Chapter 365 - Untitled

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Chapter 365: Untitled

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However, in front of so many people, she had to remain dignified. Arguing with a child wasn’t something an adult would do, especially one of her status.

She stood up and squatted down in front of Rainy.

“Tell Granny, what’s your name?” She tried her best to keep a gentle smile on her face and to make her voice more harmonious, but Rainy just stayed silent with wide eyes.

“Tell Granny your name, and I’ll buy you some candy,” She started to cajole her. Children all loved sweets, right?

Rainy just stared at her. Her eyes revealed a fake smile while her face was expressionless.

“Oh, Mrs. Li. Her nickname is Rainy, and her surname is Gao. Her parents have yet to give her a name.” The teacher explained anxiously at the side, squinting profusely at her and whispering her name softly. Wasn’t she usually obedient? Why wasn’t she today?

Mrs. Li’s face darkened. She had never met someone who was so disrespectful towards her, even though she was a child. She had to make her call her Granny.

“So you’re Rainy? You’re very cute. If you call me Granny, I’ll buy you anything you want.” She had loads of money. Her son-in-law was a money-maker, and so his money was to show filial respect to her. She could have whatever she wanted.

“Dolls, candies, clothes, toys, whatever you want… as long as you call me Granny.” She rested her head on Rainy’s shoulders and then squeezed forcefully.

Rainy did not make a sound. She bit her lip and looked at the huge claw on her shoulder. Her rosy face was unusually pale.

Pain was radiating from her shoulders. Mommy… Tears were welling up in her eyes, but she still refused to speak stubbornly. Mrs. Li’s eyes became icier. She was such an unyielding child.

The teacher was anxious, looking at Rainy. “Madam, Rainy is still young and insensible.” They already knew that this Mrs. Li had hurt the child. Her parents would ache for her if they found out.

“I’m not blaming her. I just like her and want her to call me granny.” Mrs. Li smiled, but her eyes were icy cold. She didn’t believe that as an adult, she wouldn’t be able to keep a mere girl in check. She wasn’t trying to pick a fight with a kid, but she really hated her eyes. Hence, she wanted her to call her Granny. Otherwise, she wouldn’t let the matter drop.

She let go of Rainy’s shoulders at last and carried her up, but Rainy struggled in rejection.

“Child, say ‘Granny’.” She pushed Rainy’s face towards her forcefully. She must hear her call her Granny.

Rainy turned her face away again, her mouth shut tight. She refused to speak no matter how much this bad person hurt her. She hated her, for she remembered her face. She had slapped her mother before.

She bullied her mom, and so she didn’t want to call her granny.

The undisguised hatred in the child’s eyes made Mrs. Li, who was always looking down her nose on everyone, furious all of a sudden; and she let go abruptly.

There was a shout from the teachers and the other children.

The teacher hurriedly lifted Rainy, who had fallen on the ground, and checked the child carefully. “Are you okay, Rainy? Tell me where it hurts.” Even though she merely fell from the distance of an adult’s height, she was still just a small child.

Rainy wrinkled her nose and clenched her fist. She lowered her head, a layer of tears coating her long eyelashes.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve always had weak arms. Is the child alright?” Mrs. Li bent down hurriedly, but she glared warningly at Rainy. She cowered in the teacher’s arms, her hands clasped together. She was a child after all.

The teacher smiled awkwardly and nervously. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Li. The child is alright.”

There was nothing the teacher could say; neither did she have the nerve to. Mrs. Li had already said so and had pushed the responsibility clean. No one could blame her. Whether it was on purpose or not, all that matters now was that the child was fine.

“Okay, let’s start handing out the candy now.” Mrs. Li started to walk forward but turned around again. “Director, this child is really naughty. You wouldn’t want her to set a bad example for the other children now, would you, Director?” Her tone was light, but there was an underlying intention. The director just glanced briefly at Rainy, and then at the arrogant Mrs. Li in front of him and could only nod in the end. They just really couldn’t afford to offend her for they were the ones providing for the school.

He gestured to the teacher who lifted Rainy hesitatingly and then carried her out. She placed Rainy outside and stroked her soft hair gently. “Rainy, just sit here for a while, okay? I’ll come back for you when that scary granny is gone.”

The teacher’s heart went out for the child. It was about to rain, and she was still so young. What if she got wet?

“Okay.” Rainy nodded lightly and curled into a ball. She understood.

“Be a good girl, Rainy. I’ll come out in a while.” The teacher was extremely reluctant, but she had no choice but to yield to reality. The adult world was so complex. She had to do this because she needed the job to support herself and her family.

She moved her hand from Rainy’s head and walked into the room where the children could be heard speaking in unison.

“Kids, do you like candy?” The teachers’ voice was loud.

Followed by the young voices of the children.


“So would you like some candy?”


“And is Granny nice? She gave everyone so many sweets and toys.”


“Everyone, thank Granny.”

“Thank you, Granny!” The children chorused, dragging out the words with their young and tender voices. Mrs. Li nodded in satisfaction. These were the kind of children who were considered obedient, unlike that annoyingly obstinate little girl.

The wind grew stronger. Rainy pulled the coat Xia Ruoxin had her wear tighter and unclenched her fists. There were grazes on her hand, and they stung a lot.

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