Chapter 455 - Who Is Crueler?

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Chapter 455 Who Is Crueler?

“I’ll never agree to a divorce, never!” Li Manni gripped her hands tightly and spoke with force. It didn’t sound like she was joking at all.

Chu Lui drank from the wine glass, lips thinning

“You think you’re able to do it, or do you think you’ll have better tactics than Chu Lui?” Chu Lui mocked. “You should be thankful that I’m not the cold and heartless Chu Lui 4 years ago. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be standing here now; but your grave would already be growing grass. Perhaps you would be in jail already.”

Li Manni walked near him and lowered her body, placing her hands on his waist and raising her head to look at him. “Lui, you wouldn’t do that. If I’m really dead, everyone would know about your infertility. The same goes if I were to end up in jail.

“You don’t want everyone to mock you; neither do you want your parents or the Chu family become the subject of ridicule, right?” Her voice was very soft, but underlying it was a threatening tone.

Chu Lui slightly drew back his eyes, with his lips thinning. He placed down the wine glass in his hands and stretched out to grab Li Manni’s chin. “Actually, you don’t know me at all.”

Chu Lui was not someone who would be threatened by someone. “You think I don’t dare, but you’re wrong. I will never let myself be threatened by anyone or anything. At most, I’ll just let people laugh at me. For someone who is so vain like you, your reputation would be totally destroyed. What would people think of someone who poisoned her own husband, making her husband a cuckold?

“Come tell, who will suffer more? I don’t mind going down to hell with you. Me not doing anything to you doesn’t mean that I don’t hate you. On the contrary, the desire to kill you is so strong. I just don’t want to dirty my hands.”

Chu Lui released his hand harshly, indeed feeling that his hands—the part that touched Li Manni-were dirtied.

In his life, he had met too many women; but only two made him irrational. One was Xia Ruoxin; the other, Li Manni. These two women…

He dumbly abandoned the one that he had been looking for, hurting the one that he should have treasured dearly. Even more dumbly, he married one that would cause him eternal regrets, one who was even threatening him now.

Did she know who she was threatening?

It was Chu Lui, whom everyone branded as heartless. He could simply use only one hand to make this woman’s life like hell, just like Xia Ruoxin.

As if a falling leaf, Li Manni’s body trembled. Her understanding of Chu Lui was still too simple; this man would not be that easily controlled and threatened.

“You better get to signing the divorce agreement quickly. If you don’t want your parents to join you in becoming homeless—if you don’t want to become poor and end up with nothing, you better listen to me.


“I’m already being very nice to you; don’t challenge me and my patience. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to handle the consequences. Trust me, you probably already know that I never exaggerate someone’s consequences.”

Chu Lui back-faced her, picking up the wine glass, and walked towards the wine cabinet. He never saw Li Manni who had already fallen onto the ground. When he found out everything that she did to him, the last bit of pity and responsibility disappeared altogether.

He wouldn’t do anything to her. However, if she were to continue appearing around him, then he couldn’t guarantee his actions anymore.

Li Manni stood up. In her eyes was the back view of Chu Lui, making her feel very cold and hopeless. She turned around and left. She had lost, or maybe, she could have never won against Chu Lui. He was really capable of making her become the second Xia Ruoxin. As long as he wanted to, he definitely could… even if it was at the cost of his


He would never allow himself to be threatened.

It’s over. She shook her head from time to time, unwilling to believe that she had really lost everything. Just a few days ago, she was still a blissful mother; how did all the misfortune fall onto her now?

What was she going to do?

She squatted down, and the old couple heading towards her also stopped.

“Mom…” She spoke hesitantly, but Song Wan only had a cold expression. “Don’t you dare call me your mother. I don’t know someone as evil as you. How daring of you to poison my son, making him like this. Li Manni, you’re indeed heartless. Was he not good to you? Whatever you wanted, he gave it to you. Were you still not satisfied?”

Chu Jiang quickly hugged his wife who was on the verge of a breakdown, breathing deeply. “Let’s go, ignore her.”

Song Wan nodded lightly. The current her gained Chu Jiang’s strength after being held by him. Without him, she probably would have collapsed already, for she only had one son. That was the only child between her and Chu Jiang. They would never have a grandchild again, never ever.

Li Manni lowered her head, with her tears falling onto the ground. He was good to her, giving her everything… everything but his love. If it wasn’t for him thinking about that woman, how would she have done this?

She raised her head, numbly walked forward. This must be the feeling of falling from heaven to hell, she finally understood it. Xia Ruoxin, seeing me reduced to the same state as you, you must be happy. She laughed loudly as if she was mad.

At this time, Xia Ruoxin was doing grocery shopping, placing a bunch of vegetables into her shopping cart. Every now and then, she would look at the shelves, thinking if there was anything else that she could purchase.

“Did you know? That Chu Lui is getting a divorce again.” Someone’s loud voice entered her ears. Even if she didn’t want to listen, she heard it already. Furthermore, the mention of Chu Lui made her sensitive to the words that followed after.

“Again? Didn’t he love his wife a lot? The newspapers always published their photos; weren’t they very loving?

“Then, you didn’t know, I guess. Chu Lui is actually quite pitiful, come to think of it. His previous divorce was because of his ex-wife having an extra-marital affair that was caught in the middle of the act while his current wife is pregnant with someone else’s child, again making him a cuckold. I don’t understand, such a young, handsome, and rich man. Why would anyone choose other people over him? If it was me, I would have just stayed right next to him.”

“You? You’re already forty, Auntie,” someone commented sarcastically.

“So what if I’m forty? Have you not heard of the saying that a woman blooms at 40? Maybe after getting hurt by all the young ladies, Chu Lui might change his preference to someone older than him like me. It’s not impossible. Maybe, he lacks a sense of security?”

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