Chapter 507 - He Had a Daughter

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Chapter 507 He Had a Daughter

Chu Lui pressed his lips together. He could not refute Gao Yi’s words. If she really was his daughter, then what had he done to her? He clearly could have saved her then, but he gave up saving her life for Li Manni.

“I will find out the truth.” He threateningly narrowed his eyes. He was going to find out the truth: whether this child really was his daughter or not. If she really was, then he had to take her back. Of course, there was still…

He stood in his place, not moving. Trying to find out if Rainy was Chu Lui’s—his daughter —was not so simple. Just because they admitted that she was his daughter, it did not mean that she was actually his daughter. Similarly, just because they did not admit that she was his daughter, it did not mean that she really wasn’t his daughter.

“Daddy,” Rainy suddenly called out. Her soft voice brought Chu Lui to an abrupt stop. He suddenly turned around to look at the girl in Gao Yi’s arms.

“Daddy, Rainy is hungry.” She tightened her grip on her doll, and her large eyes looked at Gao Yi. The daddy she was referring to was Gao Yi—not Chu Lui.

“Didn’t you just eat? How come you’re hungry again? You’re really becoming a little pig.” Gao Yi ruffled Rainy’s silky hair and caught a glimpse of Chu Lui’s face that was twisted in pain. Gao Yi simply stared at the little fellow in his arms who continued playing with her doll. It seemed like Rainy’s word-Daddy-served as a heavy blow to Chu Lui.

If she wasn’t only three-years-old, he would think that she was doing it on purpose.

“Ruoxin, let’s go home.” He carried Rainy in one hand and held Xia Ruoxin’s hand in the other. “If we don’t start heading back, our daughter will start crying from hunger.” He said ‘our’. Although he did not say it very loudly, it was loud enough for that man standing near them to hear.

Gao Yi, on the other hand, did that on purpose. Rainy called ‘him’ daddy, not anybody else. Right now, she was not just Xia Ruoxin’s daughter but also Gao Yi’s. How could he let somebody else steal his daughter?

Xia Ruoxin lightly nodded her head, but Gao Yi could feel the layer of perspiration in the palm of her hand. She was nervous and afraid. He knew; he understood her. Xia Ruoxin gripped Gao Yi’s hand tightly. Nobody would have thought that they would meet Chu Lui under such circumstances.

Was Rainy his daughter? No, she wasn’t; she was Xia Ruoxin’s daughter. In that instant where he chose not to save Rainy, he had given up his right to be her father. She was not going to let him steal her daughter.

Right then, Chu Lui lowered his head and looked at his hands. His fingers were practically trembling. An overwhelming wave of emotions threatened to drive him crazy, practically washing away all rationality he had. That child was his—that’s right, his.

There was no doubt about it.

This feeling-yes, it was this feeling. It felt different from what Chu Xiang made him feel. It was that rush as if all the blood in his body was flowing backward, surging through his veins. It was that kind of blood connection, that natural closeness, that kind of affection only family could have. Yes, yes, he was not wrong. There was no way he was wrong.

“Wait a minute,” he suddenly yelled out to the family.

Gao Yi stopped in his tracks, and Xia Ruoxin did the same. However, she did not turn around, and nobody looked at the man standing behind them.

“Ruoxin, that’s my child, right?” His voice trembled. Traces of his formerly indifferent self were nowhere to be found.

Xia Ruoxin lowered her eyes. The thing she was most worried about had happened. It was also the thing that she had feared the most. What to do, what to do? What exactly was she supposed to do? Just then, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Xia Ruoxin lifted her head and smiled at him. The only thing that gave her away was her quivering lips that revealed the nervousness and worry that she felt inside.

“Mr. Chu, please stop joking.” Gao Yi turned around and gently patted Rainy’s head. “I just told you, this is my daughter. Her name is Rainy Gao, and her nickname is Rainy.”

Chu Lui’s black eyes immediately darkened. He turned around and exhaled to calm himself down. However, his hands were balled tightly into a fist as if he was trying his best to endure something

“Let’s go.” Gao Yi carried Rainy in one hand and gripped Xia Ruoxin’s hand tightly in the other.

Just like that, the two of them walked away, never looking back.

Whether that child was his or not, he was not going to ask again. He only believed in established facts.

He had a daughter, he had a daughter… he actually had a daughter…

This unexpected surprise ignited a spark of unexplainable excitement and gratitude in his quiet, dull eyes. He was inexplicably touched, and behind all that was the departure of the family of three.

What a happy family. Compared to them, he was so pathetic. That was his daughter. Even though they refused to admit it, he knew that that was definitely his child.

Chu Lui only started walking towards his car when he lost sight of the three silhouettes. From his rigid steps, it was not hard to tell that at that moment, Chu Lui’s mind and body were both extremely tense. This wave of highs and lows was not something people could calmly accept, even so for him.

The car stopped again, and he got off. He looked up at the hospital which he hadn’t visited in a long time and walked in, taking big steps. Nobody could ever understand the complexity of his heart at that moment.

He would never have thought that the girl he didn’t save was his biological daughter. His only bloodline, his only child.

“You said you were looking for Rainy’s medical records. Mr. Chu, is that right?” The doctor lightly tapped the table. Towards the man in front of him, the doctor really did not feel any sense of amiability. Although Rainy was already discharged from the hospital, he believed that nobody could forget how cold-blooded this man was that day.

He was clearly capable of saving the child, but in the end, he just left her to die. Perhaps, it was his freedom of choice, but from a moral point of view, it was really infuriating.

“Yes.” Chu Lui knew that the doctor’s attitude towards him was bad, but he did not get angry. He knew that he had no right to do so. If he did not witness it himself, he probably would not have known for his entire life that Rainy was still alive. He probably would also never know that in this world, he had a daughter.

The doctor considered for a long time before standing up to take Rainy’s medical records from the shelf. Rainy’s condition was typical, but she was one of the rare children who managed to be discharged from the hospital. This was an important piece of data for the hospital so it was always placed with the doctor. He flipped through a few pages before placing the medical record in front of Chu Lui.

“I would like to know. If your bone marrow matches with another person’s, what are the chances that two of you are related by blood?” Chu Lui casually asked as he flipped through the medical records.

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