Chapter 5 - He truly hated her to the core

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Chapter 5: He truly hated her to the core

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With the wedding veil on, she was able to hide her imperfect face. She was fortunate enough that she had the veil to conceal everything — her embarrassment, her sorrow, and her love.

“Let’s go, bride-to-be.” Jiang Yao opened the door. A joyous wedding march started to play outside the hall. It might not be a wedding that everyone was looking forward to, but it’s still a wedding, nonetheless.

Xia Ruoxin went to the hall, dressed in the bridal gown that she personally chose. She made and arranged everything herself. There were no wedding photo shoots or trying of bridal gowns and groom’s suits. Even in the midst of preparation, she did not see him.

Chu Jiang glanced at his wristwatch while his wife, Song Wan, kept looking outside with anxiety slowly sinking in her system.

“Do you know what our son is up to? He wanted to marry this girl. Look at the time, he is nowhere to be found. Does he still want to proceed with the wedding? How can one marry a bride without the groom?”

They couldn’t possibly let the daughter of the Xia family go through the wedding alone, could they? What kind of wedding would that be? Both families are influential. If so happens, it would be a scandal made for the next day’s headlines.

“Don’t worry. Lui knows what he is doing.” This was the only way that Chu Jiang knew how to comfort his wife. However, he found himself looking at the bride who was in her white bridal gown.

He wished he was wrong.

Xia Ruoxin bit her lips out of sheer nervousness. Everyone was eyeing her with so much irony and contempt. She was standing alone at the altar without her groom. She had nothing.

Seconds turned into minutes. She merely gave a helpless smile as she softly breathed out. She believed in her heart that he would show up, even if it was not for love but for hatred.

He loathed her.

While the guests showed their impatience, a man in a black suit walked in with one hand in his pocket. The classically styled suit wrapped his tall and well-built frame perfectly. His strides were strong and steady. His flawless features resembled a well-carved sculpture. He had a somewhat westernized look with a sharp nose bridge and a pair of long and narrow eyes. Regardless of that, his slightly thinned lips were pursed in a way that made him seem heartless.

This man was not used to laughter.

His sharp gaze rested upon his bride-to-be, Xia Ruoxin, as his lips curled into a blood-thirsty sneer.

On the other hand, Chu Jiang breathed a sigh of relief. He gripped his wife’s hand. When he and his wife shared a quick glance, they saw the look of worry in each other’s eyes. Chu Lui may have shown up, but they were still worried. After all, their son’s temperament was too unpredictable.

Chu Lui strode over with his long legs. It only took him a few steps to reach Xia Ruoxin. He lowered his head and looked at the woman, who was only as tall as his shoulders, before pulling her hand.

Xia Ruoxin’s fingers suddenly began to shake as she felt a pang of pain wrap around her wrist. Despite the pain, her body went cold when the man shot her a profound look.

He really loathed her.

“Come, my bride.” His voice lacked the tenderness of a man who was about to get married.

He mostly pulled Xia Ruoxin along. When she took a glimpse of their hands, her fingers had already turned white with the grip he had on her.

She bit her lips tightly, so she wouldn’t utter any sound of pain.

She walked on the red carpet with her high heels when all of a sudden she twisted one of her feet. She lost her balance and fell face down. Chu Lui decided to release her hand at the same time and allowed her to fall forward.

In that instance, she fell down with a loud bang. The white bridal gown flew around, exposing her long legs and vaguely revealing her white silk underwear. The paparazzi went into a frenzy as they tried to take her photo. Rouxin frantically pulled on her gown as she felt a wave of sheer humiliation and misery wash over her.

Chu Lui did nothing. He looked at her in her embarrassed state with the corner of his lips curled into a smirk.

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