Chapter 457 - That was Uncle

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Chapter 457 That was Uncle

He sighed. Forget it. He would make do with tap water.

He finished his noodles. It tasted really awful, but it was something he had cooked on his own. If he didn’t eat, he would go hungry; if he did, it would taste awful. He hadn’t really considered this subject, and the noodles were finished.

He entered the study, switched on his computer, and saw the profile photo lit up on the Penguin account. Finally, there was a movement on his stoic face. He opened the interface and punched in some letters.

A Sunny Day will Come: “Still there?”

Xia Ruoxin heard the beeping sound on her computer and knew someone was looking for her. She didn’t spend a lot of her time using Penguin, and she didn’t like to chat. However, there was only one person who would look for her to chat.

“Mommy, an uncle is looking for you.” Rainy pointed at the computer and said childishly.

“Go eat your noodles.” Xia Ruoxin pinched her little cheeks. “Also, how do you know that it is an uncle and not an auntie?”

“Of course, I know.” Rainy shook her little head and avoided her mother’s fingers. Then, she continued to scoop up her food using her spoon. Her mommy had made the noodles, and that tasted the best.

“Okay. It’s an uncle.” Xia Ruoxin wouldn’t get into an argument with her daughter about this. If the girl said it was a man, it was a man. If she said it was a woman, then it would be a woman. Regardless of the person’s sex, it was irrelevant to her.

She rubbed her daughter’s tiny head when the little girl was eating on her own obediently. Then, she went to her computer. Rainy had learned how to feed herself since a long time ago so she didn’t really allow anyone to feed her. Although food had splattered everywhere, she had done it on her own; and Xia Ruoxin was very supportive.

She turned on her computer. True enough, A Sunny Day will Come had sent her a message.

Summer’s Not Over: “Mmm. I’m still awake. My child is hungry, and she wanted noodles. I just cooked her some.”

A Sunny Day will Come: “You treat your child really well.”

Summer’s Not Over: “That’s my child. If I don’t treat her well, who will?”

Chu Lui’s fingers paused. She was right. If she didn’t treat her child well, who would? However, it was a pity that the child wasn’t her biological child. Neither would he have that luxury.

There wasn’t any response from the other party for a long time. Xia Ruoxin wasn’t bothered. She went to the dining table and saw Rainy was almost done with her bowl of noodles.

“Want some soup?” Xia Ruoxin asked her daughter as she held the bowl up.

Rainy eyes lit up into two full moons, and then she nodded her head hard.

“Mommy, I want soup.”

Xia Ruoxin scooped up the soup and fed her daughter. After Rainy was full, she started to rub her fat stomach. “Mommy, fatty stomach.” She pointed at her little tummy.

Xia Ruoxin rubbed Rainy’s tummy. Oh, she had too much.

Rainy stood up and hugged her mother’s thigh. “Mommy, I’m going to play.”

“Okay.” Xia Ruoxin held her daughter’s hand and led her into the living room to digest her food properly. However, she felt she could not be so accommodating to the little imp in the future. It was already so late, and she still wanted to eat. Nevertheless, a child shouldn’t be starved.

Rainy had been like this since she was young. Perhaps, it was because she had not had a decent meal when she was young, and that led to her not being able to feel hungry. If she was, she would cry. As a mother, it could be a dilemma.

“Mommy, I’m sleepy.” Rainy rubbed her eyes and reached out for her mother to carry her.

Xia Ruoxin scooped her daughter up with one hand. When she held Rainy in her arm, she realized the little girl had gained weight again.

“Mommy, Dolly.” Rainy bit her little thumb. She wanted Dolly which meant she must be feeling sleepy.

Xia Ruoxin found Dolly on the sofa. She put it in her daughter’s arms and tucked her in bed. She wasn’t feeling tired, and so she took her sketchbook and started working.

Just this month alone, she had earned quite a decent amount of money-over five thousand dollars. In the past, her monthly salary was about one thousand dollars. They had to eat, and she had to support Rainy who had the tendency to fall sick often. She would use up her monthly salary. Nowadays, she wasn’t feeling too anxious because she had all this money; and there was also the job of her being an assistant at the art studio. She was able to provide for her daughter in abundance.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been drawing, but when she looked up at the clock, it was almost midnight. She was preparing to sleep when she suddenly remembered that her computer was still turned on.

She moved the cursor, and the screen lit up. A blue light shone on her face. It was hurting her eyes.

She was about to shut it down when she realized that person was still online. Initially, she had been wondering if she should say hello to him; but when she remembered the time, she decided to forget about it. She shut her computer, tidied up the house, and prepared to go to bed.

Unknown to her, the man was in a daze as he stared at his computer screen at the other end. When that profile picture dimmed, so did his eyes.

He sighed softly as he leaned his back against his chair. He shut his eyes in exhaustion. He was reluctant, he really was. He was Chu Lui after all. Could he give up?

He stood up and went to the balcony. How many days was it? He allowed the late-autumn wind to blow at him. He had no idea when he started to develop this habit of letting the wind clear his thoughts. It was only during this time, he was able to calm himself down.


He wasn’t sure who he was apologizing to or how many times he had said it.

However, who was there to tell him that everything was alright?

After a whole night out in the wind, Chu Lui saw the sunrise which was rare for him. The sun was rising in the east, and the moment it rose out from the horizon, it tore day and night apart. The countless stars were disappearing from the eastern sky.

Perhaps he was tired, exhausted, and even worn out. However, there wasn’t a night where he could sleep in peace. When night came, so would his desolation; and it would paint the night dark.

Eight o’clock in the morning. He put on his clothes and was out of the door. However, when he arrived in the office, he realized it was the weekend. His company didn’t operate on weekends.

Nevertheless, he didn’t know what else he could do at this moment other than work.

He buried his head on the steering wheel. In that split-second, he had no idea what was his motivation for living. It seemed a day had arrived for Chu Lui to look forward to death, and that his life was in fact-dull.

Ha. He laughed, but there was moisture at the corners of his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, the weakness he felt earlier had been perfectly hidden.

“Mom, I’m back.” He opened the door, unsurprised to see both of his parents were present. They knew their son would be coming back today, and so Song Wan bought a lot of food to cook a feast for her son.

Chu Lui changed into his slippers and came into the living room. He helped Song Wan put the numerous plates of food on the table. They sat as a family, but right now, they had nothing to say to each other.

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