Chapter 413 - Four Years of Drugs

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Chapter 413: Four Years of Drugs

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“Let’s go,” Song Wan’s steps quickened. Rainy released Song Wan’s hand and turned to enter, her small fragile body radiating loneliness.

“Mommy, it hurts…” Her small hands clutched onto her tiny face as she huffed a few times. Yet, the pain was still there. Without her mom, she could do nothing but pout.

“Mother-in-law, that’s just a child. If there’s anything that she has done to make you unhappy, I hope you don’t hold it against her.” Yes, she’s someone else’s child, but she’s also a treasure to someone. Song Wan sat in the car with a grim facial expression. It wasn’t that she didn’t find any fault, but rather, she didn’t want to count her grudges. While she was easy to talk to, it also had to be what was acceptable to her.

“Which child doesn’t have parents? If your own daughter was being bullied by other people, wouldn’t you feel hurt?” Song Wan questioned Mrs. Li. Both of them were already mothers and almost becoming grandmothers. If their grandchildren were older, they would have been the same age as those children. Should their own children were to cry in such a manner, they would have been hurt.

Comparing such feelings, the parents of that child would feel the same way, too.

“I know, it wouldn’t happen again,” Mrs. Li carefully spoke with a smiley face. However, her hands that were placed on her legs were clenched tightly. This was the first time that Song Wan spoke in such a manner to her, not leaving her any face.

For a small kid that she didn’t know, it was not necessary of her.

She should know that her own grandchild was in her daughter’s stomach. That was their darling.

She nonchalantly turned to look out. Her daughter’s child was the most important; nothing else could be of any more importance. For that little girl—the more Song Wan took a liking to her, the more she hated her.

If she liked her so much, then go raise someone else’s child instead of her grandchild.

Mrs. Li thought indignantly.

On the other hand, Song Wan could only sigh and shake her head at Mrs. Li’s displeased facial expression. Luckily, Manni was not like her mother; otherwise, Song Wan would have truly felt that the Chu family had gotten involved with people whom they shouldn’t have.

The car stopped. They were at a high-end baby care shop. Chu family’s child was not even born yet, but his prestigious status had already been determined. He was fated to be the treasure to both families and destined to be a child that would be envied by others.

As long as the child’s surname was Chu, whether a male or female, he or she would be the sole successor to the Chu family. Whatever assets the Chu family had, it would all belong to the child.

Li Manni walked in, finally smiling. Today’s purposeful visit was to buy clothes for her baby. Since she was only pregnant a month in, the gender of the baby was unknown. Anyways, they bought everything in pairs.

Rather, as Song Wan walked behind Li Manni and her mother, she didn’t talk nor make any judgments. Mrs. Li bought anything expensive, even buying a pile of nursing bottles. Could a child finish using all those?

Her son was very good at making money, but it was also not for her to spend it like this. Giving it to the wife to spend was reasonable, but to the mother-in-law? Furthermore, it wasn’t like the Li family had no sons and only had Li Manni as the sole daughter.

But, there was no choice, conceding the fact that she was Li Manni’s mother.

At the same time, Chu Lui had already been sitting in the hospital for almost 2 hours. He did not believe the previous results and did another round of a whole-body health check-up. The results came out; however, the doctor gave the same response.

“Are you sure I’m infertile?” He asked one more time, with his large body under much pressure, making the doctor feeling even hard to breathe before nodding his head.

“This is the newest report. We indeed found those kinds of chemicals inside Mr. Chu’s body. If Mr. Chu doesn’t believe it, then any other hospital would also make the same judgment.”

As the doctor spoke, he placed the medical report into Chu Lui’s hands. At first, they didn’t really believe it for the news of Mrs. Chu’s pregnancy had already spread to the outside world. This second-generation of business was not a normal second-generation; thus, the news had spread so quickly. Yet, this was impossible, for with Chu Lui’s body, it was unable to let a female conceive.

“Tell me, when did my condition begin?” Chu Lui held on tightly to his medical report, resisting the urge to rip it into pieces. He believed it; how can he not? Who would play this kind of joke on him, especially on himself? Furthermore, it was written in black and white on paper.

“It happened in the first year of consumption,” the doctor answered truthfully, which meant that three years ago, Chu Lui already had lost his ability to allow his partner to conceive.

“Alright, I got it.” Chu Lui closed his pair of eyes in order to hide the anger in his eyes. His lips were raised slightly. Indeed, it was retribution. Four years ago, he made Xia Ruoxin lose her ability to conceive, making her unable to become a mother for life. Four years later, someone did the same to him, making him lose his ability to reproduce. Indeed retribution, it was truly retribution.

“I would like to know… is there any chance of recovering?” His voice turned extremely cold, his hands were clenched even more tightly.

After what seemed like half a day, the doctor shook his head. “I’m sorry, Mr. Chu, if it was within a year of consuming the medicine, it might have been possible. But, Mr. Chu has been consuming it for too long. The possibility of recovering is nearly zero. But, Mr. Chu doesn’t need to worry. This medicine only causes much damage to your reproductive system and has not much impact on your own body. That is to say, your physiology is very normal, just that you are unable to make a lady pregnant.”

Chu Lui’s lips fell and took out his own name card. After leaving a number, he placed the card in front of the doctor. “Call this number tomorrow. What you deserve, there will not be a missing cent, but I hope this matter will not have a third person knowing. Do you understand?”

The doctor immediately nodded his head to agree. Obviously, he wouldn’t spread the news. Chu Lui… this person was cold-blooded, and if someone offended him, he would definitely not let this person off.

Therefore, he didn’t have any guts to spread this news.

Chu Lui pressed so hard onto his name card before marching out. The tall stature of a male’s body shivered every now and then. He didn’t know if it was because the exterior environment was truly cold or because his heart was frozen.

He sat in the car, placed his hands on his own face, and forced himself to take several deep breaths.

Otherwise, he didn’t know if he would die of suffocation.

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