Chapter 401 - A Man Without a Heart

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Chapter 401: A Man Without a Heart

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Chu Lui did not say a word to her again. Their relationship had seemed cordial, and they had treated each other with respect. In the past, they didn’t have much to say, but at the very least, he had cared for her and doted on her wholeheartedly. Now, he still didn’t have much to say to her, but he wasn’t as caring he had been before.

Where had his heart gone?

That’s right. Where had his heart gone?

Perhaps, his heart was never with her. Four years ago, it had left with that woman, ruined.

He had ruined that woman and, at the same time, ruined himself.

Chu Lui had started the motion of splitting his assets with Xia Ruoxin. He owed her, so much that he couldn’t possibly repay her in this lifetime. Besides, that person wouldn’t give him the chance to compensate.

He had already informed his parents regarding his decision, and they agreed. He had committed the sins so he had to repay and settle them himself. It didn’t matter if she wanted him to or if she agreed to his decision.

Li Manni made a cup of coffee and entered the room. “Lui, your coffee.” She placed it on the table. Her eyes strayed to a stack of documents and saw the words ‘Form for the Transfer of Assets’ on one of them. She was shocked. Indescribable anger and hatred started to well in her. She took the coffee up again and placed it right in front of Chu Lui.

“Lui, drink it while it’s still hot. Or it’ll taste bitterer.”

Chu Lui raised his head and looked right into her eyes. Those emotionless dark eyes resembled the Dead Sea, and it caused Li Manni’s hands to shake uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry. I’ll drink it in a while.” He rejected the coffee in her hands. He didn’t feel thirsty nor had the need to drink it.

Li Manni bit on her lips so hard that she hurt herself. The pain intensified and pierced into her heart. Her body slanted forward, and the coffee cup in her hand suddenly swirled. It was followed by a sound ‘plank’. The coffee cup landed on the table, and the brown liquid inside spilled everywhere. The most of it went onto the page stating ‘Form for the Transfer of Assets’.

Still, Chu Lui remained sitting as though nothing had happened. His eyes were emotionless without any expression.

“Ahh. Lui, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to.” Li Manni apologized in a hurry. However, her reaction seemed belated. One could tell easily that she had done it on purpose, moreover Chu Lui.

Her thoughts were written all over her face. Her unwillingness was expressed through her actions. Chu Lui knew, but he didn’t say anything to her.

Li Manni clumsily tried to dry the stained document. However, her exaggerated actions caused the semi-wet document to soak completely in the coffee.

“Lui, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to.” Her eyes started to redden. She was in control and could make tears appear from her eyes anytime.

“It’s okay.” Chu Lui’s lips parted slightly. He stood up and pulled Li Manni’s hands. “Come. I’ll send you home. You must be tired.”

But…” Li Manni turned her head around and looked at the mess on the table. “What about your documents?”

“I’ll write another one.” Chu Lui replied plainly. Li Manni bit hard on her lips. She felt that everything was in vain. It was such a splendid performance from her part, but in the end, her only audience had told her that no one had seen her acting. It felt as though she had landed a punch on a spread of cotton wool; it didn’t hurt at all. It hadn’t even caused the enemy any harm. In return, she was fuming in anger.

Chu Lui lay her down on the bed and tucked the blanket over her body.

“Lui, don’t go.” Li Manni sat up all of a sudden. Her arms ran around Chu Lui, held him tightly, and tried to kiss him with her red lips. It’s been a long time since they had sex. She wanted to. She really wanted to blend her body with his. Only like that would she be sure that he belonged to her and her alone.

However, Chu Lui evaded her attempt at intimacy and turned his face away. Li Manni’s red lips brushed lightly across his cheek. That cold and hard evasion sent Li Manni plunging into a pool of icy cold water until every part of her was soaked.

“There are matters that I have to attend to. I have to go.” Chu Lui stood up, helped her lay down again, and covered the blanket over her. He turned around and walked away with heavy steps and back rigidly straight. He didn’t know who was torturing whom. It seemed that both of them would not be able to turn back the clock.

His heart was not with her…

And she had treated him…

Li Manni embraced herself tightly. This was a danger that had been suppressing and tormenting her to the point that she couldn’t breathe.

Chu Lui went back into his study with a bitter taste in his mouth. He didn’t know if it came from the table or from himself. He came over to the table, picked up the document, and rolled it into a ball before throwing it into the trash bin. He sat down again, picked up his pen, and started writing.

The study was extremely quiet except for the sound of his pen scribbling on the paper.

Sha… sha…

There was silence outside the room, too. Not even the sound of footsteps could be heard.

It was so quiet that it was torturing.

The maid folded her elbows and hugged herself. How did this place get colder and colder? It was weird, too. Could the couple be having a fight? They had not turned on the television at all. The master was staying in his own study while the mistress in the bedroom. These rich people sure had their weird ways.

Whatever had happened in the Chu family remained in the Chu family regardless of who they had annoyed, hated, became frustrated with, or how tired they were with someone. All of these had nothing to do with Xia Ruoxin. They belonged to two different worlds, separated by two doors. Being from two different worlds naturally meant that they did not have much opportunity to see each other.

Xia Ruoxin’s daily routine had been the same. It was predictable. She already had a firm grasp on the painting foundation. Master Su Li had helped to liaise with a website on her behalf to become their website’s illustrator. All she had to do was produce a few drawings every month. The salary might not be much, but it was a nice job, and she could gain some related work experience. On top of that, she could earn money to chip in their monthly expenses.

For the past twenty-five years, she finally felt she had lived up to her self-worthiness. She could do the things she liked or was passionate in. Her life was fully immersed in painting; every dot and each line contained her dream. Every day, she was doing the things that she liked, and she began to smile more each day. She felt more confident with each passing day. Even her radiant smile resembled the rays of light from the morning sun.

“Ruoxin, come with me for a minute.”

Master Su Li came over to Xia Ruoxin and spoke briefly to her. She turned away without saying much. Xia Ruoxin put her paintbrush down and followed behind her teacher.

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