Chapter 412 - Bullying A Child

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Chapter 412: Bullying A Child

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Mrs. Li’s lips curled as she applied force, making the little paper airplane tear apart into unrecognizable pieces of paper. Rainy looked at her half of the paper airplane as her eyes reddened, and tears welled up.

The teacher was about to stop Mrs. Li when she crushed the remnants of the paper airplane in her hand into a ball. “You can ask her to fold another one. There’s so much paper anyway, and isn’t she clever?” She sneered. No matter how clever she was, she wouldn’t be able to compete with her grandson who was the next heir of the Chu Enterprise. These lowly children were worth nothing compared to him.

She lowered down and lifted Rainy off the ground abruptly. Rainy struggled against her, not willing to be carried by her. Her little legs kicked profusely.

“I’m bringing this kid out for a while.” She disregarded the teacher’s conflicted expression and carried the squirming child out… to a place where no one was around.

She put the child down on the ground, but her hand remained clasped on the child’s shoulders. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t stand this child. She disliked her from the start.

The child was cute—yes, but she still hated her extremely.

“What’s your name?” She bent down and asked deliberately, her fingers touching her cheek. Rainy turned her round cheeks away from her, stubbornly keeping her lips sealed tight. She refused to speak even a word to Mrs. Li.

“How old are you this year?” Mrs Li’s smile grew colder as if she, as the mother-in-law of the CEO of the Chu Enterprise, couldn’t handle such a mere lowly girl. It would be such a joke if this got out.

This child was indeed detestable.

“I know you don’t like me. Well, I don’t like you either.” She placed her hand on Rainy’s cheeks. Such good and supple skin. She was indeed a child. It was almost as if water would come out if she squeezed it.

She pinched it tightly. A jolt of pain ran up Rainy’s cheeks, and her eyes reddened. She wailed loudly. Her cheeks hurt a lot.

“You’re noisy!” She let go of Rainy’s shoulders and shoved her hard. The little child was unable to withstand such force and was pushed down on the floor instantly. Her cheeks were almost swollen from the pinch.

“Mommy, Daddy…” Rainy rubbed her eyes as she cried profusely on the floor. She wanted to go home. It hurt.

“In-law, what are you doing?” A voice sounded, making the gleeful Mrs. Li flinch. Why was she here?

She turned and watched as a woman approached her—Song Wan, her daughter’s mother-in-law.

“Oh, it’s you. What brings you here?”

Song Wan pursed her lips. “Have you forgotten? You invited me here.” Her tone was slightly accusatory. She knew that Mrs. Li wasn’t as harmonious as she had appeared, but did she really have to bully a child? How could a child this young even offend her in any way?

The child was crying so pitifully it made her heart ache.

“Hush, don’t cry.” She carried the little girl off the ground immediately. She was such a small child. Song Wan held Rainy in her arms, making Mrs. Li’s eyes bulge out of her sockets. A child as disobedient as her was willing to let Song Wan carry her? Even though the girl was so adamant against her carrying her? Mrs. Li was seething with anger, but with Song Wan here, she couldn’t act without inhibition.

She was Chu Lui’s mother-in-law, but Song Wan was Chu Lui’s biological mother. Even a fool knows who the more superior one here was.

Song Wan patted the dirt off of the little child carefully. The child’s wide eyes were extremely red as she stared unblinking.

“Okay. All clean.” Song Wan smiled and said, but she was shocked when she took a good look at the child’s face. Even though the child’s eyes were swollen like a rabbit’s from crying, Song Wan recognized the face in one glance.

“Rainy, you’re Rainy?” Song Wan rested her fingers on Rainy’s cheeks, which was red in the shape of fingers. It was obvious someone had pinched her.

Rainy also recognized the beautiful granny. She was with Uncle at that time, and since Uncle was a good guy, Granny was a good person, too.

“Tell me, does it hurt?” Song Wan cradled the child’s cheeks gently, her heart twinging at the child’s mistreated expression.

“Granny, Rainy isn’t hurt.” Her cute and childish voice made Song Wan hug the sensible child closer. She stared at Mrs. Li in disapproval. “Mother-in-law, the child is still young. Even if she had done something wrong, that’s no way to treat her. It’s just a child’s words, after all. What can they know?”

Song Wan’s tone was unexpectedly strict, making Mrs. Li’s face flush and pale at the same time. They were both about the same age, and this was the first time she was reprimanded by Song Wan. She felt humiliated.

“That’s not it.” Mrs. Li shook her head immediately as she explained herself. “Mother-in-law, you misunderstood. I wanted to help the child up, but I didn’t make it in time.” Her forehead broke out in cold sweat, and her face paled even more.

Darn that pesky brat, making her lose face like this.

Song Wan stayed silent and caressed Rainy’s cheeks. She had seen everything Mrs. Li had done with her own eyes. She was the one who pushed the child down, and she refused to admit it now?

Mrs. Li waited for a long time before saying, with difficulty, “In-law, it’s time we go to the mall. Manni might already be there waiting for us. We should be looking for our own grandchild. After all, this child is someone else’s. We’ve been here for too long.”

She did not want to stay here any longer. It made her feel even more humiliated, and she felt more stifled and pressured with every passing moment.

What’s more, how could someone else’s child be more important than one’s own?

Song Wan put down the child on the ground and rubbed her hair softly. “Rainy, Granny is leaving. I’ll come visit you again if there is a chance.”

Rainy nodded slightly, but she sniffled. Her eyes reddened a little more.

The child’s reddened eyes made Song Wan heart twinge, strangely. She stood up and followed Mrs. Li out hurriedly.

“Bye bye, Granny.” Rainy waved her little hand. Song Wan’s footsteps faltered as she looked back at the little girl with red eyes, which told her that she was crying, along with her occasional sniffles.

She was but a three-year-old child.

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