Chapter 463 - The Child was Sick Part 2

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Chapter 463 The Child was Sick Part 2

He sat in his office for the whole day, wearing his foul-smelling clothes. Once it was the end of the day, he left his office in a hurry and went to the hospital without going home to change his clothes.

Like the man had said, Rainy was a little girl. Although he couldn’t hear the conversation clearly, he could see her smile from the side profile as she raised her little face. One could tell that she was basking in joy.

The man rested his palm against the child’s forehead before he carried her and held her in his arms. Then, he reached out again to place his palm against the child’s forehead.

“Still feeling unwell?” The man pointed his finger tenderly against the child’s soft cheek.

She shook her head. “No, Daddy.”

“See. You have been a bad girl, and now, you have to take injections again.” The man reprimanded her, but the child simply broke out in a smile.

Chu Lui stood outside the door for a very long time. Suddenly, he realized what a fool he had been to rush to the hospital in such a hurry. It wasn’t his child. Why was he worrying or caring so much? Was he an idiot or just plain dumb?

There was someone else to shoulder that heartache.


There was someone else to worry about them.

He smiled with self-mockery as he turned around and left the hospital without a backward glance. However, unknown to him that in that split-second when he turned his back, the child had turned her face and was looking straight at the door.

“What is it?” The man turned the child’s face back to him with his hand. “Did you see a bunny?”

“No.” Rainy sat at the hospital bed. As soon as she was feeling better, she regained her usual cheerful self. Compared to her shy character in the past, she had become more outgoing now.

“Come, take your Dolly.” Gao Yi placed the doll into her arms. “Go to sleep obediently, and I will buy you a slice of cake. When you wake up, you can have the cake.”

For a child her age, it was an irresistible offer. The cake smelled and tasted


Rainy lay down obediently as Gao Yi tucked the blanket under her chin. He told her a story and coaxed her to sleep. Rainy fell asleep in a matter of minutes. Gao Yi adjusted the speed for the IV drip and called for the nurse’s help. With him as a doctor of this hospital, the nurses would naturally take better care of Rainy. All the staff in the hospital were well acquainted with Rainy. They would pop in to check on her constantly in their free time and bring gifts for her. Because of their kind attention, Gao Yi was relieved to leave the child alone in the hospital.

When she fell asleep, he went out and was going to buy the cake he had promised her.

When he returned, Xia Ruoxin was already here. She had brought her work along with her as she sat by the bed.

“Why have you come so early?” Gao Yi entered and placed the cake on the table. “I told you to take your time. I’m here to watch Rainy.”

“I’m fine.” Xia Ruoxin set her sketchbook aside. “There wasn’t much to be done at the studio today. Master Su Li allowed me to leave earlier. When the little imp is sick, she could be a handful. I’m worried she would get in the way of your work.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Gao Yi made a stoic expression. “Rainy is my daughter, too. If she doesn’t disturb me, who else is she going to disturb?”

The paintbrush in Xia Ruoxin’s hand paused when he said Rainy was his daughter. However, she continued with her drawing a while later as though nothing was wrong.

Gao Yi sat down. He pulled Rainy’s hand from under her blanket. It was such a tiny hand, and there were a few additional needle pricks at the back of her hand. How could such a small child be dogged by such a strain of bad luck? She had not had one peaceful day since she was young.

“It’s better for us to be more cautious in the future and not let her go to school for the time being. Her immune system is too weak.” Gao Yi held the small hand as he told Xia Ruoxin. Going to school was a good thing, but that would depend on the situation.

“I know.” When Xia Ruoxin saw the fragile state her daughter had been, she naturally blamed herself. “The doctor said it was a viral infection that had caused Rainy to be sick. That means she was infected by a child at the kindergarten.” If she hadn’t let Rainy go to school the day before, Rainy might still be well and healthy, without having to hospitalize or take injections.

The child was quite obedient. When it was time for injection, some children would cry even before they were injected. However, Rainy simply stuck out her arm with a trusting face and allow the doctor who would be having a hard time to find her vein.

Perhaps, she was used to the pain from all the injections she had taken in the


Actually, Rainy wasn’t a bold girl. She was shy and timid by nature. The only reason why she was brave now was because of her near-death experience those months back.

“How are you?” Xia Ruoxin let out a breath and finally asked Gao Yi. He had left without a word. Neither had he notified her when he was coming back. Did he manage to settle his business? Was it successful? She had wanted to ask, but on second thought, she held her tongue.

“I’m fine. Things back home were mostly resolved. You don’t know… when I came home, there wasn’t a single person there. Then, I found out that Rainy was hospitalized. Do you know how terrified I was?” Gao Yi sat down beside her. He leaned close and rested his chin on her shoulder. In an instant, Xia Ruoxin’s body went rigid, but she relaxed subsequently.

In this whole wide world, Xia Ruoxin would only let her guard down when she was around Gao Yi. However, this also contributed to her confusion and hesitation.

In reality, this episode had terrified Gao Yi as well as Xia Ruoxin.

Rainy was originally having a fever when she was diagnosed with that illness. Fortunately, this time was a false alarm. She had caught a minor cold. However, Xia Ruoxin had decided that in the future, she would keep her child at home under lock and key.

“Daddy…” Rainy rubbed her eyes and began searching for Gao Yi as soon as she opened her eyes.

She had lived without a father’s love for the past three years, and so she was especially fond of this Daddy and got very close to him.

“Yes, Daddy’s here.” Gao Yi carried Rainy and put his palm against her forehead. Her temperature was normal – not hot. In his professional judgment, she would be discharged in a few days.

“Daddy, where is my cake?”

Rainy rubbed her eyes as she asked for her cake. Her memory was excellent, and she remembered Gao Yi had said he would buy her a cake.

“Right here.” Gao Yi took the cake from the table and placed it right in front of her.

“Thank you, Daddy.” Rainy was in cloud nine. She hugged the cake box and gave Gao Yi a sloppy kiss on his cheek. Then, she sat in his arms and ate her cake obediently. She ate one mouthful after another in content, and her big round eyes squinted as she smiled happily. Her expression right now had truly resembled that person. Gao Yi’s eyes darkened. He tidied Rainy’s short hair with a distracted look on his face.

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