Chapter 409 - She Couldn’t Lay a Finger on Them

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Chapter 409: She Couldn’t Lay a Finger on Them

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Fine. Let them live for another two years. After that, she would exact revenge for the slap no matter what happens.

Chu Lui started the car again, and it vanished at the end of the road in silence. The surrounding streetlights cast a long shadow over its scenery. From time to time, a few cars would speed passed while the city’s nightlife truly commenced.

Xia Ruoxin switched on her computer and sent her completed painting out as an image. If it passed the inspection, the painting would be used online by the website. Of course, she would also receive payment for this.

Out of habit, she logged in to her Penguin account and was surprised that A Sunny Day will Come was online, too.

She clicked on A Sunny Day will Come’s portrait wondering if she should start a conversation with her boss. In the end, she received a message from A Sunny Day will Come instead.

A Sunny Day will Come: “You are here.”

Summer’s Not Over: “Yes, I just logged in to send my work.”

A Sunny Day will Come: “So fast? I thought you have three days?”

Summer’s Not Over: “No, it’s for another website.”

There was a few minutes of silence from the other party. Then, the portrait lit up.

A Sunny Day will Come: “There’s something that I want to ask for your opinion. From a woman’s point of view—if a husband and his wife have separated because of a misunderstanding, will they have the chance to reconcile?”

“Ehm…” Xia Ruoxin thought for a while and tried to analyze the many reasons for separation. With regard to reconciliation, her opinion was her own. She had no right to try and figure out what the others were thinking.

She typed a few words, but she deleted them in the end.

A Sunny Day will Come: “What’s your view?”

Summer’s Not Over: “I don’t know about the others, but I won’t.”

A Sunny Day will Come: “You won’t?”

The portrait from the other party dimmed. Xia Ruoxin didn’t think much about it, but the paintbrush that she was holding had paused. In her heart, she was thinking about the question that A Sunny Day will Come had asked. Why was it such a weird question? It didn’t matter. Everyone had their own story.

Chu Lui rubbed his eyebrows as he shut down his computer. He dozed off while sitting in his chair. He was tired; his heart, his body, and his mind.

On this day, he had not returned to his room. Instead, he had spent the whole night sleeping in his chair. When he woke up the next day, the sun had risen. Without having any breakfast, he packed his things and headed straight to his office.

“Sir, there is a lady. Miss Xu looking for you. She has been waiting for a long time.”

He had just arrived, and Secretary Chen stood up reporting immediately to Chu Lui. “She said she is the head of Jianfeng Group, and she has an official matter to discuss with you.”

Oh, her last name was Xu? Chu Lui started to recall by memory all his business associates with the same last name. However, he couldn’t seem to remember any. Jianfeng Group had been a mainstream company. He had not asked about them since his last contract had been taken away by the Li family. Did they approach him this time with the intention of undermining the foundation of the Li family? Or they had wanted him to take defect and fight against themselves?

“Show her in.” He entered his office. To the outsiders, he had always been the great and invincible Chu Lui. However, he knew that was not the case. At this moment, he had not slept well the whole night so he was feeling extremely uncomfortable. He loosened his tie. His stomach was rumbling, too. Yet, he didn’t have the time to eat anything. There was a pile of work waiting for him. Every day, he was crushed by the immense workload. He must have had a blessed life that’s why he was still alive despite that. Perhaps, he should really heed Du Jingtang’s advice and slow down. The money would always be there for him to earn; it wouldn’t run out. However, if he were to stop earning money, what else could he do?

Soon after that, there was a knock on the door. He went back to his office chair and sat down.

“Come in.” There wasn’t much emotion in his voice. He captured everything with his eyes, not his voice.

The door opened, and it showed a pair of well-proportioned woman’s calves wearing black high-heeled shoes. With her small feet wrapped in this pair of shoes, she looked graceful as she walked into his office. She wore a bright yellow suit exuding the shrewdness as a professional working female while, at the same time, showing off the gentleness as a young woman. His eyes moved up. It was a young face with fine makeup, nice features, and a good body. Her character might be feminine, too. If it was another man, he would tend to be more capricious. But not Chu Lui. He was a block of ice. No matter how hot the sun was shining on him, he refused to warm up. One would need to use a hammer to break him up.

He twirled the pen in his fingers as he looked unwavering at the bright and beautiful woman approached him.

“Mr. Chu, we meet again.”

The woman combed through her wavy hair with her fingers. Her body slanted forward slightly, and her face was tilted thirty degrees lower. She must be very conscious about her beauty and knew exactly what angle and which side of her face looked best to captivate men.

However, after a while, she realized all the time she had spent on getting the right pose was in vain. In the end, that man barely had any reaction. It was truly a sad and embarrassing moment.

“Mr. Chu…” The woman came a few steps forward. She had pulled her collar wide, revealing her fair cleavage in the belief that no man would be able to reject such an aesthetic view from a woman. Moreover, the woman had shown him on purpose.

She had not gotten her way. The man before her remained expressionless.

His eyes were too dark, his expression too plain, and his thoughts were too profound. In an instant, the woman knew she had been defeated.

Yet, she didn’t give up. She wanted to show her charm again in the hopes that this man would be hers. Chu Lui picked up his telephone on his table and dialed a number.

“Secretary Chen, please call Security into my office.”

Security? That woman was flabbergasted. She became unsure of what Chu Lui was trying to do. Why was he calling for Security? She was puzzled, but she wasn’t sure what she should say. Finally, when she began to organize her thoughts and was about to speak, two security officers entered the office.

Soon after, they were escorting that woman out with their hands under her armpits. Her face turned green and white, thoroughly embarrassed.

The cold and heartless words that Chu Lui had spoken to her had caused her to shudder and sent her heart thumping.

He said, “Xu Shiyang, I won’t accept the contract from your company, and I never want to see you again.

“Xu Shiyang, you slapped my wife. Regardless of the reason, that slap had landed on the face of Chu Lui’s woman. That is equivalent to slapping Chu Lui.”

He also said, “In the future, get out of my sight when I’m present. Or else, I don’t mind using some other methods.”

Further, he said…

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