Chapter 515 - The Little Fella Was Extremely Annoying

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Chapter 515 The Little Fella Was Extremely Annoying

“She’s still not letting you meet her?” Du Jingtang froze for a moment before asking in a softer voice.

Chu Lui pressed his lips into a straight line and tossed the towel in his hands aside. At that moment, his extremely thin lips had turned slightly blue; and each breath brought about an earth-shattering pang of pain to his chest.

“They’re hiding her away.” Chu Lui laughed bitterly. What, was he so intimidating that they had to hide their child away? Rainy Gao, yes, Rainy Gao. How many times had he seen his daughter? Yet from the beginning to the end, he never knew that she was-in fact-his daughter. She was clearly so close to him before, but why was it that he had never gotten to hug his daughter before?

Du Jingtang was so shocked that he opened his mouth, perhaps he had wanted to advise Chu Lui on something. However, in the end, he simply sighed. Who was to blame?

It was just that he felt like Xia Ruoxin was being too cruel. How could she hide the child away? However, with his cousin’s usual methods, there was no way he wasn’t able to find the child. Perhaps it wasn’t because he didn’t want to find her but actually because he wasn’t willing to. If he really wanted to find the child-even if he had to search the heavens and use up all his assets, he would not give any mercy to his opponent.

Sometimes, when people face their emotions, they start to become cowardly and afraid.

That was just like Chu Lui now. Since he was young, was there anything that could make him so hesitant and so worried? No, never. It was only when Chu Lui was beside that woman did he see that perfectly hidden caution.

The snow outside continued to fall, messing up their business.

The northern wind blew extremely cold.

“Mommy, Rainy is doing well. I ate two bowls of rice today, and Uncle let Rainy ride him like a horse.” Rainy held the phone, endlessly chattering away for who knows how many hours.

Brother San helplessly rubbed his forehead. He had business to discuss, but this little fella kept clutching his phone. She had been talking to her mother for more than an hour already.

“Mommy, Rainy is very well-behaved. Dolly is also very well-behaved…” She took out her dolly. Her little body fell backward, giving Brother San a shock. He frantically reached out his hand to scoop up her small body. He carried her in one hand and placed the phone next to her ears with his other hand.

“Uncle, Dolly.”

Rainy reached out her small fingers, pointing towards the doll.

Brother San had no hands to pick up the doll. He was carrying this little fella in one hand and holding the phone in his other. How was he going to find a third hand to pick up the doll?

Seriously. He had no choice but to clamp the phone using his shoulders so that the little fella could continue to hear the sound coming from the phone while he picked up the doll in the meantime.

He didn’t understand why this child liked this kind of things anyway. Was a gun not good? Was a car not good? He had clearly totally forgotten that Rainy was a little girl, a very cheeky one at that.

He bent down, picked up the doll, and patted at it against his high-end suit for a good few minutes. He had to make sure that all the dirt on the doll was gone before letting the little fella hug it. It would be bad for there to be bacteria on the doll.

He stuffed the doll into Rainy’s arms and picked up the phone again to let the little fella call her mother. The moment his lackey entered the room, he saw his tiger-like boss looking exactly like a stay-at-home dad. A child in one hand, a milk bottle in the other. The beautiful child in his arms, however, was adding oil to fire. She plucked a hair from the tiger’s head. Her little hand periodically grabbed his brilliant and almighty boss’s hair, her little mouth muttering something while she did.

His boss’s expression got grimmer by the minute. All the lackeys’ breaths hitched in their throat. This little fella was going to be flung into meatloaf.

However, after a long time, their stoic boss didn’t say a word. Of course, he didn’t fling the little fella off his neck either. Instead, he helplessly carried the little fella down from his head, letting her small feet step on his lap.

“Uncle, look at this.”

Rainy reached out her fat little hands, putting them in front of Brother San.

Brother San’s eyelids twitched, ferocious as a demon. If it had been other children, they would have been crying with fear. However, Rainy did not show any signs of fear at all.

In her hands lay a pitiful strand of white hair and a few strands of black hair. It was an obvious attempt to pull out a strand of hair that resulted in the death of the other few.

“Rainy helped Uncle to pick them all away.” She smiled until her eyes began to curve as if she was presenting treasure to him. As she spoke, she curled her hands around his neck and nestled her small face into Brother San’s neck.

“Uncle, Rainy’s sleepy.”

Just then, hands as big as a fan reached forward.

That was it. Those who could not bear to see it closed their eyes. The little fella was going to become meat pie.

All of them turned their heads away.

When the slap connects, this little fella was going to die.

His lackeys bit their fingers. They were going to have to collect that little fella’s corpse in a moment. Of all people, why did she have to touch Brother San’s head, even going so far as to pluck it? In the end…

In the end…

In the end…

The three of them stared on their eyes wide as a bull’s. Brother San’s large hands did not slap the child into a meat pie. Instead, they were placed on the child’s shoulders, clumsily patting away.


Just as they were about to speak, they received a glare from Brother San. The three of them could only run out dejectedly. It was if they saw a ghost-no, they did see a ghost. They had seen Brother San kill somebody without blinking. They had also seen Brother San break other people’s hands without a single change in his expression. They had even seen Brother San sneering as he stepped on others.

However, Brother San as a stay-at-home dad? They definitely hadn’t seen that before.

For the first time, the three of them had new-found respect towards their big brother. It turned out that even ruthless Brother San could make an expression like that.

Shen Wei walked into the room, tossing her bag upwards. “Brother San, what did you do? Why do those lackeys look like they had just seen a ghost?”

Brother San tensed his body, afraid to move. Mainly because the little fella in his arms had already fallen asleep, her little hands grabbed onto his high-end suit. Brother San gripped a bunch of his hair. “Quickly chase this little fella away; she’s so annoying.”

Shen Wei stood up and walked over, squatting in front of Brother San. She reached out her arms to embrace the sleeping child when…

“Slow down, don’t wake the child.” Brother San’s hands were shaking.

“Be careful, she’s going to wake up.” Brother San was agitated.

“Oh, no, She’s about to wake up.” Brother San grew frustrated.

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