Chapter 508 - Meat is Raw

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Chapter 508 Meat is Raw

“This, there’s no way to tell. There’s a high chance that a relative’s bone marrow will match your own, but it also doesn’t mean that you are related just because your bone marrows matched. Just like Rainy. Rainy can be said to be a lucky child because she had two suitable bone marrow donors-one was Mr. Chu. Albeit, it was your freedom of choice to refuse; and we respect your decision.

“The other is Mr. Gao. His bone marrow also matched with Rainy’s so it was a real stroke of luck that he happened to be there. Otherwise, that child would not have survived. No, actually, she would still have her mother.”

Chu Lui’s hands trembled slightly. An unusual look of bitterness flashed across his usually calm face. He really made the wrong decision at that time.

“Gao Yi?” Chu Lui put down the medical records in his hand. His thin lips softly calling out the man’s name. So it was true, he lied. Rainy wasn’t his daughter, and her name wasn’t Rainy Gao.

“Yes, Mr. Chu, it seems like you have met Mr. Gao before? Rainy is very healthy now. Thank you for all your help and for paying the surgery fees.” The doctor politely said to Chu Lui. Even though he didn’t directly save the child, he still helped her indirectly. So he couldn’t be considered that ruthless.

“Can I take these with me?’ Chu Lui stood up, claiming he was just inquiring. When in reality, he never let go of the medical records.

The doctor nodded his head. “That is just a backup. You can take it away any time.” He did not ask for a reason, and he didn’t need to. Mr. Chu paid for the child’s operation fees. He had the qualifications to see how the child was recuperating

“Thank you.” Chu Lui’s cold, hard voice made even ‘thank you’ sound chilly. All his life he had only plundered; this word of thanks was his bottom line.

The doctor lifted his shoulders slightly. Frankly, he didn’t feel comfortable hearing Chu Lui say ‘thank you’.

Chu Lui’s hands clutched the medical records tightly. Then, he opened his hands and carefully hugged the medical records in his arms as if they were a precious treasure. To him right then, the medical records were as good as treasure.

In another hospital, Chu Lui placed down the medical records on a table. On top of it were the records of both Rainy and his matching bone marrow. Of course, it also included records of the other man.

“Could you help me check if this child is biologically related to me?”

Although the doctor was curious, he simply nodded his head.

Chu Lui sat there motionless, his black eyes unusually calm. Only he knew how nervous he was. He was nervous to the point where he would check his watch every few minutes. Every minute, every second passed by painfully. He never knew that time could pass so slowly.

He unclenched his fists. Somehow, in the period of waiting for the results, his palms had gotten all sweaty; and so did his forehead.

This kind of waiting was, as a matter of fact, excruciating

“Mr. Chu, the results are out.” The doctor placed the test results in front of Chu Lui. The statistical data for this test was produced on the spot. It was much more convenient than a DNA test.

“Mr. Chu, if you want a more accurate result, it would be best for both of you to take the test personally.” The doctor added, “Although the results will not be that different, some people feel more assured that way.”

“That’s alright.” Chu Lui picked up the test results from the table, and without opening it, he stood up and walked out of the hospital. There was no such coincidence in this world. He might not have known what kind of person Xia Ruoxin was before, but now, he did.

She was a person incapable of telling lies. This test result was sufficient. Honestly, he already believed that Rainy was his daughter, but he still needed evidence. Not for himself, but to show Xia Ruoxin.

With this, would she still continue denying the truth?

It was only after he entered his car that he removed the test results given by the doctor from his embrace.

He carefully opened the document, looking down at it. The moment he saw the test results, his tightly pressed lips relaxed and began to slowly curve upwards. In that instant, a teardrop-that wasn’t supposed to appearseemingly flashed across his cold, ruthless eyes.

In actual fact, Chu Lui was a man who never cried.

He placed the documents on the other side of the car. He felt as if he had crossed over from winter to autumn, the scary feeling of extreme suppression dissipating.

Xia Ruoxin ate her food unappetizingly, looking up from time to time to watch her daughter feed herself with a spoon. This child did not want to be fed anymore; she liked to do things herself.

“Mommy, are you thinking about eating Rainy’s food?” Rainy raised her head and pushed her bowl forward. “Mommy can have my food. Rainy is full.” She generously shared her food with her mother.

Gao Yi tousled Rainy’s hair. “What your mother wants to eat isn’t your food but you, Rainy.”

Hearing this, Rainy immediately wrinkled up her face. “But Rainy’s meat doesn’t taste good, and it’s raw.”

Xia Ruoxin was bewildered by her daughter’s innocence; she didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. How could she eat meat? What was her daughter thinking about every day? Did she see her own mother as a monster?

Gao Yi could not restrain his laughter. “Then you should let your mother eat her food so she that she will be full. Then, she won’t think about eating Rainy’s meat anymore.” He pinched Rainy’s tender cheeks as he spoke. Her cheeks were so tender it seemed as if he could pinch some water out of them. What a cute kid.

However, his expression unknowingly darkened. He understood Ruoxin’s troubles, and he knew that it was an issue they had to face sooner or later.

“Ruoxin, don’t worry. He might not necessarily want Rainy, right?” He placed his hands on top of Xia Ruoxin’s hands that were on the table. Her cold fingers proved that she was still unnerved by the incident.

“Yeah.” Xia Ruoxin agreed. It was just that for some reason she kept feeling a sense of uneasiness. That man would always get what he wanted by hook or by crook. If he—who had no children of his own-wanted to take Rainy away from her, what was she going to do?

Rainy climbed onto her mother’s lap. “Mommy, quick, eat food! Rainy has no meat. I don’t taste good.”

Xia Ruoxin simply hugged the child in her arms and rested her chin on top of her daughter’s head. Alright, I’ll eat first, when my stomach is full, I’ll have the strength to protect my daughter.

Gao Yi put down his chopsticks. Now, it was Xia Ruoxin’s turn to eat, but somehow, he no longer had any appetite.

Perhaps their peaceful life was really about to face a great storm.

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