Chapter 404 - Untitled

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Chapter 404: Untitled

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After she had submitted her first painting, Xia Ruoxin sat by her computer and waited anxiously. She didn’t know if her first painting would be able to meet the expectation of Shi Lan Studio. Soon, the Penguin icon on her computer lit up, and a message came through.

A Sunny Day will Come: “We are very happy with your painting. It’s very well drawn. The money will be remitted to your account. Please make sure that the money received is correct.”

Summer’s Not Over: “Thank you, Boss.”

There was no further response from the other party so Xia Ruoxin didn’t think much. She shut her computer down and went on with the preparations to go to the studio to continue with her lessons. Her mobile phone chose this moment to ring. She took it out from her pocket and saw that it was a message for a two hundred dollars remittance into her account. The amount was the same as the salary for her painting. The studio had honored their agreement—two hundred dollars for each painting submitted. Indeed, she received the money in a matter of minutes.

Two hundred dollars might be little compared to ten thousand dollars from the last time, but she delivered it. She would spend it happily and gladly. They must celebrate this joyous occasion because this was her first pay from the assignment. She picked up her purse and went out to the market to buy more food. She was unaware of the fact that when she had shut down her computer, at the same time, another man was sitting with his back leaning against his chair. He was exhausted as he rubbed his eyebrows.

He picked up his phone and dialed a few buttons. Then, something came up on the screen that caused his pursed lips to curl up into a small smile.

By the time Du Jingtang entered the office, Chu Lui was still smiling. He couldn’t help but feel puzzled as he folded his elbows. A layer of goosebumps had appeared. Was he seeing things? His cousin was smiling, and he looked happy. He must have thought of some way torturing others. Those were crocodile tears, a crook’s smile. One shouldn’t take it seriously. If one did, then one would surely be dead.

Du Jingtang entered the room cautiously as though the floor had been covered in land mines.

“Ehm, Cousin…”

He greeted cautiously.

Chu Lui opened his eyes. When his dark eyes opened again, the smile had fallen off his lips. At last, Du Jingtang wiped the sweat that had gathered on his forehead. See, this was normal.

“Do you need something?” Chu Lui straightened himself in the chair as he asked nonchalantly.

Yes, this was the norm.

Du Jingtang decided to brace himself. With both palms on the table, he asked, “Ehm… Cousin, I would like to take a few days off.”

“Going for a date?” Chu Lui folded his arms at his chest. His aura of aloofness made one feel an indescribable suppression. Luckily, Du Jingtang was Du Jingtang. He had grown up with Chu Lui. He was somewhat immune and had gained tolerance against Chu Lui’s suppression.

Du Jingtang gave an awkward smile. “Then, Cousin, I will make a move first. Don’t call me. You know that my mother is in a hurry to carry her grandchild so I must buck up and give her one soon. Otherwise, my family line will end with me.” He was in such a rush to leave that he didn’t know how he could have said all these.

“A grandchild?” Chu Lui sneered.

“Du Jingtang, have you got a screw loose in your brain? Are you the one giving birth or is Dong Fangjing going to?”

Du Jingtang covered his face in embarrassment. How could he say it so directly?

Chu Lui opened the drawer at his side and retrieved a packet of cigarettes. He took one out before heading to the balcony to smoke. Du Jingtang was still standing by his table covering his face and looking pitiful. He couldn’t face anyone.

Neither was he aware that Chu Lui was too absorbed in his own thoughts. His cousin’s life now resembled more of a puppet’s without any emotions or feelings. It seemed that his smile earlier was only an unrealistic rosy view. In fact, there weren’t any waves of emotion.

As Chu Lui puffed out rings of smoke, he had unknowingly blurred his features. Everything seemed so unreal.

Once again, Li Manni stood in front of that old warehouse as she bit on her lips. Her heart was filled with both terror and hatred. She had asked herself countless times how she could’ve forced herself and landed in this state—to be blackmailed by this filthy and ugly man to the extent that she dared not retaliate.

“Did you bring the money?” Mi Dongfeng narrowed his eyes as he gave her the once-over. There was lust in his eyes. He wished he could tear off all her clothes until she was naked. Yeah, it was great to be able to lay his hands on Chu Lui’s woman. At the thought of Chu Lui being a cuckold with a glistening green hat on his head, Mi Dongfeng couldn’t control his excitement. He wanted the whole world to know that he had sex with Chu Lui’s woman, and she was pregnant with his bastard.

“Hahaha…” Suddenly, he laughed like a crazed man. Coincidentally, a gust of strong wind had started blowing, and it sounded as though there were wild shrieks and howls everywhere. One couldn’t help but feel that one was in a hair-raising thriller.

Li Manni struggled to stand as the wind blew at her. With hair plastered on her head, she retreated a few steps unconsciously as though she was afraid that the man would suddenly go crazy and kill her.

“Why are you retreating?” Mi Dongfeng spat a mouth of saliva at the side. Li Manni could feel the acid reflux in her stomach, and she quickly turned away as she leaned against the side and vomited.

“You think I’m disgusting.” Mi Dongfeng sneered. “I’m disgusting, but haven’t you had sex with me, too? There’s no point pretending to be high and mighty.”

Li Manni was so nauseated that tears had appeared at the corners of her eyes. The thought of f***ing her in vengeance caused Mi Dongfeng to become horny as he watched her slender waist and voluptuous buttocks. However, he reminded himself of his motive, and he cast the thought aside. Or else, he would have f***ed her there and then regardless of whether she was pregnant with his child or not.

“Where’s the money? Do you have it?”

Mi Dongfeng stretched his hand out towards Li Manni. To have sex with Chu Lui’s woman and spend his money had truly filled him with a sense of indescribable satisfaction. He admitted his perversion, but Chu Lui had forced him to do all these.

His bloodlust eyes resembled that of a vicious demon. It scared Li Manni as beads of cold sweat began to cover her forehead again. With her shaking hands, she opened her bag, took out her purse, then a stack of money. Before the money was completely out of her purse, a filthy hand reached out and grabbed the stack of money away.

“Why is it so little?” Mi Dongfeng could see the amount wasn’t much as he held it in her hands. It was only a few thousand dollars. What good was it for? It’s not even enough to buy a house, a car, or have fun with a woman.

“This is all I have. I only have credit cards on me, and I can’t use them to withdraw cash.” Li Manni said between clenched teeth.

“It’s so little. You b****. Do you take me for a fool?” Mi Dongfeng’s breaths were so stinky that Li Manni could hardly open her eyes. His smelly mouth had kissed her before, and his filthy hands had touched her all over her body. At the thought of all these, Li Manni began to feel nauseated again.

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