Chapter 53 - Couldn’t Bear to

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Chapter 53: Couldn’t Bear to

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Chu Lui’s eyes grew darker and darker. There was definitely no more water left in his mouth, and yet she was still sucking. Even the tip of her tongue was constantly searching for his lips.

“Woman, you asked for this. I don’t care if you are sick.” It had awakened his desire—no woman was the same as her. The slightest touch between teeth and lips was enough to arouse him, but for him, it was still nothing like a real kiss.

He rested his hand on the top of her head and braced her for the pressure. Then, he kissed her hard on her lips and began his unstoppable assault.

Xia Ruoxin merely reacted by reflex. Their tongues constantly intertwined with each other as it brought on tangles of unmistakable passion.

However, Xia Ruoxin struggled, and she frequently twisted her body in his arms. Chu Lui pinned her down for he wanted to enjoy the sweet pleasure with her one more time.

He could have been more brutal, but for some reason, he stopped himself. His fingers ran over her lips, over and over. He was unsure of what he should or wanted to do next.

“Tell me. Why should I stop?” He knew that she was unconscious. As despicable as it may sound, he wanted to know the reason.

This time, she won’t be able to lie.

“Tell me. Do you love Chu Lui?”

Xia Ruoxin cried even more in response. She mumbled a subconscious reply, but the love and heartache did not diminish, not even the slightest. She felt as though it had made a mark on her soul. It would become a shadow that would follow her in her deep slumber within the coffin.

“Yes…” She clutched the blouse at her chest. An icy fire seemed to burn within her body. It was ice cold at one moment, and hot in another—so unbearable. Yes, she loved him. At her state of unconsciousness, she could clearly remember her love for this man. It was a love so humbled and undignified.

“Then, why don’t you want to continue?” His hand had once again moved to her waist, and it was proactively caressing her. That made Xia Ruoxin blush even more. Her face was no longer pale as daylight.

“I don’t want him. Not anymore.” Xia Ruoxin kept shaking her head and continued to struggle. “I refused. He had laid his hands on another woman. He kissed another woman. So filthy…”

Her body shrank in agony while the man simply held her in place. All she could do was to open her mouth and murmur in misery. Chu Lui had felt a dull and heavy feeling for the first time. He could not even describe such a feeling after he heard the misery in her voice.

He actually felt his heart aching.

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