Chapter 513 - Chu Lui’s Soap-Opera-Like Life

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Chapter 513 Chu Lui’s Soap-Opera-Like Life

“That’s enough. Stop smoking.” Du Jingtang walked over. He reached out his hands and picked up the ashtray on the table before smashing it into the bin with a loud bang.

Chu Lui nipped his cigarette, dumping it into the bin.

“What’s your business here?” A chilling voice came without any emotion. His expression was flat, not a hint of happiness or sorrow could be seen. Du Jingtang really felt like Chu Lui had become a spirit. He was so numb to everything he seemed like a spirit dressed in the form of a


“Nothing, just came to see you. Right, Brother, what are you planning to do?”

He lay prone on the desk, anxious—so anxious that he was about to die. That Xia Ruoxin suddenly had a child from who-knows-where, and on top of this, it was his cousin’s child. They had practically no hope before, but now they did. This life was so much like a soap opera.

Now, he really believed that there were miracles in this world. There were miracles everywhere.

Chu Lui habitually pulled open his drawer, taking half a packet of cigarettes. He took one out, and just as he was about to light it, he realized that the ashtray on his table was gone.

A man always had to smoke a few sticks, that feeling was called taste, maturity… habit.

But the him now, that was as good as waiting for death.

He threw the cigarettes back into the drawer, feeling extremely uneasy and worked up.

“Brother, I realized that when you met her, you always had this expression. In this world, I have only met one woman who could bring such a big reaction out of you.”

Du Jingtang fanned the air in front of him again, the smoke was killing him.

After hearing his words, Chu Lui’s heart that had been beating wildly slowly began to calm down, beat by beat. Also, it became colder.

He spat out a lung-full of turbid smoke and started coughing vehemently.

Du Jingtang did not pity him because he felt that it was well-deserved. It was only when the coughing died down that Du Jingtang brought over a cup of water and placed it on the table.

“Brother, I think you should drink some water.”

“Thanks.” Chu Lui received the cup and drank it. There was an ashen look to his side profile. Even though it was unnoticeable, the darkness had masked away all his inner thoughts.

He put down the glass and leaned back, a layer of snow seemingly coated his head.

He was only thirty years old. How could he already have so many white hairs?

“Brother… you okay?” Du Jingtang felt that something was amiss. What could possibly be tormenting his brother till he became like this? It was the equivalent of changing a young, spirited male into an old man.

Actually, he did not believe that his cousin could have such a heavy heart. For a woman, he could give up so much… if it wasn’t love, what was it?

What he had been doing for the past few years… Was it really tormenting others or was it really tormenting himself? No one could tell. However, until now-for some things, there was already no turning back.

“Jingtang, tell me, what should I do?” Chu Lui suddenly opened his eyes. In his eyes was a sense of dignity that had never existed before.

Chu Lui was asking him? Du Jingtang pointed at his own face. He didn’t know how to reply. If he was Chu Lui, he definitely would want the child back. After all, that was the Chu family’s only child. However, if he was Xia Ruoxin, he felt that he would never want to have any more relations with the Chu family.

Was there a way for everybody to get what they wanted? At the very least, Du Jingtang felt that there wasn’t.

Chu Lui suddenly started laughing; anybody could hear the hoarseness of his voice.

“Originally, I planned to leave her alonereally. Jingtang, can you believe that I actually thought of leaving somebody alone? Tell me, could this be a chance that God gave me? Once again, both of us cannot break away from each other.

“Jingtang, can you believe it? I have a daughter, I have a daughter!” His voice was very light, so light that he sounded a little crazy. It was only in front of family that Chu Lui was able to show this side of him. At other times, his heart was so tough it was scary.

Du Jingtang opened the door and walked out, casually closing the door on his way out.

The secretary standing outside wanted to speak, but Jingtang placed his hands on his lips. “Shh, it’s alright, don’t go in.”

The secretary hastily covered her mouth, afraid to speak. However, she couldn’t stop her curiosity. “Vice CEO, what’s wrong with the CEO? Why has he been acting so weird recently?”

Du Jingtang rubbed his forehead. “His soap-opera-like life.” If it was anybody else, they would probably go crazy so he was once again certain that his cousin was not human. How could he shoulder so much stress? If it was himself, he would have hanged himself by now.

“What soap-opera-like life?” Of course, the secretary couldn’t understand all these. She felt that she had to find out more before she could understand what was happening. Of course, it was casual gossip; but it was also insurance to be certain that she would not accidentally put salt on the boss’s wound.

However, it was clear that she wanted to know although Du Jingtang wasn’t going to tell her.

“He’s here again.” Gao Yi pulled open the window blinds. It was snowing heavily outside, and the raindrops fell onto the man’s shoulder from time to time. The raindrops dissolved the cold white air that he breathed out. As the last cloud of air dissolved, another formed. However, the man stood in place, motionless. The layers of snow falling around him gave people shivers.

“Ignore him.” Xia Ruoxin brought out the meals from the kitchen and placed them on the table. Then, she smiled at Gao Yi. “Gao Yi, let’s eat, the little fella isn’t here. Only the two of us are eating. So today, all the fishcakes are yours.”

Gao Yi walked over and picked up his chopsticks. He grabbed a block of fishcake. Yum, delicious. This was a taste he could never get sick of. He and Rainy had the same problem: they really liked to eat fish, but they only liked fish made by Xia Ruoxin. Even after eating it for several days straight, they still wanted to eat more.

Xia Ruoxin sat down as well, picking up some vegetables with her chopsticks and putting it in her bowl.


“Yeah?” Xia Ruoxin lifted her face and smiled. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” Gao Yi grabbed another block of fishcake. “Since when did you like eating carrots?”

Xia Ruoxin’s hands paused for a moment. She looked down, and just as he said, there were a few thin shreds of carrots in her bowl.

“I quite like it recently.” She picked up the shredded carrots with her chopsticks and put them in her mouth. The taste of carrots that she had never liked almost made her tear up.

She hated shredded carrots to death, but Gao Yi liked them. Therefore, most of the time these shredded carrots were stuffed into his mouth.

“It actually doesn’t taste that bad.” She picked up some more with her chopsticks and put them in her mouth. “No wonder every time you eat them, you look like you’re really enjoying the taste. Who knew it was so delicious?”

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