Chapter 410 - Against His Will

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Chapter 410: Against His Will

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“There are people without morals in this world. I may not be a good man, but I understand morality.”

Beads of cold sweat gathered on Xu Shiyang’s forehead as she recalled Chu Lui’s methods. The rumors surrounding this man had always been terrifying. He would resort to unscrupulous means when dealing with his business rivals, and no good would come to those who dare to go against him.

Thus, Xu Shiyang was afraid. This time, she was truly terrified. She shouldn’t have had any desires on another man or fantasized about snatching him away from any woman.

Li Manni came to know about the matter of Xu Shiyang being escorted out of the Chu Enterprise by security officers. She really thought of slapping that woman again. Who did she think she was? Chu Lui was no someone whom she could lust for.

Li Manni’s good mood took a turn when she thought of her current relationship with Chu Lui. She could no longer laugh.

She wanted to change, but she didn’t know how.

In fact, she was fully aware that that man’s heart had already left her long ago.

At this moment, many dry leaves had accumulated outside the window. The veins of the leaves seemed to have stopped with the passing of the seasons. However, once something had been lost, it would never be recovered again.

In this world, no two leaves would ever be the same; neither could they have the same destinies.

Chu Lui went back to his parents’ place first. As for Li Manni, he needed no worry about her right now. She would take good care of herself and not let anything happen to her. Of course, that included her unborn child that belonged to her. It was more important than her life.

“Ah Lui, have some tea.” Song Wan handed him the teacup over to him and sat beside him. She studied her son who had grown into a tall and handsome man, and she sighed. How time had passed. She was getting old, too.

“Look at you all grown up. Until now, I can still remember how you look when you were just a small boy. You were so tiny then.” She measured him with her hand. “See. You have grown bigger, and I am older, too.” Time really flies. In the blink of an eye, her son would become a father soon; she would be a grandmother. She had lived most of her life. Her son was her pride and joy. She was also constantly worrying about him.

“Mom, you are still young.” Chu Lui sipped at his tea. He hardly offered any comforting words. His lips were always tightly shut with little to say. At times, to ask him to converse more was equivalent to asking for his life. Right now, he was being cordial which was a rare moment.

“Young? I will be a grandmother soon.” Song Wan smiled gently. She was truly getting old, but she had lived a life worth living. If she could hold her grandson, she was willing to die right now.

“Ah Lui, you feel that you have let Xia Ruoxin down. Am I right?” Song Wan rested a hand on her son’s tensed shoulder. She could only imagine the stress that he had been dealing with recently.

“Yes.” Chu Lui nodded. There was no need to hide in front of his own mother. “You realized you have hated and taken revenge on the wrong person because Xia Yixuan is still alive,” she sighed. She had given birth to her son, and she knew him. There was no way she wouldn’t know the reason behind that wedding four years ago.

“It’s all my fault. If only I had stopped you in the beginning, we wouldn’t have harmed an innocent child.” Song Wan was actually quite fond of Xia Ruoxin. Other than her background, she was perfect in every way. However, everything was in the past.

“It’s not your fault, Mom. It’s me. I was too stubborn.” Chu Lui put his cup down. His hand shifted to his neck. It was his fault so he should shoulder the burden. At that time, all he knew was hatred. He was unwilling to listen to anyone, including his mother.

On top of that, he had been overbearing and tough on others believing he was always right; and he wouldn’t regret his actions. As it turned out, the day had come for him to regret. However, it was too late.

“Did you take this back from Yixuan? It’s time you take it back as well.” Song Wan looked at her son’s neck. He was wearing the amulet that she had gotten together with Du Jingtang’s mother. It was to bless the two boys and have them grow up healthy.

However, he had given it to Xia Ruoxin. No one would have guessed that things could end up in such a mess now.

“Mom, Yixuan was not the little girl that I was searching for. I had been wrong. The one I had met years ago was Xia Ruoxin. Yet, I ruined her with my two bare hands. Myself, too.”

Song Wan’s hand tightened on Chu Lui’s shoulder.

“Ah Lui, it’s all in the past now. Regardless of whether she was the one you were looking for or what your feelings for her are now, they’re all gone. You have a wife and a child. You can feel apologetic towards her, but you cannot afford to have any other thoughts. Or else, don’t blame me for disowning you as my son.”

The thing that Song Wan cared about most now was her grandchild then her son, followed by her daughter-in-law.

“I know.” Chu Lui simply replied. His mouth was slightly opened as bitterness lingered at the corners of his lips. He knew better than anyone that he was an unscrupulous man. If there was a ray of hope, he would fight to reconcile with the woman he had hated and loved. If only that was possible.

“Ah Lui, we must be responsible for the things we’ve done. You already have Manni. You have let one woman down; don’t let it happen to another one. Mom knows it has been hard on you, but you have no choice.” It hurt Song Wan to see her son like this. She had never seen him so depressed. His face had never displayed so much agony.

“Ah Lui, you truly loved her, right? You have been since four years ago.”

Chu Lui was stunned. Yet, he couldn’t deny that his mother had been right. He understood now the hatred that he had been unwilling to think of since four years ago. He had clearly fallen for that uncomplaining woman and her silly smile. However, he was so absorbed in Xia Yixuan’s death that he had forced himself not to fall deeper until he married Li Manni.

“Mom, I have to go.” Chu Lui stood up as he promised his mother, “Mom, don’t worry about me. I know what I should do. I won’t make things difficult for you or cause you to lose your grandchild.” He was such a grown man, and yet his parents still had to worry about him. It wouldn’t happen again.

He would treat Li Manni well because he had pulled her into his world. She would have everything, but he would keep his love to himself.

There were too many things that forced one to act against one’s will. Chu Lui couldn’t choose. He had a wife who was pregnant with his child.

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