Chapter 509 - Don’t Want That Father

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Chapter 509 Don’t Want That Father

He looked at Xia Ruoxin, a tinge of resolve and seriousness sparkling in his eyes. Ruoxin, no matter what happens—believe me, I will stay by your side. I will not let anybody steal you and Rainy away.

Including that Chu Lui.

He picked up his chopsticks again, and for the first time, he felt that the meal was a little hard to swallow. It was not because the taste of the meal had changed; neither was it because it didn’t taste good. It had the same taste as before. Just that he had lost his appetite because he had a lot on his mind.

At night-in the quiet and cozy room, Rainy lay beside Xia Ruoxin. Her eyes were wide open as she listened to the story Xia Ruoxin was telling her. She had to listen to a story every day before bed, or she refused to sleep.

In her arms was her dolly. She stuck her face tightly to her doll.

“Alright, that’s the end of the story.” Xia Ruoxin placed her hands on her daughter’s small body, lightly patting her to sleep. She stared into her daughter’s bright, large eyes. How was she so energetic today? Usually, she would have been asleep by then.

Rainy’s small hands clutched the doll tighter. “Mommy, Rainy only needs Mommy. We don’t need that daddy. Rainy doesn’t like him.”

Her voice sounded as tender as usual, but somehow, hearing it made Xia Ruoxin a little astonished. “Rainy, did you find out something?”

“Mommy, Rainy knows everything.” Rainy periodically blinked her eyes. She was still a kid, and there was a limit to her physicality. A few more sentences, and she would already be too tired to stay awake.

“Mommy, we don’t want him. Rainy likes her current daddy, she likes the current mommy, and she likes the current Rainy. I don’t want that daddy. Rainy doesn’t want him.”

Her voice gradually became softer as her face leaned towards Xia Ruoxin’s bosom. She had fallen asleep.

“Okay, we don’t want him; we are fine as we are.” Xia Ruoxin gently held her daughter’s face. She had always known that Rainy was mature, but she never thought that she would understand so much. In reality, she was still young, and there was no need for her to know so much. Xia Ruoxin just wished for Rainy to be a child and leave everything to her mother.

However, ever since she met Chu Lui, she had been in a state of immense unease. Perhaps, she was really just thinking too much. Everything was still as peaceful and quiet as before, and she would never meet Chu Lui again.

Rainy played in her painting room as usual, and Gao Yi headed to work as per normal. Other than to buy daily necessities-outside of work, Xia Ruoxin barely went out. She opened her fridge, only to see that they had to buy some new groceries. She had to go buy fish to boil fish soup for her family.

After wearing her clothes, she picked up her purse and headed out. She walked into the market and bought an extremely large fish, enough for her family of three to eat.

After paying for the fish, she walked out of the market. Just then, she remembered that there was something else she had to buy. However, the moment she turned around, she heard somebody call out her name.

“Ruoxin, is that you? Is that really you?’ The voice sounded slightly excited, even a little shaky.

Ruoxin whipped around and stood in her place, watching as the woman approached her. It turned out to be her, Chu Lui’s mother who was also her ex-mother-in-law, Song Wan. Long time, no see… no… actually, they already met not too long ago. Certainly, not a single person in the Chu family was decent.

Song Wan hadn’t changed at all, except she looked a little gaunter. Otherwise, she was still very young and elegant. A rich lady like Shen Yijun, a lady from high society. Even though she was aging, she aged with elegance and beauty.

“Hello, Aunty Song.” A very distanced greeting, lacking in enthusiasm. She was never actually her mother anyway; she was Chu Lui’s mother. Moreover, she was never Rainy’s grandmother; she was Chu Xiang’s.

“Ruoxin, I’m sorry, it was our fault.” Song Wan advanced towards Xia Ruoxin. Thinking back on what the Chu family had done to them for the past four years, Song Wan felt really ashamed and mortified facing Xia Ruoxin.

Therefore, she felt very apologetic towards Xia Ruoxin; however…

Oh… another apology. Xia Ruoxin didn’t feel anything. These apologies, she had heard them many times. Really, she didn’t need to hear them anymore.

She smiled, not a single bit of resentment in her clear eyes. It was all in the past. She just needed them to stay out of her way and not disrupt her current life.

“Ruoxin.” Song Wan put down her hands, seemingly having a lot to say. Although, in the end, nothing came out. There was a lot of embarrassment and inexplicable discomfort written on her face.

“Ruoxin, do you need any help? As long as it is within my means, I will never reject you. If you want something, you can just tell me.” She tried her best to remember to smile. However, that act of consideration made Xia Ruoxin feel uncomfortable in an unexplainable way.

She lowered her eyes and took a step back, showing little intimacy.

“Aunty Song, I still have things to do. I’ll be going first.” As for help, she didn’t need any now.

“Wait for a while.” Just when Xia Ruoxin was about to leave, Song Wan called out to her. She grabbed Xia Ruoxin’s hands periodically. Perhaps she was thinking about her choice of words, perhaps she was considering how to start the conversation.

For a long time, the two remained silent. Xia Ruoxin lightly pressed her lips together, feeling slightly uncomfortable. She wanted to go home because she had to deliver food to Gao Yi soon. Otherwise, he would starve to death.

Furthermore, she didn’t know what more there was to say with them standing there.

“Sorry, Aunty Song, I’ll be taking my leave now.” She nodded her head at Song Wan, turned around, and left.

Song Wan just watched as Xia Ruoxin walked away. It was like she was enduring something. Until finally, she couldn’t help but run forward and grab Xia Ruoxin’s hand.

“Ruoxin, let me meet her alright, just once.” She pleaded, clasping Xia Ruoxin’s hand tightly. Although Ah Lui said that now was not the time, she couldn’t take it anymore. She really couldn’t take it anymore.

Xia Ruoxin’s heart tightened,

“Aunty Song, I really don’t know what you’re talking about, I have urgent business to handle; I have to go now.” She struggled continuously. However, she did not dare to use any strength, afraid that she would hurt Song Wan and herself.

“Ruoxin, you understand. Let me meet your daughter okay? She is my granddaughter; I beg you, let me see her.” Song Wan had never begged anybody like this before. She was just too emotional and afraid. If she had not met the child before, she would never have been able to believe that they had a granddaughter of that age. The child was already three-years-old.

What did she look like? Did she look like Ah Lui? Ever since she found out about thisevery day, she looked forward to seeing the child’s appearance. Every day, she longed to meet her granddaughter.

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