Chapter 511 - She was not Giving Her Daughter to the Chu Family

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Chapter 511 She was not Giving Her Daughter to the Chu Family

The scent of alcohol filled the room. Perhaps because the medicinal wine was warm in nature, that’s why it was making her increasingly uneasy. She understood Chu Lui too well. If what Song Wan said was true, then the Chu family was not going to give up any time soon.

“Gao Yi, let’s leave this country now, alright?”

Xia Ruoxin took Gao Yi’s hand in hers.

Bang! The bottle of medicine slipped from Gao Yi’s hands and dropped onto the floor, alcohol splattering everywhere.

Gao Yi smiled. “Don’t worry about it.” He straightened out Xia Ruoxin’s unkempt hair. “I’m hungry; let’s eat first. We’ll talk about this later.” Gao Yi squat down as he spoke, picking up the bottle of medicine and personally wiping the floor clean.

Xia Ruoxin opened her mouth, clearly about to speak. However, in the end, she didn’t say anything. Instead, she just lightly touched her own forehead. It still hurt, but the pain actually made her mind clearer.

Maybe sometimes, it wasn’t so bad to walk into things. At the very least, she was more awake now.

She walked into the kitchen with a stomach-full of worry and panic and a complicated state of mind. With such a frame of mind, she still cooked up a meal for her family. They were all Gao Yi and Rainy’s favorite foods. However, she did not know whether the emotions she put into making the meal would make it hard to swallow, causing indigestion.

“Mommy, is the food ready?” Rainy ran out of her room and habitually climbed onto her small chair to wait for the food.

Her daughter’s small figure was just as adorable as before. Although her chubbier self indeed felt a little older like a toddler.

Xia Ruoxin’s heart ached.

What should she do? She was afraid, really afraid.

She thought that Rainy would never leave her side. Although they went through countless hardships and difficulties, their days were getting better. They had a house, a heater, and meat to eat… but why? Why was there always someone unwilling to let her off, to let her daughter off?

Xia Ruoxin held in her tears that were threatening to fall. She fought back her tears as she filled her daughter’s bowl with rice. She forced herself to eat, and yet she found the meal really hard to swallow. She was practically counting rice grain by grain.

Rainy looked here and there. Finally, she buried her face into her bowl of rice, seemingly feeling upset, too.

“Let’s go, baby. Let Daddy bring you to bed.”

Gao Yi picked up Rainy and lulled her to sleep. After a short while, the child had already fallen asleep; and at that moment, there were only both of them in the living room.

“Ruoxin, come sit here.” Gao Yi reached out his hands to Xia Ruoxin, wanting her to sit next to him.

Xia Ruoxin walked towards him and sat down, placing both of her hands on her knees, tightly clenching them. Hidden under her slightly lowered eyelids was a lot of uneasiness and bewilderment.

“Ruoxin, we cannot leave.”

Gao Yi clasped her hands only to find out that a layer of sweat had formed in the palm of her hand.

Why? Xia Ruoxin couldn’t understand. Why couldn’t they leave? As long as they left the country, that man wouldn’t be able to find them; and they would be safe.

“Silly girl.” Gao Yi squeezed her hand with his palm, seemingly trying to give her courage through this action.

“You should know him very well. He’s the kind of person that accomplishes his goals by hook or by crook. Believe me. Even if we escaped to the ends of the earth, he would still find us someday. Furthermore, right now, he…”

He didn’t finish his sentence. Frankly, he had a feeling that this day would come. He just didn’t think that it would come so quickly. Certain things turned up very quickly if someone searched for it. It was just that that man had not realized it before.

Now, this day finally came.

Xia Ruoxin bit her lip tightly, so tightly that she even hurt herself.

“I will not let him take Rainy.”

“Neither will I.” Gao Yi narrowed his eyes. In his eyes that were always gentle, a new sense of resolve and determination materialized. He was not going to give Xia Ruoxin to that man, and he wasn’t going to give Rainy, too.

It was just that man’s methods were more than what they could imagine. Little did he know that man had already started plotting.

He placed his fingers at the top of Xia Ruoxin’s forehead. He gently touched the short wispy hair growing at the edge of her forehead.

Once again, Song Wan stood in front of Xia Ruoxin.


Her voice made Xia Ruoxin instinctively take a step back, avoiding her as if she was a dreadful monster.

“Ruoxin, can you let me see her?”

Song Wan really felt that at that moment, she was going to cry out all the tears she had in her lifetime. Clearly, she had a granddaughter. A granddaughter! However, why was it that she could not meet her? She had never carried a granddaughter before. She even went to adopt a child just so she could dote on her as she would her actual granddaughter. However, her true granddaughter—the child that had their Chu family’s blood flowing through her veins. She had never even met her or hugged her before.

“Sorry, Aunty Song.” Xia Ruoxin did not feel a single thing seeing Song Wan’s tears. She did not feel guilty; neither did she feel hurt. Her Rainy was practically a child born without blessings. Nobody knew about her existence, and nobody was happy about her existence. Now that they couldn’t have a child, they decided to target her child.

Wasn’t it laughable?

However, she could not bring herself to laugh, and she believed that it was the same for the Chu family.

“Ruoxin, let me meet her at least once, alright?”

Song Wan took another step forward, blocking Xia Ruoxin’s path. “I’m begging you.” As she spoke, she bent her knees getting ready to kneel.

However, Xia Ruoxin simply turned around and walked forward with big steps. Kneel. If you want to kneel, kneel. Her heart was hard and cold. That year, she got on her knees in front of so many people; but who actually decided to help her?

It was still that same sentence. She would never give her daughter to the Chu family.

Song Wan returned home, and she was practically soulless.

“Sigh…” Chu Jiang sighed. This situation really conformed to the idiom: ‘you reap what you sow’.

He gently patted Song Wan’s shoulders. “We were the ones who wronged them. Now that we know that we have a granddaughter, we should be able to die contently. At the very least, the Chu family line is not severed. Our son still has somebody to continue our bloodline, right?”

“I know.” Song Wan choked with emotion. “But I still want to meet our granddaughter. I don’t even know what she looks like, and I’m not even sure if she was the child that Ruoxin had in her arms last time. I saw her many times, but I never knew… I never knew that she was our grandchild.”

As she spoke, she hugged Chu Jiang and started wailing

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