Chapter 454 - This is Still My Home

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Chapter 454 This is Still My Home

Therefore, he finally realized that it was not easy to be a CEO. The position is good-being very high and powerful, but it made one feel tortured, too.

He gathered all the contracts into a pile and carried them. Actually, he was unwilling to be near the Chu family now, with the gloomy atmosphere surrounding them. His aunt was going to damage her eyes from crying while his uncle was always keeping her company. There was no time for any rest, with both of them as though aging ten more years within this short period.

As if they became elderly in a blink of an eye.

After work, he carried the pile of documents and drove towards the Chu family. When he was at the door, he really wanted to just turn and left; but he looked down at the contracts in his hand. These were all the financials from the Chu Enterprise that couldn’t just be ignored.

He could only raise his hands to knock on the door. Quickly, the door opened; and seeing the person standing at the door, he couldn’t believe who he was looking at and rubbed his eyes. How could it be Chu Lui? He still thought it would be the nanny; furthermore, Chu Lui shouldn’t look this calm and composed. It was as though nothing had happened, and he only took a break for a few days.

“Come in,” Chu Lui spoke to Du Jingtang standing at the door. Actually, he wasn’t as calm as what Du Jingtang saw. He locked himself in his room for a prolonged period of a few days, wanting to give himself some time to calm down and compose himself.

“Cousin, all these require your own signature.” After some time, Du Jingtang found back his voice. He walked in. The room was very dark, for all the windows were closed and the curtains pulled-making one feel as if one was in a cold and dark hell.

“You can just place it there.” Chu Lui pointed to a table. His lips were pursed tightly as he walked to the wine cabinet. He poured a glass of wine for himself, and while it didn’t seem like he was drinking it too fast, but he drank it in mouthfuls as if the wine was normal drinking water.

“Cousin, you…” Du Jingtang was very worried and didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll be back at the company soon, but before that, I’ll have to trouble you.” Chu Lui swirled the glass of wine in his hands as he spoke. A cup of red wine wouldn’t get him drunk. In fact, he had drunk so much without becoming drunk; perhaps the wine was not authentic.

“You don’t have to worry that I won’t be able to let go of it or that I’ll commit suicide.” Chu Lui wasn’t that weak. He leaned his back against the wine cabinet before finishing all the wine in his glass.

Indeed, such a blow to him was a huge one, but it was not to the point where he would just drink his life away. Adapting a practical viewpoint-whatever happened had happened; he could not pretend that nothing had happened. It’s just that he would not have any more children, but he could still nurture a child to let him become the successor to the Chu Enterprise.

Even if there wasn’t such a child—don’t forget, there’s still a Du Jingtang.

“Jingtang, you might have to have a child because I need one.” Chu Lui’s solemn eyes made Du Jingtang uncontrollably stepped back. His sudden words shocked Du Jingtang.

“Yeah, I know.” Du Jingtang’s grip tightened. He understood, how could he not? It’s not a possibility, but a necessity; after all, he and Chu Lui had half the same bloodline flowing within them.

“Jingtang, this might be hard on you.” Chu Lui turned and poured another glass of wine for himself. He swirled the glass cup in his hands. For someone who only liked males—for him to have a blood-related child, it must have been hard on him. It’s just that they didn’t have any other choice. If this was the very last possible solution, then Du Jingtang couldn’t refuse it… just like how he didn’t reject Li Manni and the child at that time.

“I’m fine.” Du Jingtang shook his head; how could this be tough? If it was really tough, at most, he could just engage in IVF. His cousin was really the one in a tough position. Furthermore, for this matter, he only gave him a reminder now; but his mother probably would have been thinking of it already.

“I’ll leave first, Cousin. I will come and pick up those tomorrow,” Du Jingtang spoke without much energy. It was as though by standing there, he felt very uncomfortable.

Chu Lui was still back-facing him, a wry smile on his lips.

This would be Chu Lui’s life from now on; everyone had to get used to it.

Du Jingtang walked out. It might be because it was too dark inside the house so he felt like his eyes were blinded by the extremely bright light rays outside, causing him discomfort.

He walked towards his car and took out his phone. At the last moment, he placed it back into his pocket.

Let him calm down for a few days before anything. Not long after he left, a lady emerged from afar. She only walked towards that door after seeing Du Jingtang’s car leaving, her walking speed slow with bad facial expressions.

She knocked on the door, standing outside alone for very long. Chu Lui placed his wine glass down, slowly straightening his body. He thought that Du Jingtang had left something behind.

Opening the door, the person standing outside was not Du Jingtang but someone else—a female whom he thought would never appear again.

“I have already let someone send your things back to the Li family already. There is nothing here that belongs to you.” Chu Lui used his body to block the entrance, having no intention of letting her in.

He didn’t want her to dirty his place again.

“I didn’t sign the papers yet so we are still married. I want to come home; is there anything wrong?” Li Manni raised her head asking Chu Lui, her face not marred with any negativity. She was still able to smile.

Chu Lui expressionlessly scanned Li Manni before straightening his posture and walked in. Li Manni felt extremely horrible at his icy cold gaze. She was unable to accept the fact that they were going to divorce. After all, they were once that loving couple that everyone looked up to.

She was not going to admit defeat that easily. Using some force, she straightened her back. She didn’t lose everything yet; she still had some chance.

She walked in. The interior was so hard that it made one feel suffocated. Many things were missing such as her favorite fish, her favorite flower, the chair she always sat on, and even her favorite shade of green curtains were replaced with black.

It was only a short period of time, but there was nothing present that suggested that she used to stay here. Chu Lui really wanted to remove her from his world.

“Why are you not signing the papers?” Chu Lui sat on the sofa at a side, holding onto his half-empty wine glass. His eyes were unreadable, making the room’s atmosphere even more solemn.

“I don’t want to sign it; neither will I.” Li Manni purposefully raised her chin. Opposing Chu Lui was never something that people dared to do, and neither would anyone dare to directly oppose him like this.

Yet, Li Manni did just that. He wanted a divorce, but must she follow suit? Even if they hated each other to the core, she would never agree to a divorce with him.

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