Chapter 453 - Can’t Abort the Child

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Chapter 453 Can’t Abort the Child

Both the mother and daughter left gloomily. The further they walked, the more Mrs. Li didn’t feel right.

“Manni, you definitely cannot keep this child.”

Li Manni flinched and then placed her hand on her stomach. Yes, a bastard… what was the point of keeping him?

At the hospital, Mrs. Li waited anxiously for the doctor’s reply. However, the doctor still shook his head, “Sorry, Mrs. Li, this child cannot be aborted.”

“Why not? The child must be aborted.” Mrs. Li’s voice became sharper. What’s the point of giving birth to a bastard-to be embarrassed? Obviously, she had already forgotten the child she had been calling a bastard was actually still her grandchild.

“The first pregnancy is very important. Furthermore, Mrs. Chu’s body condition is not suitable for abortion as it might affect her future fertility chances. Please give it another thought. I can help with the surgery, but if she is unable to conceive anymore as a result, then you can only accept the consequences.”

“The first? Isn’t this the second child?” Mrs. Li strangely asked. If this was the first pregnancy, then how could Manni have had a miscarriage before?

“Mrs. Li, if you do not believe us, you can always seek a second opinion.” The doctor pointed at the door. There were still many gynecologists that she could always ask. If they couldn’t even find it out, then they should just close down their hospital.

Mrs. Li was unable to voice out anything. She pulled Li Manni immediately and walked out as if she was a thief, being so cautious to avoid anyone finding out anything. She really felt like she lost all her dignity here.

Both mother and daughter emerged from the hospital. They wanted to abort the baby when they entered, but when they walked out, the unborn child was still here. Both mother and daughter felt even more pressured than ever.

“How was it?” Mr. Li saw both of them coming out and hurried over to ask. He had thought of all possible ways already. If they couldn’t escape their current situation, then he might have to become a beggar. Therefore, he placed all his hopes on his daughter. Scared that his daughter alone might not have any weight or didn’t know how to speak properly, he let Mrs. Li tag along as well. He waited for a long time before he finally saw both of them, but he didn’t know if they bring good or bad news.

Mrs. Li mumbled under her breath, not knowing what to say while Li Manni’s lips were tugged downwards. It tugged painfully on her face and her heart at the same time. She returned to her narrow and small room, closing her door with no intention of coming out.

“What did you say?” Mr. Li breathed out heavily and stood up. “Manni poisoned Chu Lui and made him infertile?”

Mrs. Li immediately pulled Mr. Li, lowering her voice, “Be careful, if not someone else might hear it, who knows what the Chu family would do to us?”

Mr. Li broke out in a cold sweat, “What you’re saying, is this true?”

“If not, could it be false?” The thought of which had Mrs. Li in pain. “That medical report, I saw it with my own eyes. It’s proof from a big hospital.”

“Could it be fake? He did it just to get a divorce?” Mr. Li was still suspecting as the whole situation seeming to be too dramatic. They were just living their lives not reading novels, how could this have happened?

“How can this be fake?” Mrs. Li believed it. “You didn’t see Song Wan; furthermore, the Chu family would never take their own grandchild to play a joke. The main point is Manni herself also admitted that she gave Chu Lui the medicine, and the child is not Chu Lui’s, too.”

“That shameless thing.” Mr. Li angrily went upstairs, wanting to beat Li Manni to death. How did he give birth to someone so deceitful? The position of a rich and powerful was underappreciated, and she went to do all those shameless things, even causing her own family to have nothing now.

Mr. Li powerfully kicked the door and scolded loudly while Mrs. Li was still crying at a side. Only Li Manxuan was seated at a corner of the room, unmoving. He suddenly smiled. Chu Lui, to be cuckolded was not a great feeling; but of course, it’s worse for you. You can’t have any more offspring. “Haha…”

Suddenly, he started to laugh weirdly. That laugh had pricked everyone’s ears and even shocked Mr. Li who was still scolding. He didn’t dare to do anything anymore.

“Manxuan, Manxuan, what happened to you…?” Mrs. Li scrambled over, hugging tightly Li Manxuan who had seemingly gone crazy, crying. “Don’t scare me, Manxuan. Tell mom, where are you ill?”

Li Manxuan was still laughing, with his tears falling freely in the end. His tiny and bony frame was like a ghost, along with his sunken pair of eyes that didn’t have any energy and a face full of a smile-making him seem so hideous.

Mr. Li saw his crazy son and the useless daughter who embarrassed him thoroughly. He became so angered that he could grind his own teeth.

How could he have such a useless daughter? If the Chu family would not back them anymore, then what are they going to do?

As for Li Manni who was in her room, she heard all the movement outside. One moment there was scolding, another moment crying, and yet, another moment fighting. Her lips fell and held her own stomach tightly. Looking at the room that made her feel like a stranger, she ferociously hit her own stomach; but the sudden pain had made her bite her own lips without any control.

The child… she must abort it; she would not give birth to it, never. Whenever she thought of that guy, she would feel disgusted. She would remember that his hands once touched her body-bit by bit, shaming her and destroying her.

Now that it was proven the child is not Chu Lui’s, then how could she still keep the child?

It’s just that… was she really going to use her own life to repay it?

Lying on her bed, she never felt as despondent, as afraid, and as hateful as today.

She hated that the man ruined everything she had, hated that Xia Ruoxin left but came back, and hated Chu Lui who obviously didn’t love her but still married her.

She hated everyone, including the child in her stomach.

Within the Chu Enterprise, the CEO’s door was opened. The secretary was still unused to a change in the person sitting in. “Deputy, here’s a contract that requires the CEO’s signature. Not yours, but the CEO’s.”

Du Jingtang rubbed his eyebrow and waved his hands. “I know, I will get him to sign it.”

On one side were all the documents that were rejected because it was all his signature which didn’t count. Some needed his cousin, Chu Lui, to personally sign it for the contract to be valid.

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