Chapter 364 - What A Noble Status

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Chapter 364: What A Noble Status

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“No, Mom. You’re mistaken.” Chu Lui’s lips parted, and he refused to answer the question.

“Ah Lui, you’ve been married for four years. My only wish is that the two of you can live a peaceful and quiet life without any incidents. Two marriages in a lifetime are enough for one person.” Song Wan tugged at Chu Lui’s hand and sighed silently. “Don’t do it again. I can’t even hold my head up around my friends. If you remarry again, how am I supposed to face them?” Her face darkened. Even though she was good-natured, she was prideful, too.

“I know, Mom. I know my limits.” Chu Lui assured his mother to put her at ease, despite feeling like his world had turned upside down currently.

Nevertheless, he wouldn’t simply change everything now when he hadn’t come up with a foolproof plan yet, much less do anything to Li Manni. He married her, and so he would naturally take responsibility. A lifetime of responsibility, regardless of how much he didn’t want to now.

“That’s good. I know you’ll get it.” Song Wan patted Chu Lui on the back and walked back in, only to see that the rim of Li Manni’s eyes had reddened. Even Song Wan had noticed that something was wrong between them. Was it so obvious?

Chu Lui walked outside where the sky was much darker just like his heart, depressed and dispirited. He never had an easy day in the recent few months—nor a happy one, especially since he met Xia Ruoxin. It was then that he realized how much he missed her.

After scheming for half his life, he had forgotten the past. He never thought that his so-called revenge four years ago would have adverse effects on himself and make him pay for it.

He sat in the car and lit a cigarette, puffing on it. His black eyes narrowed into a thin slit, and his expression was much darker than before.

He placed a hand on the steering wheel, pressing his lips together as his knuckles clenched tightly.

Xia Ruoxin raised her head. The sky was so dark today. She bent down and touched her daughter’s forehead. The temperature was fine. She took out a small coat for her daughter to wear. It was a good thing she prepared it today. Otherwise, she would have to go back to get her one. Gao Yi had an operation early in the morning, and so she was the one sending Rainy to school.

“Cold?” She put the little coat on her daughter and pressed her fingers to her face.

“Nope.” Rainy shook her head, her small backpack on her back. She already looked like a student and would, of course, know more words. However, no matter how many words she learned, she was still just a tiny child.

“Mommy’s going to come pick you up tonight. Remember to be a good girl.” She patted her daughter on her head and stood up.

“Okay.” Rainy nodded hard. She would be a good girl every day. She was the most obedient girl in the school.

“That’s great.” Xia Ruoxin took her daughter’s hand and brought her to the kindergarten.

The teacher took Rainy’s hand, but her eyes never left her mother’s. Her face held more silence than before.

“Let’s go in, Rainy. It’s almost time for class.” The teacher said gently to Rainy. Rainy nodded and followed the teacher in. Upon seeing her daughter enter, Xia Ruoxin turned around.

Her heart was at ease leaving Rainy there. She should be going back now. Yet, unbeknownst to her, a car stopped by just as she left; and a middle-aged couple walked out.

They were Li Manni’s parents.

“Mr. Li, Mrs. Li. How are you?” The director hurried out and bowed. They were big shots in this kindergarten, and they couldn’t afford to offend them.

Mrs. Li harrumphed and raised her chin condescendingly. Of course, since she needed not to pay attention to others. She just needed to care about herself. Her husband was the CEO of a company, and her daughter was the wife of the CEO of the Chu Enterprise. No one other than her could be so supercilious.

“Please, enter. The children are awaiting you.” The director really felt like his back was going to break from bending. These rich people were really too hard to please. Li Xian finally stepped into the kindergarten with his dignified leg.

They sat on top while the children sat below obediently.

Mrs. Li scanned the children below her profusely. Even though her social and economic status was so high, she had a deep regret. It seemed impossible for her to have a grandson. She hadn’t found any woman ideal enough for her son, and the baby that was supposed to have been delivered was now gone. She, like the Chu couple, was waiting anxiously for her daughter to get pregnant with a grandchild again, and then they would be free of worries.

Thinking of her unfortunate grandchild made her depressed. The child was already there but was gone all of a sudden. She was unwilling, so unwilling that her heart started to ache, and so she decided to sponsor this kindergarten. She would come over to look at the kids if she had nothing to do, although they were all someone else’s children.

“She is really good-looking.” Mrs. Li’s eyes widened slightly. The child who was sitting primly and properly caught her eyes from the moment she walked in. It was a little girl who was indeed pretty, with huge eyes, a pointed chin, and babyish pink cheeks; but it was obvious she would be a beauty when she grew up.

“Oh, does Madam mean her, the child with the short hair?” The director asked promptly.

“Yes, her.” Mrs. Li’s gaze was fixed on the child. She was really pretty, even prettier than her daughter when she was young.

“Right, she’s the prettiest girl in our kindergarten,” The director said as he glanced meaningfully at the teacher beside them. The teacher caught his meaning and walked over in front of the child and squatted down.

“Rainy, the granny over there likes you. Remember to be polite later.” She rubbed Rainy’s head. Her mind was at ease with Rainy, for she was not just the cutest child, but also a very obedient child. She never caused trouble and was also very sensible and easier to look after than most kids.

“Okay.” Rainy nodded and let the teacher take her hand and lead her forward.

She looked at Mrs. Li with wide eyes, not looking at anyone else. She stared intently at Mrs. Li, almost unblinkingly. Such eyes from such a young child made Mrs. Li slightly uncomfortable.

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