Chapter 52 - The Light in the Heart

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Chapter 52: The Light in the Heart

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“I’ll throw you to the perverts.” His tone was slightly more aloof, whereas Xia Ruoxin simply closed her eyes. It appeared to make her eyelashes wetter. “You’ve already done that.”

She put her hands down weakly and it feebly fell. He was quite certain that she had not regained her consciousness. The last words ‘You’ve already done that’, made him feel an unforeseen ache.

“Xia Ruoxin, wake up.” Chu Lui was silent for half a minute before once again putting his hand on her forehead. Her temperature was getting higher.

His eyes were as dark as midnight—there was no light in them. He took his coat off and wrapped her in it. It was at that moment that he had realized she was so petite. He could wrap her up with just one piece of his clothing with room to spare.

A conflicted look flashed in his eyes as he straightened himself. He carried her easily in his arms. Of all the women he had carried, she was the lightest. She weighed next to nothing. However, he refused to admit that he was the reason behind her weight loss.

He placed her down with care, and in an unprecedented move, picked up a blanket and laid it over her. What little kindness he had, he gave everything to her.

His lips pursed tightly together the moment he started the car. Occasionally, he would look at the woman who was sitting beside him. The look in his eyes was as confused as ever.

Chu Lui carried her again. When they arrived at their two-story villa, he rummaged in his pocket for his keys with one hand. It was pitch black after he had opened the door. The only woman who could light up the whole place was currently in his company.

He reached out to turn on the lights. The sudden brightness caused his eyes to experience a stinging pain.

He held the woman in his arms a bit tighter and carried her into their bedroom. After he placed her on the bed, only then he removed his tie. When he turned back, he discovered the woman on the bed had coiled her body so snuggly. Her hair flattened on the bed and bared her whole back before him. Whereas her gown had long fallen to her waist. She found her beautiful. She moved her slender legs from time to time as she let out a soft moan in discomfort.

“Water…” Her dry and slightly crusted lips moved. Chu Lui stood up, fetched a glass of water and then he lifted her up.

“Drink!” It was yet another command even though his gesture was unexpectedly gentle. A man may still split his mind from his body when he is in bed. For him, would he be able to act differently from his heart?

Xia Ruoxin’s lips pressed together, but she kept repeating the same thing until the water touched her lips. She drank with an urgency. Before Chu Lui could stop her, in her need to drink faster, she choked and coughed continuously.

She coughed and folded herself. Her throat was miserably dry.

“W-water… Water…” She wanted to drink more. She felt so hot as if she was in a desert. She only wanted a glass of water or maybe just a sip. If she doesn’t, she would die. Truly, she would die.

Chu Lui looked at her pitiful state. His eyes darkened as he took a drink from the same glass. He would not hold it against a sick person, and he wouldn’t let her die on his watch.

He lifted her up again. That mouth kept opening and closing like a fish, in desperate need to return to the water. He brought the glass over and shoved it into her mouth while she drank like a greedy child, constantly trying to drink with her mouth to moisturize her life. Sounds of coughing promptly followed.

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