Chapter 415 - Unable to See the Light of Day

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Chapter 415: Unable to See the Light of Day

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“Of course. Otherwise, how are you able to f*** me?” Du Jingtang rolled his eyes.

Dong Fangjing didn’t deny it. He merely raised an eyebrow as he picked up the newspaper and continued reading. Let Du Jingtang deal with his own business. For a person who conjured something out of nothing, he could resolve his own issues.

That’s the same for Chu Lui. No one could help him even if he was really in trouble. If he was, Du Jingtang wouldn’t be here voicing out his suspicions and doing something so substantial. Yet, Dong Fangjing reached out with his left hand and tucked it under his chin.

It began to bug him as he wondered if something bad had truly happened to that man.

It seemed that Du Jingtang had been reading too much into the situation. In a matter of days, Chu Lui was himself again. He even clinched a number of major deals consecutively earning. The profits from one contract were enough to last them a few years. This time, it was a few contracts. Du Jingtang counted on his fingers the amount he would be earning. Yes! It was going to be quite substantial.

“Deputy, this is the latest report for your perusal.” His secretary entered and left the report on his table.

“Thank you. I can manage that.” Du Jingtang smiled so brightly at her as though he was the warm sun. It was so affectionate that she felt she was in a field of flowers blooming in the spring watching everything grow. The secretary left with a blush on her face. Du Jingtang ran his hand over his face. Sigh… it was his face. That was his mother’s fault to have given birth to such a dashing son. Such a sin. What good was it? He could smile as much as he wanted and look dashing, but he was a gay.

He pulled himself together. However, his hands went to his butt in an instant. Oh… the pain in his corn hole.

He took the reports from the table and started flipping through it. The company might have telephones around, but Chu Lui preferred to write everything down instead. He was weird in that sense. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he would convey his instructions down in writing—which was simpler; and it ensured there were no mistakes. That’s also why the majority of documents sent to Du Jingtang were all written documents.

Hmm. Du Jingtang flipped through the pages as he twirled the pen between his fingers. However, after the first page, his face changed.

It was the Lis. Again. Du Jingtang was extremely unhappy as his lips twitched in disbelief. They had slogged and gotten their employees to work overtime, sparing no expenses to work on that contract. At last, after numerous old meals in the office, they finally clinched the deal. However, the Li family had the gall to hijack the contract from them. He felt the pain for all his employees. They had sacrificed so much for this deal. Although his cousin always promised to compensate them, there was nothing he could do if this continued. The Lis’ appetite was getting bigger.

Li Manni, his cousin-in-law, was fine except that she was slightly paranoid. She was also sloppy in every way and yet presentable enough. Her parents and her brother, on the other hand, had gotten more and more greedy. When Du Jingtang thought of them, the vision in his mind was enough to cause him to have gastric.

His hands covered his stomach. After he was done sorting out the documents, he went to Chu Lui’s office.

Then, he placed the documents on his cousin’s table.

His face was as long as a horse’s, but he said nothing.

“Who has offended you?” Chu Lui tossed his pen aside. “Has someone broke into your a**s?”

“Can you possibly be more direct?” Du Jingtang rolled his eyes and pouted as he sat on the sofa to rest his sore area. He pointed at the documents on the table. “Your father-in-law has hijacked our contract again. This time is worse. We’ve spent six months preparing for this deal.”

Chu Lui took that document and flipped through it casually.

Du Jingtang knew that it would be covered up by Chu Lui. The Li family would profit from this project. There was no doubt about it. A project worth hundreds of millions had hit the curb.

“What a huge appetite,” Chu Lui simply said. There was no emotion in his voice.

Du Jingtang shrugged. “I’m used to it. This is not the first or second time. I wonder which project they have set their eyes on next.”

Chu Lui set the document aside. He leaned against the back of his chair and started to close his eyes and rest. A long time later, he opened his eyes. The rays of light shone in from outside and landed on his eyes, reflecting a sudden look of gloom flashing across his face. As he lowered his eyes, that look was gone as though it had never appeared.

“Get the contract ready.”

He pursed his lips. Du Jingtang was puzzled by what his words meant. Prepare what? The contract? Before he could figure out what was going on, something flew into his face. He instinctively caught it afraid that it would fall right into his face and ruin his dashing looks. If anything were to happen to his face, he would be heartbroken.

However, his eyes widened in surprise as a stack of documents landed in his hands.

Wasn’t this…?

Get the contract ready. That contract? Was Chu Lui saying that he wouldn’t give up on this deal?

“Go. I wish to rest.” Chu Lui’s eyes remained closed. His voice sounded deep and distant, but one could easily hear his exhaustion.

“Oh, alright.” Du Jingtang’s face broke into a wide smile as he held the documents and kissed it. The Li family was nothing as long as the Chu Enterprise was involved. They couldn’t tolerate the fact that the Li’s were hijacking their contracts every time after several months of hard work and effort on their end. Look. His cousin had made a smart decision.

He carried the contract and left. This matter would be settled. If he had to be involved, this would more or less be a done deal. However, he did not notice the agonizing look that had appeared on the usually calm face of Chu Lui.

Many things could cause agony to Chu Lui. His tolerance level was too high. One would never be able to see if he was in pain physically, emotionally, or mentally. Like now, no one knew that deep down what had affected this man.

He opened his eyes and put his hands before him. The bones in his fingers were well-defined with neatly trimmed nails. What had these hands done? Ha. He actually managed to laugh, but in his heart where no one could reach, he was sobbing. No one knew. Tears began to gather at the corners of his eyes, and yet he forced himself to swallow them back in the end.

He stood up, opened a safe at the side, and removed a stack of documents from within. Whatever he had kept in there were classified documents from the company or his personal belongings.

“This must never be revealed,” he said gloomily as he covered his face with his hands. Tears could vaguely be seen coming out from the corners of his eyes. Someone had left the windows opened. Fresh air circulated in the office. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and the documents flew from his table. With a thunderous flap, that medical report with a hospital logo started flying with the wind.

The doctor’s fine penmanship was on it.

Inability to conceive.

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