Chapter 414

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Chapter 414: Untitled

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Chu Lui’s expression darkened in despair, and his eyes spoke of the vicious emotions that were the same as four years ago. The car started. Then, it sped out in lightning speed.

In the living room of the Chu’s family home…

Du Jingtang dropped the things he was holding and scattered them all over the sofa. Then, he sat at the side as he panted hard thoroughly exhausted. He was the free mover. Again. He couldn’t possibly let the two elderly carry all these things.

Neither could he allow a pregnant woman to do so. He was the only one who could do it. When his auntie called him, he thought it was something important, but she merely wanted him to help her with her shopping. Being the ever-obedient nephew, he took the bags. Now, his shoulders were aching.

He was lucky to survive the hard work.

Song Wan took out a piece of tiny clothing. She had to buy the baby necessities again because she had thrown the last batch away when that baby was gone. She was afraid she would feel sad all over again when she sees it, and so she had gotten rid of them.

“Jingtang, what do you think of this?” she asked Du Jingtang who was sitting weakly on the sofa. He quickly nodded. “It’s nice.” Everything looked nice. He was so exhausted. If they didn’t, his exhaustion would have been in vain.

“Put it on and let me have a look.”

Song Wan looked at the baby clothing in her hands, oblivious of what she had just said. The corners of Du Jingtang’s mouth turned down in obvious displeasure.

How could he fit into that? It would be weird if he could fit. His auntie was apparently too excited to know what she was doing.

Li Manni was also taking one after another out to admire. Her face shone with motherly love. From time to time, she caressed her tummy. This was how one felt when one was pregnant—blissful, especially when they had been waiting for this child for so long.

They were still chatting happily when someone opened the door forcibly. Chu Lui watched the drama with a fishy look. He saw the baby clothing scattered all over the floor, and he smiled in mockery.

Great! They had really splurged using the Chu’s money to buy things for the bastard. They really did it. He had overestimated Li Manni. He never expected it. He really didn’t. In the end, she was ultimately the one to betray him.

He had lost the ability to get her pregnant so he was dying to know how she had gotten herself pregnant the last time and now.

“Lui, is this nice?” Li Manni was oblivious of what had happened to Chu Lui. She was basking in her own happiness. “I think our baby will look adorable in it when he’s born.”

Chu Lui pursed his lips. His dark eyes filled with searing hatred, but he remained silent as he turned and strode out of the room. Or else, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t strangle this woman on the spot.

“Cousin, what’s wrong with you?” Du Jingtang suddenly went after him when he noticed Chu Lui’s expression. He was as white as paper. Du Jingtang actually thought of touching him to see if his cousin was right in front of him. However, before his hand could reach Chu Lui, he was met with a glorious glare that made him retract his hand hastily. Oops. Sorry. He had forgotten that he could do that to some people, but some just couldn’t be touched.

He shrank his neck preparing himself for the yelling from Chu Lui. Alas, nothing happened. Nothing at all. Chu Lui’s face remained pale. No. It was a cold expression while he sat like a wooden dummy.

Could he be sick? Du Jingtang began to panic because he had never seen his cousin behaving like this. Chu Lui always looked like superman—invincible. He could tide over any crisis no matter how bad it was. When they were studying abroad during their college days, they were under a work-study program. They even worked as a dishwasher and a food delivery man, and yet his cousin had not looked so in despair.

Du Jingtang’s mind suddenly snapped. Did he contract an incurable disease? What would they do if that was true? He was the only son in the Chu family. Would their line end with his cousin? He had been hopeful that Chu Lui would give birth to more kids so he could adopt one of them. What would he do if his cousin was to come to such a premature end? What would happen to the Chu family, to his auntie and uncle, and to himself?

Please, don’t let that be true. He whined in his heart as his expression changed like a color palette.

At this moment, a hand rested on his shoulder which caused Du Jingtang to shudder suddenly. When he regained his senses, he saw Chu Lui staring at him. Those hidden emotions in his cousin’s eyes were indescribable. How would he put it? How?

It made one ached for him.

“Cousin…” he called out.

Chu Lui’s lips parted as he patted Du Jingtang on his shoulder. “Stop being paranoid. I’m fine.”

Nevertheless, Du Jingtang trusted his instincts, and they were telling him that something must have happened. Something big indeed.

Chu Lui opened his schedule for the day which contained all his work arrangements. Everything about him was the same as though nothing had happened. However, a sensitive person would realize he had changed. He became gloomier and quieter even during meetings.

At first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. A woman would feel uncomfortable for a few days every month. A man would be more or less the same, too. No one could maintain a good mood every day for 365 days.

“I’m getting giddy from all your walking.” Dong Fangjing tossed his newspaper away, stretched his legs out, and rested both his hands behind his head for a cushion. “Well, is anything wrong?”

Du Jingtang sat his butt down beside him and looked straight into Dong Fangjing’s eyes. Then, he pulled his face and pursed his lips.

“I think lately there’s something wrong with my cousin.”

“Chu Lui?” At the mention of Chu Lui, Dong Fangjing began to listen more attentively. He threw his newspaper aside and rested one of his hands on Du Jingtang’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. If that person could be influenced so easily, he wouldn’t be Chu Lui.” Chu Lui’s character was too tough, and he stuck to his decisions once he made up his mind. He might be successful in the business world, but not in the ways of the world. He tended to be overly calculative when he dealt with humans, and that included himself.

Du Jingtang nodded in agreement as Dong Fangjing continued to analyze the situation. “That’s exactly how it is. In fact, I am much simpler.” He pointed towards himself while he complimented with no shame.

“Ehm.” Dong Fangjing smiled as he kissed his lover on the cheek. “You’re right.”

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