Chapter 505 - The Child Dropped Out of School

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Chapter 505 The Child Dropped Out of School

The second day, Song Wan took lessons with her granddaughter again. The director had told her many times that doing so would affect the other children, but Song Wan had already steeled her resolve. She was going to sit next to her granddaughter, and nothing was going to stop her.

“Teacher, is Rainy Gao not in school today?” Xiao Pangzi was upset the entire morning because he had not seen his favorite younger sister Rainy Gao for two days.

“Our friend Rainy Gao is facing some trouble at home, and that is why she will not be attending school for now.” Teacher Xiao Meng announced with a smile on her face. In reality, however, she could not help but sigh to herself. Children are just children; they’re very simple-minded. It would be better if she did not tell them that Rainy Gao would not be attending this school ever again.

Once Chu Xiang heard that Rainy Gao would not be attending school, her lips unintentionally curled upwards. She saw this as her victory. From then on, she would not have to look at that face prettier than hers anymore.

It was just that for unknown reasons—at that moment, Song Wan felt a bit uneasy. A sense of discomfort washed over her entire body. It was as if those numerous pairs of innocent eyes were filled with condemn for her.

By the time she got home, Chu Jiang was still a little taken aback.

“What happened, you’re back early today. I thought you wanted to accompany your granddaughter?”

“She’s your granddaughter, too.” Song Wan weakly corrected Chu Jiang. What did he mean ‘your granddaughter’? Right now, Xiang Xiang was a child of the Chu family. Did this pair of father and son perhaps have some opinions about the child that she chose?

“I didn’t say she wasn’t.”

Chu Jiang was not going to argue for the sake of arguing. If she said yes, then yes; if she said no, then no.

“Hey!” Song Wan walked towards Chu Jiang and took a seat in front of him. “I feel like I did something wrong.”

“Okay, tell me about it. I’ll listen.” Chu Jiang would always lend a listening ear to Song Wan. He was her vent bucket. Whenever anything undesirable happened, she could just pour everything out to him.

Song Wan found it difficult to start talking. In the end, she still told Chu Jiang about everything that happened the previous day. After this, she stood up, rubbing her hand from time to time. “I didn’t do it on purpose, but somehow, those words just flew out of my mouth. By the time I realized what I had said, it was already too late. I couldn’t take it back.

“I really didn’t know that it was so cold outside the classroom. It definitely wasn’t that cold when I was walking in. Yet, the kid hasn’t been going to school. She couldn’t have fallen ill, right?”

Chu Jiang sighed. “You”—he shook his head

-“are not suited to be the bad guy. So why do you always have to take on the role of a villain? Both you and your son.”

Once again, Song Wan’s face flushed. This was a slap in the face, in her face.

The following day-when she sent her granddaughter to school, Song wan secretly asked if Rainy Gao was in school.

“She’s not in school?” Chu Xiang looked up and pulled Song Wan’s sleeve. “Why are you asking about her? She is a bad kid.”

“It’s nothing. It was just a random question.” Song Wan patted her granddaughter’s cheek. “Go on in. Granny will be here to pick you up in the afternoon.”

“Okay.” Chu Xiang walked into the nursery with a bounce in every step, and Song Wan’s smile crumbled. She headed to the director’s office, specifically to inquire about Rainy Gao.

The director found it weird. Why was the Chu family always asking about Rainy Gao?

“Mrs. Song, I’m afraid I cannot help you.” The director could only express his regret for being unable to help her with this issue. “That child has dropped out of school.”

“Dropped out?” Song Wan’s sense of guilt instantaneously thickened.

“Why did she drop out? Wasn’t she sick?” She carefully inquired, afraid to hear that the child fell sick because of what happened that day. She was not ready to bear that responsibility.

“She wasn’t.” The director could not understand Song Wan’s internal struggle. He spoke gradually, making Song Wan unbearably anxious, “That child could be migrating soon. There were already plans for her to leave school. Her parents came to inform us about it a few days ago.”

“Why, is there any reason Mrs. Song is looking for her?” The director asked, finding it strange. “I could give you the child’s address and her parent’s contact number.”

“That’s alright. I was just asking.” Song Wan laughed forcefully. After she left the office, she felt relieved. Thankfully, the girl did not drop out because of her. As for what had happened, Song Wan did not take it to heart. Although she still felt slightly apologetic-in due time, that would also be quickly forgotten.

Chu Xiang had clearly become the precious first daughter of the Chu family. Although she was adopted, she still managed to gain Song Wan’s favor; and Chu Lui accepted her, too. Therefore, as long as she did not have any big issues—for her entire life, she would be recognized as the eldest daughter of the Chu family and Chu Lui’s daughter.

Somewhere far away, Gao Yi held Rainy’s hand and headed towards the market. Rainy blinked her eyes from time to time. Her short hair smoothly stuck onto her ears, seemingly soft as cotton.

“Daddy, will Mommy be happy to see Rainy?”

“What do you think?” Gao Yi returned the question. He walked extremely slowly, matching the pace of her little legs.

“Mommy will definitely be happy because Mommy loves Rainy the most.” Rainy nodded her head slightly vigorously. Furthermore, Rainy was very well-behaved. She finished all the homework that Mommy asked her to finish before asking Daddy to bring her out.

She hugged her doll tightly and rubbed her face against it. Then, she looked down at the doll in her arms. “Daddy, my doll got dirty.” She passed her doll over to Gao Yi for him to check.

Gao Yi gently ruffled her soft hair. The doll was not dirty; it was just old. No matter how good something was-after being used for a long time, it would start to seem old. “Daddy will buy you a new one, okay?”

Rainy shook her head and squeezed her doll. This doll was her most precious possession; there was no way she would want a new doll. Rainy only needed one doll. Plus, her doll was just dirty. If she threw away her doll, her doll would be very sad.

Gao Yi simply raised his eyebrows; this child sure was a devoted one.

The sun was setting in the distance, and soon enough, it was night.

Chu Lui stopped the car, took out a cigarette, and lit it. His black eyes narrowed as he blew out clouds of smoke, almost seeming like he was squinting.

He habitually puffed out smoke while narrowing his eyes. When suddenly, a small figure caught his eye. It was a really small child with a doll in her arms. His eyes widened, and immediately after, he opened the car door.

In a distance, a child turned around, seemingly searching for something.

That child had a small face and only a few strands of hair grew on her head. Her round and large eyes were distinctively black, almost like black gemstones. There was a mix of blue within the black that could only be seen if one looked carefully at her eyes. This was an extremely beautiful child, and her parents probably had good genes too. Otherwise, there was no way they could give birth to such a beautiful child.

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