Chapter 504 - Not Going to School Anymore

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Chapter 504 Not Going to School Anymore

Chu Lui reminded Song Wan of what she had done before. What was true would remain true. It would never become untrue. Similarly, what was fake would also never become true.

Sure enough-after Chu Lui brought up that matter, Song Wan looked slightly embarrassed.

“Very well.” Chu Lui picked up the cup on the table and gently swayed it. The tea was already cold, and there was a slight bitterness to it when he took a sip. Sometimes, Chu Lui would wonder what he would have done if Chu Xiang was his real daughter. Regardless of what kind of answer he arrived at, he knew that it was all just his imagination.

“Mom, that child took part in a large-scale competition and managed to receive a decent award. The nursery already gave her a lot of praise. I could get the nursery to present Chu Xiang with the first place position, but it would be impossible for me to make her first place in every competition. Mom, if I was Chu Xiang and if I was like that—unscrupulously wrestling other people from their rightful ranking in the competition, I’m sure Dad would beat me to death.”

Song Wan’s face was slightly hot. She turned her face away and refused to answer his question.

There was nothing wrong with loving a child, but there should always be a limit to their love. Chu Jiang, who was listening in on the conversation, could not help but interrupt to get in a word. He was originally extremely against the idea of making Chu Xiang first in the competition and never approved of Song Wan’s excessive adoration for Chu Xiang. That was not giving a child love; it was ruining the child instead.

Song Wan knew deep down that what she did was wrong, but in front of her husband and son-no matter what, she could not bring herself to admit it. She carried Chu Xiang back into her room, not wanting to hear what anyone had to say anymore.

“Your mother…”—Chu Jiang pointed his fingers to his head— “has bull horns up here.”

Chu Lui placed the cup to his lips and took another sip of the bitter tea. He knew that. He just hoped that his mother could think a little more. The Chu family did need a princess, but it didn’t need a stupid princess. Of course, being a little slow-witted was fine but not stupid. Stupidity and being slow-witted were two totally different concepts.

Song Wan personally escorted Chu Xiang, who was unwilling to go to school, into the kindergarten. Her heart was filled with repressed anger.

The purpose of her bringing her granddaughter to school this time was for her to see how the other children were bullying her granddaughter. Teacher Xiao Meng had no choice but to bite the bullet and continue her lessons. She played with the children and made up new games with them. However, with Song Wan amidst the children, everything somehow felt inevitably awkward.

“Teacher, Rainy Gao is outside.” Xiao Pangzi vigorously pointed outside the classroom.

Teacher Xiao Meng turned her head and, indeed, a small head was peeking in from outside of the classroom. It was her favorite child who had just arrived.

“Yes, Rainy Gao, why are you so late today? We are already having lessons and you…”

“Let her continue standing outside.”

Song Wan opened her eyes and finished Teacher Xiao Meng’s sentence for her. What she heard very clearly was the two words ‘Rainy Gao’.

Teacher Xiao Meng really wanted to rebuke her. It was so cold outside. Making a young child stay outside in the cold… was Song Wan not afraid that the child would get sick? If this was not bullying, what was it? Teacher Xiao Meng’s just nature would not settle for this. However, the director’s words knocked her righteousness firmly onto the cement floor and killed it.

The director said, “Xiao Meng, Mrs. Song has donated a generous amount of money to our school. Just take the recent program that we organized as an example. It was all sponsored by Mrs. Song. That is why, if you were to offend anybody, it can never be Mrs. Song. If she says that the blue sky is pink, then let the sky be pink.

“Xiao Meng, this is reality. Our school has to go through a grading system. We need management funds, we need to pay your wages, and we need to carry out basic construction. For all that, we need a certain amount of investments.

“Xiao Meng, you have to remember, you should just agree with all of Mrs. Song’s decisions. Don’t ever say no to her.

“Xiao Meng, people are just like that. There are some people you cannot afford to offend or infuriate. You’re still young. When you’re older, you will understand what it means to be sinister, you will understand what is called reality, and you will understand how laughable your sense of justice is.”

Teacher Xiao Meng felt rotten for accepting this. It was as if something was pressing against her chest.

She wanted Rainy to come inside, but in the end, she steeled herself just like how the principal said she should. There were some people she still could not afford to offend or upset.

Rainy stood outside, listening to the sounds of the teacher and children playing together. She sniffled sadly before sitting down on the floor. She hugged her legs to her body as the cold wind blew ruthlessly at her face, causing her to shudder in the cold. Despite this, she never left her place. At least not until she heard the sound of footsteps coming from the doorway. She quickly dodged aside, completely hiding herself away from others.

Song Wan held Chu Xiang’s hand and swaggered out of the classroom. After just a few steps, she stopped walking. She tidied her granddaughter’s clothes and then held her granddaughter’s hand again, smiling exceptionally gently at her.

Rainy peeped her head out before shrinking back into her corner. Her pair of bright, sparkling eyes stared disapprovingly at Song Wan and Chu Xiang as she pressed her lips tightly together.

Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes and fell from her eyes. Pit-pat.

“Rainy will not cry. Mommy said that Rainy is the nicest, bravest child.” She wiped her tears off with her sleeve. But somehow, the more she thought about it, the more mistreated she felt. Alone in a deserted corner, she covered her eyes and sobbed.

Until a warm hand touched her head.

She turned around. Upon seeing her mother who loved her the most, she reached out her small hands to embrace her mother’s neck.


Xia Ruoxin picked her daughter up and gently caressed her soft hair, “Did somebody bully our Rainy?” As for Teacher Xiao Meng’s apology, Xia Ruoxin simply smiled back in return. She did not harbor any form of anger or blame towards her.

Since young, Xia Ruoxin lived in a foster home. She understood that survival was tough. It was not the teacher’s fault, and she was not going to blame anybody for what happened.

“Let’s go, baby; we’re going home.”

“Okay.” Rainy tugged at her mother’s shirt, still feeling very wronged.

“Mommy, I want to eat fish.”


“Mommy, I want to eat meat.”


“Mommy, I don’t want to go to school anymore.”


Rainy rubbed her eyes. Suddenly, her large eyes fluttered, “Mommy, I really don’t have to go to school anymore?”

“That’s right, you don’t.” Xia Ruoxin rested her chin on her daughter’s head.

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