Chapter 54 - Warmth

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Chapter 54: Warmth

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He rested his hand on her face and could feel the cold traces of tears with his fingers. All women he had dated, had confessed their love for him—even Yixuan was no exception. He was unimpressed as it had boosted his male ego well, but he felt as if something had touched his frozen and rigid heart.

Even moved.

“Alright, stop crying. You crybaby.” He tenderly patted her face as if coaxing a little girl. He also made it as an excuse to explain further, regardless of whether this woman could understand or if she was even conscious.

“I did not touch her. I have not been with another woman ever since I had you,” he said, although he knew she could not hear him. But at the very least, he could speak his mind—thoughts she was not aware of.

“Woman. If so, do you think you have succeeded? I hate you. I hate the fact that I only have you on my mind.” He narrowed his gaze dangerously as he muttered softly to himself, “Tell me. Do you think I still hate you when I only have you on my mind?”

He had no answer to that.

Nor did she.

This is the difference between loving someone and not to love.

To love is to give. Not to love, is to take away.

And as they warmed each other that beautiful night, love was in the air. In their tale of intense love, who would hold grudges, and who would end up with regrets?

When everything slowed down and peace had returned, Chu Lui opened his eyes. It was full of excitement from their wild intimacy earlier on. It had yet to recede. He had never been so satisfied in terms of the body, to the heart, and then to his soul. Not once has any woman gave him such fulfillment.

“Woman, I really love your body.” His fingers slid across Xia Ruoxin’s face, a look of unguessable distance blazed in his dark eyes.

He closed his eyes, and when they opened, his fingers were resting on her forehead. It was too dark to make out anything, much less understand anything.

He pushed away from the woman who he had been embracing but she hugged his waist tightly, refusing to let go.

She even had her pillow positioned on top of his chest. They resembled a real couple who were infatuated with each other. It was as if they had fallen asleep hugging one another after having physical intimacy.

Initially, Chu Lui wanted to push her away again, but he stopped. It was his way of compromising, as an expense for the one night she had given him.

Xia Ruoxin slept even closer to him. It was warm. So warm. Her body was tired. However, her heart was warmer than she had ever felt.

As though she had gone back to her childhood where she had laid in her mother’s embrace.

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