Chapter 360 - : An Idiot

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Chapter 360: An Idiot

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“You want to know why?” He did not pull Li Manni’s hand away and asked faintly.

Li Manni was stunned. She didn’t nod or shake her head. Her body just trembled constantly.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do the same thing again. You don’t have to worry if I’ll do anything to you.” He pulled away from her hand and walked forward.

Li Manni followed behind him closely, fearing that she would lose him if she stepped late.

Except she had already lost him.

In a restaurant, Chu Lui drank the alcohol from his glass, his black eyes misty and deep. He put down the glass in his hand and looked at the woman sitting opposite him.

“I’ve told you everything you want to know. Anything else?”

Li Manni’s looked terrible. Her hands were on her lap, clutching her thighs tightly. “So, the person you were looking for was never Xia Yixuan, but Xia Ruoxin all this while. You just recognized the wrong person. So your love actually belongs to Xia Ruoxin. So, Xia Yixuan—who should be dead—wasn’t actually dead so you hated the wrong person.

So, what now? What are you going to do now?” Li Manni asked faintly with a sense of despair. How could things turn out this way? If the person he was always searching for Xia Ruoxin, what could she do to make him stay and protect her marriage, her family?

“Redemption.” Chu Lui spat out the word coldly but with a hint of determination.

“What are you going to do with me, then?” Li Manni stared at him with empty eyes. He wanted to turn things around with another woman, but what was she—his wife—supposed to do? Abandon her position as the lady of the Chu Enterprise, generously return it to his ex-wife, and then give them her blessings?

She couldn’t do it. She would never do it. She had worked hard for four years, and she would never give up no matter what… unless she died.

Chu Lui took another glass of wine and downed it in one gulp. He wasn’t negotiating; he was just telling her everything she wanted to know. He hadn’t thought any further yet.

“I said that I wouldn’t do anything to you,” he said with heavy eyes. He had never put her on a pedestal and thought of her as a saint. They were birds of the same feather: using any means necessary to achieve their own goals and were shamelessly conniving. No such person would readily give up what they have in their hands.

Li Manni’s red lips quivered.

“Xia Yixuan was the one you thought you loved. Xia Ruoxin was the love you actually wanted. Then, what is Li Manni to you? Tell me, just what?”

Li Manni put her hands on the table, fists clenching tightly.

Chu Lui put down his glass of wine and stood up stretching a hand towards her. “Let’s head back. It’s getting late, and I still have work tomorrow.”

“Are you refusing to answer, or do you not have an answer?” Li Manni refused to let it go. She needed to know where she stood in his heart and what she meant to him.

“You’re my wife.” Chu Lui retracted his hand and stuffed it in his pocket. He had two wives. One received all his cruelty while the other received all his love; she had already gained so much more than that woman.

Everything was his own fault. He would look for the best way to solve this, and this time, he wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

“Wife? I’m just your wife?” Li Manni stood up, but she smiled sorrowfully. She didn’t amount to anything else other than that. She wanted to see his love for her in his eyes, even just a little bit; but his eyes were too deep. She couldn’t see anything. Four years. It’s been four years, but it turned out she had never understood him.

She wiped away her tears quickly and walked forward, taking Chu Lui’s arm as she tried to force a smile. “Let’s go back.” He was right. She was his wife… no woman could ruin their family. Any other woman would be the mistress.

They took the car back to the Chu villa, and Chu Lui walked in, with Li Manni following behind him. The housekeeper looked at them strangely, thinking that the master was acting oddly today.

“Lui…” Li Manni rushed forward and hugged his waist from behind. “Lui, stop thinking about her. Aren’t we fine this way? I will be a good wife, and don’t you see that she doesn’t love you anymore and never will?”

Chu Lui’s body stiffened, and he peeled her hands away slowly. “I’m busy recently so I’ll be in the study room. If there’s nothing important, don’t disturb me.” He continued walking forward, but Li Manni just kept shaking her head.

“Really, it’s impossible for the two of you to get together. It’s been impossible since the moment you chose to abandon the child…” However, her voice was cut by the slamming of the door.

“Some things could be forgiven, but some things couldn’t be. Lui, you may never know, but you killed your own daughter for a nonexistent child. Do you think she would forgive you?

“Impossible. She would never… so we will always be together, and we will have a child or more. Xia Ruoxin would never be able to snatch you away.”

She said repeatedly, the corner of her lips curling. “No one can take you, no one.”

Chu Lui locked himself in the study room. He reached a hand between his brows and rubbed repeatedly. His half-closed eyes flashed with fatigue. He had never felt so tired before.

He sat on the chair, opened the drawer again, and then took out the pearls inside. He held the needle awkwardly as he threaded the pearls together. It was his first time holding a needle in his entire life.

“Ouch…” He hissed when his finger was pricked sharply by the needle, and a drop of blood oozed out. He hurriedly put the finger in his mouth, a faint taste of blood between his lips.

He had more than a few dozen such holes under his finger, pricked by the needle.

He picked up the needle again and threaded the pearls, his brows wrinkled together. When settling contracts, he was the best negotiator. At the company, he was the CEO that everyone looked up to and revered. In the business world, he was a famous business tycoon.

However, in front of the tiny needle, he was just an idiot.

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