Chapter 357 - This is Fatherly Love

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Chapter 357: This is Fatherly Love

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“Uncle…” Rainy turned back to look at Gao Yi, batting her beautiful long eyelashes.

“What’s wrong?” Gao Yi placed a hand on Rainy head. “And why is Rainy not calling me ‘Daddy’ anymore?” Rainy lowered her head and said timidly, making his heart ache for her.

“Because there’s no one here, so Rainy can’t call you Daddy.”

Gao Yi just stroked her head and patted her cheeks softly. “Next time, you can call me Daddy, no matter who is or isn’t here. Don’t you agree? Ruoxin.” He asked Ruoxin. If she didn’t agree, the child would be sad, and she couldn’t bear that. He couldn’t win over the older one, but the younger one was already calling him dad.

Xia Ruoxin was stunned, but seeing Rainy’s smiling face, she felt bad for her daughter. She nodded in agreement in the end. The child’s desire for a father was stronger than she had thought.

She had already made her suffer a lot, and now that someone was willing to give her fatherly love, was she still going to put a stop to it?

No, she couldn’t.

“Yes, Rainy can address Uncle as Daddy anytime you want.” She wiped the grain of rice from her daughter’s face and said to her.

“Thank you, Mommy.” Rainy nodded vigorously and wrapped her arms around Xia Ruoxin’s neck. “You’re so nice, Mommy.” She said and then kissed Xia Ruoxin on the cheek. Gao Yi looked at the little imp with his arms crossed.

With her mom here, she had already thrown her dad out of her mind, even though he doted on her even more than her mum.

“Rainy, isn’t Daddy nice to you?” He was slightly jealous.

Rainy blinked, and her face—which resembled Xia Ruoxin—flashed adorably with hesitation. Xia Ruoxin patted her daughter’s cheeks and said, “Tell Daddy you love him.”

Rainy then turned around and climbed up Gao Yi’s legs. Gao Yi lifted her body hurriedly. The little imp really thought she was a monkey. What she did was so dangerous. He might have to spank her later.

“Daddy, Rainy loves you.” She said, followed by a peck on Gao Yi’s cheeks. Her soft and childish voice was irresistible, and it made Gao Yi feel more affectionate towards her. She definitely had him in the palm of her hands.

Rainy beamed happily and sat on Gao Yi’s legs, forgetting her declaration that she wanted to eat on her own and making Gao Yi feed her. She was young and had a lot of time to learn and grow up.

Xia Ruoxin turned her head away. Rainy was not short of anything now, and she didn’t lack anything. Gao Yi had given them everything, including the fatherly love for her daughter.

She had never seen Rainy smiling so merrily before and had never seen her so happy.

Moreover, her… she was looking outside, a smile evident in between her eyes. This was really a blissful life. She didn’t want much—just this. She needed more time to think. Gao Yi was a nice guy, but she still hadn’t forgotten her past.

She feared that she was unworthy of him.

She feared that he would regret one day, that he would regret meeting a woman like her. She needed more time.

Not for long, though. Not for long. Gao Yi stared at her profile, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Xia Ruoxin opened the door and covered her eyes with a hand. The morning sun was so blazing, too. She squinted as she enjoyed the warmth. The sun might be fierce, but it was surprisingly warm.

The time was just right. Rainy was at school, and Gao Yi was at work… so she was alone at home. Gao Yi wasn’t willing to let her work as he was scared that her arm would deteriorate again. It needed extra attention all the more so because it was past the ideal time for treatment.

She massaged her left arm lightly. It felt better than before, indeed, and it didn’t hurt as much. It was stronger as well.

There wasn’t much food left at home so she was going out to get some groceries, as well as a shirt for Gao Yi. She had found out that he had accidentally cut his shirt when she was washing it. She couldn’t possibly ask him to wear a shirt she mended… even she did want to mend it. She hadn’t learned much over the years, but her skills at mending clothes weren’t bad.

She opened her purse and counted her money. There was quite a lot of money inside so it should be enough. It was the allowance Gao Yi had given her, and even though he said it was an allowance, it was actually equivalent to a few months of salary at her previous job. She didn’t know how this man made money. She had told him before that she didn’t want him to work too hard. They would have been fine either way, but he just smiled mysteriously and said that he wouldn’t tire himself out.

However, she could tell he was tired. He always said she was stubborn, but in fact, he was the most stubborn one.

She needed to do something, but not now. It wasn’t the time.

She kept her wallet and prepared to go to the mall. Time passed slowly as she strolled leisurely. She was in a good mood now and could even squint her eyes and enjoy the sunlight falling onto her skin. Her current life was what she wanted. It was simple, quiet, and peaceful. She didn’t need too much—just this.

She walked into a store. It wasn’t the weekends, but there were many people around. She approached the men’s departments and looked at the clothes one by one. She hadn’t bought clothes for a man before so she didn’t know what he liked. She could only follow her own preferences.

Her hand landed on a light gray shirt. The fabric, seemingly cotton and silk, was extremely soft and comfortable to the touch. She took a look at the price tag, and the price was decent. She liked the color, but she didn’t know if Gao Yi would like it. She had known him for a few months, and she found that he only liked light colors and plain clothes and did not feel much for fancy ones so it should be fine.

She picked it up again and took another look. Okay then, this was it. She had enough money to buy two shirts anyway, and of course, more than enough for groceries.

“Lui, do you think this looks nice?” A familiar female voice said, causing her body to jolt slightly. She pressed her red lips together tightly and clutched the shirt in her hand. Then, slender fingers picked up the same garment as the one she was holding.

“Lui, isn’t it nice? I think it suits you.” The woman said again, and the man just gave a sound of an agreement without saying much.

However, Xia Ruoxin knew clearly who it was standing behind her from just that sound.

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