Chapter 55 - So-called Love

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Chapter 55: So-called Love

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“Mom…” The mumble came from her lips. It sounded sad and painful. Soon, a drop of tear slipped from the corner of her eye, hidden in Chu Lui’s chest.

That cold was senseless, but it caused an accidental spasm in his heart. He could not explain what triggered it.

He put his hand on her hair and gently caressed her. It was too bad she missed the unexpected display of tenderness.

She slept soundly. Chu Lui kept glancing at the watch on his wrist. This might well be his first time late for work. His schedule within the company has always been precise like a well-tuned machine. He was never late, and he never leaves early.

Whereas today, he could not get up. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to; it was impossible. This woman had him in a tight bear hug. In fact, he just couldn’t bear to wake her up, not because of the bear hug.

Whenever he pulled her hand intending to get rid of her, she would become so overwhelmed with sadness that she would look like she would cry. His heart couldn’t take the agony. He wanted to leave her, but he couldn’t seem to make the right choice.

He lowered his head, pinched hard on the woman’s face and sulked. She was a troublesome woman.

Xia Ruoxin shook his hand off in discomfort. The pinch might have awakened her for her eyelashes slightly fluttered. She felt her body aching, but it was warm. She was reluctant to move away.

As she suddenly opened her eyes, it shocked her to see the man in front of her. Why was he here? They were huddled together in an intimate position. It was not her hands, but his. He had his hands around her waist, his arm was her pillow. She even wrapped her legs around his. She noticed their bodies being close with no barrier for their lower bodies. She was naked beneath the blanket.

“I’m sorry,” she cautiously apologized and removed her leg awkwardly from his. And while doing so, she accidentally brushed against his most sensitive area. She blushed when the man’s body reacted.

Chu Lui merely smiled. This woman can really arouse him with the slightest things. She looked so innocent, but it had caused his heartbeat to race.

“Woman, I’m late for work today because of you. I have never suffered a loss. What I’ve lost, I will get the compensation from you.”

He couldn’t help but kiss her as he flipped her over. It was as sweet as he remembered.

The urge to continue followed after it. They never stopped. They got satisfaction from each other. It was beyond physical satisfaction.

What Xia Ruoxin gained was love while Chu Lui gained lust.

Chu Lui felt energized after he put on his clothes. His eyes were still profoundly dark, unlike the look he had earlier when he was in a physical entanglement with the same woman.

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