Chapter 506 - She is My Daughter

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Chapter 506 She is My Daughter

What surprised Chu Lui were not the child’s eyes, but the fact that she looked exactly like that child. The child that he failed to save, the little girl that fell ill. She was his biggest and most heart-wrenching regret that resurfaced in his dreams, every time he fell asleep.

“Ra…” Just as he was about to speak, a voice from the other side submerged his own.


The child turned around and ran towards the other man, immediately embracing his legs.

“Are you tired, do you want Daddy to carry you?” Gao Yi stopped to pat Rainy’s tender cheeks. They were all red from walking in the cold weather. Her cheeks looked like red apples, absolutely endearing. It made people want to bite into them. Although Rainy was young and her facial features had yet to develop, she already started to take after her mother. In the future, she was definitely going to be a stunning lady.

“I’m not tired.” Her child-like voice sounded exceptionally pleasant to hear. Gao Yi could not help but laugh. There was no way she wasn’t tired. One step of his could easily amount to her ten steps.

“Come, let Daddy carry you.” Gao Yi reached out his arms.

Rainy’s eyelashes fluttered as she blinked, and she reached her hands out to Gao Yi. Actually, her legs were very tired. However, she was all grown up. She couldn’t let adults carry her anymore. Otherwise, the other kids would laugh at her.

Gao Yi embraced Rainy’s in his arms, but his heart could not stop worrying. Even though she grew a little chubbier than before, her body still felt unbelievably light.

“This was because Daddy wanted to carry Rainy, not because Rainy wanted Daddy to carry her.” Rainy hugged Gao Yi’s neck and bit her fingers as she spoke.

“Okay, it was Daddy who insisted on carrying Rainy. It’s okay if it’s like that right, you cheeky girl.” Gao Yi pinched the cheeks of the mischievous child in front of him. He turned around, only to see a man standing in front of him.

Chu Lui. Why was he here?

Gao Yi instinctively hugged Rainy a little closer.

Rainy stared blankly at Chu Lui, her smile fading from her face. She leaned against Gao Yi’s shoulder and instantly went quiet.

“Rainy…” Chu Lui called Rainy’s name. His black eyes staring straight at the face leaning against Gao Yi’s shoulder. He was excited, but he turned towards Gao Yi with a complex look on his face. Why was Rainy with this man, and why was she calling him daddy?

Rainy, Rainy Gao. Rainy was Rainy Gao, Gao Yi’s daughter.

She was Gao Yi’s daughter. Strange ideas flashed through his brain; however-at that moment, he was unable to grasp the most important thread.

There was no time for him to ponder over the situation. Rainy blinked her eyes. She saw a lady walking out from the market and immediately recognized who she was.

“Mommy…” the child’s soft voice stunned Chu Lui for a moment. Of course, there was also Xia Ruoxin who was approaching from a distance, the mommy that Rainy mentioned.

Gao Yi put down the child in his arms, and Rainy immediately sprinted towards Xia Ruoxin, clutching her legs. “Mommy, Rainy wants a hug.” She reached out with two small hands, sticking especially close to her mother as she was scared.

Xia Ruoxin bent down to pick up her daughter before walking towards Gao Yi. She placed her hands on her daughter’s head, pressing her daughter’s face close to her chest. Gao Yi placed his arms around Xia Ruoxin’s shoulder and shook his head at her. Don’t be afraid; nothing was going to happen. He knew what she was afraid of.

She was afraid that Chu Lui would find out the child’s true identity and snatch her away. Nobody would have thought that things would be so coincidental. Just as they were about to leave the country, Rainy ended up meeting Chu Lui… not as Rainy, but as Rainy Gao.

Chu Lui clenched his hands tightly into a fist, his black eyes clouding with agony. What a happy family. A cute daughter, a gentle wife, and a tall husband. This was supposed to be his family.

Suddenly, his eyes widened a little. He looked at Rainy’s face as she turned around. That small face upon careful inspection looked a lot like Xia Ruoxin, jolting a certain memory in his head.

He remembered that when he was young, he met a little girl who looked exactly like her. The sense of familiarity that he felt then was actually because Rainy looked a lot like the little girl he met when he was young. Not because she looked like Xia Yixuan or Xia Ruoxin. That little girl’s bone marrow matched with his, and he remembered Xia Ruoxin’s cries that day.

He narrowed his eyes as several things flashed across his mind.

“Chu Lui, she is your daughter. Rainy is your daughter…”

He placed his hands on his head. That sentence, that sentence that he overlooked. He recalled it all.

His daughter would be three-years-old by then.

“Xia Ruoxin.” He said, pointing to the child in her arms. “That child, she’s my daughter; am I right? She is my daughter; there’s no way I’m wrong. There’s no way I’m wrong. She’s mine. She’s mine.”

Rainy buried her face into Xia Ruoxin’s chest, tightly hugging onto her neck.

“Xia Ruoxin, you tell me, is she?” Chu Lui had to muster all the strength in his body just to keep his surging heart calm. He fixed his gaze firmly on the child in Xia Ruoxin’s embrace. He never thought that he would have a three-year-old daughter. How could he forget? The doctor had mentioned before that Xia Ruoxin was not infertile. Although it was difficult for her to get pregnant, it did not mean that she could not have kids.

He felt as if his heart was about to beat out of his chest. Just when he was in despair, she gave him salvation. He had a daughter; he had such a cute daughter.

Xia Ruoxin lifted her head and, without a word, hugged her child a little tighter. Tight enough for her to never let go.

“She isn’t.” She could hear her own voice abnormally well. If she said that Rainy wasn’t his daughter, then Rainy wasn’t his daughter.

Chu Lui lurched forward, causing Xia Ruoxin’s heart to skip a beat. It seemed like he was about to snatch her daughter away at any moment.

“Mr. Chu, you joke.” Gao Yi took a step forward and used his body to shield Xia Ruoxin and Rainy. “Rainy is my daughter; how could she be your daughter? If you want a child, then you should look for your wife. That child in her stomach will be yours.”

“She is my daughter. Our bone marrows match.” Chu Lui stared straight at Gao Yi. Sparks seemed to fly between the two males before causing an explosion, leaving people beyond recognition and only disembodied corpses remained.

“Really?” Gao Yi sneered. “Then, how do you explain why she’s still alive?”

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