Chapter 411 - Stupidity

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Chapter 411: Stupidity

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Song Wan sighed heavily and sat on the sofa. She placed her hand on her lap. Chu Jiang sat down beside her and took her hand. “Don’t worry. He’s our son. He knows what the appropriate thing to do is. The events four years ago made him mature a lot.”

Except the price he paid was high. Song Wan rested her head on Chu Jiang’s shoulders. Her heart went out for her son. Of all things, why was it his love life that was so turbulent?

Chu Lui parked his car and strode into the hospital. He glanced at his watch. He had an appointment with the doctor today. The previous time was he was preparing to donate his bone marrow, the doctor said that he appeared to have some health issues and advised him to do a more detailed full-body check-up. However, because of the events that unfolded after, he had forgotten to do so.

He sat in the check-up room. The results were out today. He didn’t feel like his body was acting weirdly, and he was healthy and seldom fell sick.

“Mr. Chu, can I ask you a question?” The doctor leafed through the report and looked up from it to ask Chu Lui, who was opposite him. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed as if he was troubled by an issue for a while.

“Go ahead.” Chu Lui replied blandly, crossing his right leg over his left casually. He pressed his lips tightly together. His defined features were layered with iciness.

“Mr. Chu, have you been taking any special drugs in recent years? For example, those that stabilize emotions?”

Chu Lui shook his head. “No. I seldom fall sick. There’s no need for me to take any medication.” He had a healthy disposition from young and rarely came to the hospital. He could count all the times he took medicine with one hand.

“No, Mr. Chu, you were certainly taking them. Our report says that you have been taking drugs that would help you relieve stress.” The doctor was sure his diagnosis was correct.

“If the report is correct, you’ve been taking these drugs for about four years. It can help you relieve tension—yes, but there are side effects, too.”

The doctor said seriously without a hint of a joke because he wasn’t joking. No one dared make a joke out of these things.

“What side effects?” Chu Lui clenched his fists nervously. There was actually someone so scary around him who drugged him without his knowledge, and for four years at that. Even though it was to relieve his tension, he hated the feeling of being manipulated.

The doctor stood up, unsure of how to let the cat out of the bag.

“Tell me.” Chu Lui uncrossed his leg. Chu Lui was indeed Chu Lui. If it were others, they might have already jumped up in shock, but he was still sitting here, calmly telling the doctor to speak.

“Mr. Chu, please stay calm, okay?” The doctor looked at Chu Lui and blanched, feeling like he said something unnecessary. Mr. Chu looked calm as he could be.

His expression was naturally icy, and now, it was even more so. The expressionless face made people feel fear.

Chu Lui laughed coldly. The doctor had nothing to worry about. He was able to deal with all kinds of news; otherwise, he wouldn’t be known as Chu Lui.

“The thing is, Mr. Chu, the drug has this constituent that makes females—who drink it for a long time—unable to conceive as it disturbs their menstrual cycle.”

“And for males?” Chu Lui’s black eyes were dark with no sign of light. Belatedly, he felt like he wouldn’t be fond of the news, and that it might even destroy him.

“If it were males…” The doctor paused weakly. When he realized Chu Lui’s gaze on him, he cowered instinctively and then continued speaking. “If males consume it for a long period of time, it would make a certain survival rate decrease. Mr. Chu, do you understand what I am saying? You’ve been consuming it for too long so now you…”

“You’re saying that I’m infertile? Chu Lui stood up abruptly, unable to maintain his calmness. No matter how cold and unfeeling Chu Lui was, it was impossible to stay calm when met with this kind of issue.

No one could.

It wasn’t a small matter losing the ability to give birth. It meant the end of his bloodline.

Mrs. Li strutted into the kindergarten. She was dressed gorgeously like an 18-year-old girl. In recent years, she invested heavily in skincare, and the results were clear as she looked younger than others her age with her well-maintained skin. However, the wrinkles that appear when she narrowed her eyes kept increasing. No matter how much she dressed up, there was no way she would pass off as an 18-year-old. It was just her way of consoling herself.

She didn’t like this place, but she wanted people to see her. She wanted people to know that she had a compassionate and benevolent soul and would visit these cute children regularly.

Whenever she thought about how she was going to buy supplies for her grandson—who wasn’t born yet—with her daughter and her in-law later in the day, she instantly lost the desire to be here. Furthermore, Chu Lui was still stubbornly determined to give half of his assets to that woman. She was still seething with anger that she hadn’t vent.

She stopped in her tracks and looked at the little girl folding origami on the chair. It was that kid. Her face darkened instantly. That pesky kid. I wonder who gave birth to her. She is so not cute.

“Rainy is such a good kid. Your paper airplane looks so nice.” The teacher picked up the paper airplane that Rainy folded and showed it to the other children who hadn’t completed theirs. Only Rainy had finished folding the plane.

She seemed to be clever.

Rainy smiled bashfully, her cheeks glowing. Even her short hair seemed blacker. She was really pretty. The teacher ruffled Rainy’s head, liking the little girl more and more. The child was really obedient and had never let them worry.

“Good? Psh. She’s obviously stupid.” Someone mocked. The teacher retracted her hand from Rainy’s head and looked back to see Mrs. Li who was giving off a rich-people aura. “I didn’t see you there, Mrs. Li.”

Mrs. Li lifted her chin and harrumphed condescendingly and then walked towards Rainy, who was praised by the teacher just now. She reached out her hand to take the paper airplane that she just folded, but a small hand stopped her.

Rainy stared with wide eyes as her tiny hand clutched the paper plane tightly. It was hers, and she wasn’t going to let others touch it.

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