Chapter 501 - Where Did the Child Come From

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Chapter 501 Where Did the Child Come From

However, judging from the situation now. It was practically already confirmed.

“Daddy…” Just when Li Manni was at a loss for words and refusing to leave-still hoping for something, a tender voice calling for ‘daddy’ traveled from inside the house. Following this, the door opened; and a young girl wearing a red coat stepped out from inside the house.

The little girl possessively gripped Chu Lui’s large hands. She lifted her small face, not really liking the aunt in front of her.

“Why did you come out?” Chu Lui rubbed Chu Xiang’s small head. It was cold outside. If this child caught a cold, his mother was going to kick up a big fuss.

“I came out to look for Daddy.” Chu Xiang tightened her grip on Chu Lui’s large hands. Although she was very small, her two hands desperately latched onto Chu Lui’s hand. It was as if she was afraid that somebody would steal her daddy away.

“She just called you ‘Daddy’?” Li Manni’s eyes widened, and her voice became higher. Was this child Xia Ruoxin’s? No, she wasn’t. They didn’t look alike at all.

She could confirm that this wasn’t Xia Ruoxin’s child. If so, then where did this child come from?

“Whether she calls me ‘Daddy’ or not seems to have no business with you.” Chu Lui picked up the child standing beside his leg, his other hand already pulling open the door. He walked through the door and closed it with a ‘bang’, locking Li Manni outside as he did.

“Open the door. I said open the door!” Li Manni violently banged against the door. However, even if her hands had started to rot from banging against the door, nobody was going to open that door for her. She forcefully kicked the door. In the end, the door didn’t get kicked open. However, her leg stung from kicking it.

She gritted her teeth placing both hands on her stomach. She really wanted to abort the illegitimate child in her stomach. However, the doctor said that if she aborted it, it was highly possible that she wouldn’t be able to have another child for her entire life.

That was why the child was still in her stomach, forcing her to endure all the humiliation from the man who had left her pregnant.

She went back home to her parent’s endless complaints and fighting as per usual. There were darker days ahead of her. She hadn’t looked into a mirror for a very long time. The mirror in the cabinet reflected the figure of a skinny woman: her cheeks were sunken, and her eyes that once radiated gentleness had become dull and lifeless. Several fine lines were under the corners of her eyes, and her lips were chapped. Her outfit was dirty and old-fashioned. She was once a wealthy lady, and yet now she had practically become a beggar.

“No, this isn’t me. This isn’t me…” She pulled her face, refusing to believe that she had become so ugly. This ugly woman, how could it be her? How could it be her?

She did not dare to look at mirrors anymore, even more afraid to face her reflection in the mirror.

Sure enough-without Chu Lui, she was nothing. Without Chu Lui, she couldn’t even carry on with her daily life. She was not Xia Ruoxin; she didn’t have such a bad life. However, it seemed as if her days now were not even comparable to Xia Ruoxin’s.

Women who dated Chu Lui never end up well. “Hehe.” She started laughing. Her laughter causing the corners of her mouth to sting unbearably.

“Hello, Fen Fen, I’m Manni. I would like to ask you about…” Before she had finished speaking, the other line went dead. A ‘du… du…’ sound traveled from the phone as the line died as if reminding her how much of a failure she was. It turned out that the friend she once considered close to her wasn’t even willing to talk to her now that there was nothing she could benefit from Li Manni.

She refused to give up and dialed another number.

“Is this Tian Yu? Yes. Me? Who am I? I’m Manni. How have you been?” The two of them started pretending to be close to each other, and the things they talked about were practically rubbish. Just as she tried to curry favor with Tian Yu, the other person-sly as a fox-responded to her without telling a single bit of useful information.

In the end, the two of them started to feel a little awkward as their conversation dragged on. They had nothing more to say to each other; therefore, Li Manni could only hang up the phone. She called another person that she knew. However, that person didn’t even bother picking up before ending the call. She took a deep breath and told herself to put up with it. She had to put up with it. It was only after several phone calls that she finally managed to get some information she wanted.

For example, where did that child come from?

Scoff. Thinking of this made her want to laugh because it was just too laughable. He didn’t want his own child, and yet he went to adopt another child. What she really wanted to know now was how remorseful the Chu family was going to be in the future.

However, speaking of the word ‘remorse’, it seemed like the person who was supposed to have the most remorse was nobody else but her.

She placed her hand on her own stomach, impulsively really wanting to just smash that lowlife inside her out of her body. However, just as she raised her hand, a man appeared from nowhere and grabbed her hand.

The moment she saw the man’s face, blood quickly retracted from her already pale face.

A devilish smile appeared on the man’s face, deeply stabbing at Li Manni’s weak heart. ‘Thump, thump, thump.’ Her heart started beating wildly, and her hands and legs went numb.

At that moment, she felt a sense of fear, the kind of fear people felt on the verge of death.

“Mommy, will Rainy’s hair grow long?” Rainy pointed to her own reflection in the mirror. Her hair was still short and fuzzy.

“It’ll grow.” Xia Ruoxin carefully caressed her daughter’s hair. A large and small head gently leaned against each other. “You see, Mommy’s hair is short, too. It’ll grow out in no time.”

Rainy reached out her little fist, valiantly waving it in the air.

“Mommy, keep it up! Let’s grow long hair and become pretty.”

“Yes. Let’s become pretty.”

Xia Ruoxin carried her daughter down from the chair and placed a hat on her.

“Mommy, am I not going to school?” Rainy hadn’t been to school for a very long time. She tip-toed on her tiny feet, lifting her face to ask her mother. Although she could play with dolls every day because she didn’t go to school, she also couldn’t learn anything because she didn’t go to school. This meant that she wasn’t going to be able to buy dolls for her mother in the future.

“Not these days.” Xia Ruoxin picked her daughter up and prepared to bring her to Gao Yi’s place. School, that place… it was actually optional; but that Chu family’s adoptive child made her feel uneasy. She was afraid that she would bully Rainy together with the Chu family. She had never known that children could actually have enemies.

It had been a long time since she brought her daughter to the studio. Bringing her there after such a long time, everybody started playing with her and pinching her cheeks. Nobody had the mood to listen properly to the lesson. It was only when Su Li gave them a glare that all of them started to settle down.

Rainy also picked up her paintbrush and started painting on her paper.

She drew extremely seriously, her entire face exuding a focused expression. Her lips pressed together as well. Her totally absorbed look made people not know whether to cry or laugh.

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