Chapter 451 - Ignorance is The Best Excuse

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Chapter 451 Ignorance is The Best Excuse

“No, I didn’t…” Li Manni shook her head, refusing to admit. “That was genuinely coffee, but it was a special breed I especially bought. It’s not some poison. Lui, it’s okay if you don’t love me, but you can’t make me be a scapegoat of such heinous crime.”

Lui leaned on his side. His dark eyes never opened once… until a long time later when he slowly opened them. Those eyes were void of emotions. The corner of his lips curved and then fell. It was slightly cold with a hint of bloodlust.

“I’m asking one last time. Who does the child belong to?” Chu Lui was unexpectedly calm, but this made Li Manni even more fearful and petrified.

“The child is yours, yours!” Li Manni hugged her stomach tightly. She couldn’t admit it. Otherwise, she would lose everything, without even a sliver of chance left for herself. There was a possibility that Chu Lui was deceiving her. He was least used to i VSTEHU F e,[a]Yes, she must hold her ground.

“Let’s go to the hospital. I believe the doctor can prove whose child it really is. Don’t think that we can only do a DNA test after the child is born. Even though it’s just one-month old, it’s still possible. Don’t ask me how; the doctor will know.” Chu Lui was tired of this. She still wanted to 将这孩子赖在他身上吗 [b] at this point? He was infertile so how did she get pregnant?

“No. I don’t want to go to the hospital. I’m not going!” Li Manni cowered. It almost looked like she was becoming one with the corner of the wall. She didn’t want to go to the doctors, and she definitely didn’t want to go for the stupid DNA test. No way in hell.

Song Wan sat up. She took a deep breath to regain composure, and then her gaze landed on Li Manni. “Ah Lui, I don’t want to see her anymore. I’m tired. Let her leave.”

Li Manni deceived her and her son to the point where they were unable to have any more offspring.

“Mother, please believe me.” Li Manni knew that Song Wan was the most softhearted. She almost dashed forward to Song Wan. She wanted her trust and support.

However, Du Jingtang shifted in front of Song Wan. Idiot. Was she expecting to take his aunty or her baby’s life by rushing forward like that?

Song Wan gestured for Du Jingtang to move. She still sat on the sofa as her gaze flitted across Li Manni and then landed on an unknown place.

“Manni, I thought I treated you very well, even better than Xia Ruoxin. I was never considerate towards her, but I treated you like my own daughter. I’ve never let you down, but what about you? Tell me, what have you done? I really hope I was wrong, but am I? Manni, can you swear that your child belongs to Ah Lui? Can you swear that you’ve never done anything to let Ah Lui down?

“Do you dare to? Tell me, do you?”

“I…” Li Manni’s lips parted and closed, but she could not say a word.

“I swear…” The words just left her mouth when she saw Song Wan sat up.

“Li Manni, you shouldn’t swear an oath without meaning it. Otherwise, you’ll really get struck by lightning.”

Li Manni trembled uncontrollably. She placed a hand on her stomach.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know.” She clenched her fist. “The baby could be that man’s, but it could be Chu Lui’s,


Song Wan could only shut her eyes in resignation. She understood everything now. ‘I don’t know’ was indeed the best answer, but it also shed light on the situation.

Du Jingtang’s heart went out for Song Wan. She had cared for him since young. Everything his cousin received, he received one, too. Looking at her current state, it was no wonder he felt bad for her. If his mom found out about it, she would definitely burst out in tears.

He walked forwards and picked up the pages of the report one by one and then sat back down beside Song Wan. He placed an arm around her shoulders and comforted her silently.

This Li Manni was really horrendous. It was no wonder everyone said that the most toxic was a woman’s heart. He finally saw it with his own eyes.

She drugged her own husband, and for four years at that. Did she even know what she had done? It did not matter whether she did it deliberately or whether she was being used; she should not have done it nonetheless.

Her actions ruined the entire Chu family and his cousin’s life. How could a man on top of the world like him suffer from such a blow? It was still unknown who the father of the baby in her womb was.

Chu Lui raised an eyebrow blandly. “Manni, you should be clear how I’m like. Do you think this report is fake? Let me tell you it’s as real as it can be. More than you, I want to believe that it’s fake, but… it. Is. Real.” His every word pierced through Li Manni’s heart. Li Manni stumbled back, her pale lips trembling as certain despair radiated from her.

Real, real…

It was real?

“What are you talking about?” The door outside was opened with a thud.

Mrs. Li stared at the scene in front of her, stunned. She still couldn’t believe what she just heard. Poison? What poison? What drug? Rat poison or poison for cockroaches? Was this the medieval times when there’s a need for poison?

Du Jingtang grabbed an apple from the table and took a huge bite. “Madam Li, I believe you heard everything just now. Your daughter poisoned my cousin for four years. Is this the so-called matters you taught her?”

Mrs. Li hurried over to Li Manni and grabbed her sleeve, accidentally tearing her skin in the process. Li Manni broke out in cold sweat from the pain, but she didn’t dare shout.

“Manni, speak. Tell mom if you really poisoned Chu Lui. That drug…”

“Mom, I…”

Li Manni didn’t know what to say either.

“Tell me, what kind of drug is that?” Mrs. Li stood was outside for a long time, but she couldn’t hear very clearly. All she caught was some drug on Chu Lui.

“Mom, I really didn’t know. I didn’t know that the drug would cause infertility!”

Stop pressing her for answers anymore. “That person didn’t tell me that it would make him infertile when he gave it to


Li Manni shook her head. “Mom, I really didn’t know. I really didn’t know things would turn out like this. I just wanted him to love me because I realized he obviously still had Xia Ruoxin in his heart, but there wasn’t a day when he was able to forget her. He kept everything from her in the past as if they were a treasure and kept it hidden. I was jealous and afraid. I was scared that I would lose him one day.”

[a]Please translate this part to complete the thought.

[b]Please translate this to complete the thought.

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