Chapter 510 - They All Found Out

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Chapter 510 They All Found Out

“Aunty Song, do you remember?” Xia Ruoxin’s lips curled slightly into a cold and distant smile. Then, she pulled her hands away, taking in a deep breath. “The reason you agreed to my divorce with Chu Lui back then… you haven’t forgotten it, right? Wasn’t it because of that incident that you advised me to leave?

“I am unable to bear children so let me ask you, how could I possibly have a child? Aunty Song, this really is not an appropriate joke. Don’t you feel that all of you are very cruel? You robbed me of my fertility, and yet you still have the audacity to be here right now, asking me if I gave birth-if I gave birth to the child of the Chu family?”

Xia Ruoxin was smiling, but really… she didn’t want to. She knew very well that Chu Lui had already told Song Wan about Rainy. The Chu family probably all knew about her, too.

It was just that Rainy was hers. She would never be the Chu family’s.

Song Wan felt ashamed after hearing Xia Ruoxin’s words. However, she refused to let go of Xia Ruoxin’s hands. “Ruoxin, I know that you have a grudge against us, but you can’t deny that that child is related to us by blood. Couldn’t you just overlook this on the account that Uncle and Aunty Chu are already so old and let us see the child? We already lost three years with that child.”

Three years, how many precious moments with their granddaughter had they missed?

She really didn’t know that Xia Ruoxin was pregnant at that time. If she had known, she would have protected her as if her life had depended on it and forbade Chu Lui from divorcing her. All because she did not knowall because there were too many things she did not know.

That resulted in this situation. Without that child, the Chu Family would not have any direct bloodline; and nobody would be able to continue their family line.

Xia Ruoxin stared at Song Wan’s face that looked ten years younger than her actual age. She couldn’t see much traces of the hardship of life on her face. Old? She didn’t seem so.

Her cheap ruse was not going to work. Playing the family card? She wasn’t going to fall for it. Even if they pretended to be miserable, she wasn’t going to sympathize with them.

She faintly lifted the sides of her red lips. “Aunty Song, if you want a grandchild, there are many women in this world who will willingly bear one for you; and there are many women who will willingly marry into the Chu family. Other than Li Manni-in this world, there were still many women.”

“No, we won’t be having any more grandchildren; we really won’t.” Song Wan tightly gripped onto Xia Ruoxin’s hand, and Xia Ruoxin saw that tears were streaming down her face, seemingly unceasing.

“Ruoxin, we won’t be having any more grandchildren. Ah Lui will never be able to have another child, and we will never be able to have a grandchild…” She could not stop shaking her head. For her, this situation was practically a stab in the heart. The more she thought about it, the more painful it was.

Xia Ruoxin retracted her hand again. “Aunty Song, isn’t that being a little too presumptuous?”

How could they not have any more grandchildren? Didn’t Li Manni have two children? Even if her current child wasn’t Chu Lui’s, the one before should have been his. Chu Lui wasn’t infertile. There was no way he couldn’t have another child. If he really was infertile, then how did Rainy come about?

It never crossed her mind that she had actually guessed the situation correctly.

Song Wan’s body suddenly tensed. “Ruoxin, there really isn’t going to be another child. Li Manni-that woman fed Ah Lui antidepressants for four years. That kind of medication has a certain constituent that makes people sexually dysfunctional.” She couldn’t keep it in anymore-she really couldn’t-so she said it. She told her everything

“That’s why we won’t be having anymore grandchildren. Our Chu family will not have a descendant.”

She lifted her head to look at Xia Ruoxin. “I’m begging you, let us meet the child, alright? We just want to meet her; we won’t do anything to her.”

Xia Ruoxin did not react for a long time. Did she hear her wrongly? Li Manni drugged Chu Lui, causing him to become infertile? What she wanted to know was if that man was able to handle such trauma. She had no intention of gloating over his misfortune. Neither did she feel any sense of happiness or thrill. She simply felt sad, extremely sad for him.

No, she shook her head. What was she sad for? His problems had nothing to do with her.

That’s right, it’s okay. She was not going to be sad about it-she really wasn’t.

“Ruoxin, let me see the child.” Song Wan clasped Ruoxin’s hands tightly again. This was a mother, a mother grieving for her son.

“I…” Xia Ruoxin looked at Song Wan; she couldn’t bring herself to reject her. She was always a soft-hearted person, even more so with Song Wan begging her like this. She was not Chu Lui; she could never bring herself to be as cold and ruthless as him.

“Ruoxin, do you want me to kneel?” Song Wan wiped away the tears on her face. She was willing to atone for her son’s sins. As long as Xia Ruoxin would forgive them, she could she really could.

“There’s no need for that.” Xia Ruoxin hastily helped Song Wan up. She really wasn’t so cruel as to make her mother kneel down to her. She also didn’t have such perverted inclinations.

She tore Song Wan’s hands away, whipped around, and ran towards the door.

No matter what happened-even if the Chu family was in trouble… even if they were very pitiable, she was still not going to agree. That was her daughter, and she was not related to the Chu family in any way.

She returned home, evidently still in a daze.

“What happened?” Gao Yi asked upon seeing her dazed expression. He placed his hand on her forehead, his fingers touching the drops of perspiration that she didn’t know had formed.

“I’m fine.” Xia Ruoxin shook her head. She did not want to worry him again.

“I’m going to go cook.” She cheered herself up. The three of them still had to eat. No matter what happened, they still had to eat. Time was going to keep flowing, and the days would continue to pass.

She walked into the kitchen. Perhaps it was because she was deep in thought or maybe because too many things happened at once. With a loud bang, Xia Ruoxin walked into the kitchen door, and pain radiated from her forehead.

Just then, a hand pressed on her forehead. It was Gao Yi.

“Put your cooking on hold. Let me get some herbal wine for your forehead. Otherwise, it will start swelling later.”

Gao Yi forcefully sat her down on the couch as he spoke. Then, he took out a medicine box from the cabinet. He certainly was a doctor, considering how their house was so well-equipped with first-aid materials.

Gao Yi took out a bottle of medicinal wine, pouring it on his hands before pressing it onto Xia Ruoxin’s forehead.

“Ouch…” The sudden pressure on Xia Ruoxin’s forehead induced some pain. However, she didn’t touch her forehead. She knew that what Gao Yi said was true; she didn’t want her forehead to swell.

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