want Uncle to feed her. Teacher said before to do things yourself because Rainy is almost four.” She stretched her slender thumb up. She had grown up and wanted to eat on her own. If she was still being fed by the adults, the rest of the kids would laugh at her.

“Okay, eat on your own. What a cheeky kid.” Gao Yi lifted her off his legs and placed her between himself and Xia Ruoxin. Xia Ruoxin handed her a spoon and watched as she started to feed herself clumsily.

Her small hand could barely hold onto the spoon, but she was so cute that it made her heart ache.

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