Chapter 552 - The Past

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Chapter 552 The Past

Ex-wife? Chu Lui’s expression suddenly turned cold again, and the lips that he had pressed together became air-tight. Li Manni emerged from the shadows tightly gripping onto Rainy’s small arm. Rainy’s hair was unkempt, and on her small face, there were clear finger marks. Her eyes were red, and yet-at that moment, she bravely flattened her mouth and fought back her tears.

She sniffed. Mommy said that Rainy was the bravest. That’s why she couldn’t cry-she definitely couldn’t cry. However, the moment she came out and saw Chu Lui, tears quickly fell from her eyes. She didn’t want to cry, but she really felt like crying. She missed Mommy, she missed Daddy, and she was in pain.

The child’s small mouth opened. She didn’t know what to say. Upon seeing his daughter being mistreated, Chu Lui’s heart ached unbearably. He lifted his head, his dull eyes directed towards Li Manni.

“Li Manni, if you have any problems, you can come at me. Laying your hands on a three-year-old child, do you still have any conscience?”

Li Manni laughed so much she started to feel breathless. “Conscience? Chu Lui, everybody else can say this word, but you… you shouldn’t. I’ve said this before, but everything that I’ve done, I learned them all from you. Everything that I’ve done can’t even amount to one-fifth of what you have.

“What right does this child have to be your daughter? What right does that woman’s child have to be called ‘Chu’ while my child can only be treated as a low-life?” Li Manni’s grip tightened, almost about to break Rainy’s tiny arm.

“Because Rainy’s family name was originally Chu. Your own child’s family name—shouldn’t you know it yourself?” Chu Lui endured his urge to fight her. Right now, Rainy was in their hands, he shouldn’t act rashly. He couldn’t. Instead, he started planning out how to save his daughter. However, everything in his plan was completely negated due to the child who was still young

He could ensure that these two people could be subdued in an instant. However, there was no guarantee that these two people wouldn’t do anything to Rainy.

That’s why he held back from taking action, for fear of Rainy’s safety.

Rainy lowered her head, tightly biting her small lips. She couldn’t cry, she couldn’t cry… she couldn’t cry in front of this evil woman. However, she was in so much pain.

She was in so much pain that her tears fell to the ground. Pit-pat, pit-pat. Tiny cries escaped from her mouth intermittently and listening to them made Chu Lui really want to rip Li Manni into pieces.

However, at that moment, he didn’t even dare to move. He was afraid that Li Manni would put more force into that hand of hers and hurt his daughter. Rainy was just a child; she didn’t understand anything. Why did a three-year-old have to bear the brunt of the adult’s disputes and schemes?

That man simply crossed his arms over his chest and sneered. “Her child’s family name should definitely be ‘Mi’, the same as me. The four years worth of medication that you drank, they were all given to her by me.” He suddenly spoke, and finally, Li Manni let go Rainy’s small arm. However, she then placed her hand over Rainy’s neck, getting a sudden impulse to choke the child.

“We’ve met before?” Upon seeing that his daughter was fine, Chu Lui heaved a sigh of relief, before asking this man that he had no recollection of. He clearly had no impression of him yet, but he felt that this man harbored intense hate towards him. He had hated others before so he was familiar.

“Mr. Chu, great wits sure have short memories. How could you not remember that there was a Feng Yong Enterprise? Four years ago, it got annexed by your company, wasn’t that so? I once went to beg you to have mercy on us; however, you treated me like a dog and robbed me of my livelihood.”

As the man spoke, he seemingly recalled something. His gaze grew demented, that intense hatred threatening to engulf him with its flames.

“You acquired my company and caused me to become penniless. My wife was three months pregnant then, but because I had nothing left, she went to the hospital to abort the child. You caused me to lose my son. That’s why, Chu Lui, this is all your fault. I wanted you to die without ever having any children. Thus, I went to look for Li Manni and devised my plan for four years. Just as I had thought-in the end, you fell into the palms of a woman.”

“I’ve even slept with your wife, and she was pregnant with my seed. Even if you had slept with her multiple times, she would never have been able to give birth to your child. Your family line had already been severed. Chu Lui, my gift to you is rather decent, right? How do you like it?”

“That was you?” Chu Lui’s eyes narrowed. In his memory, there was a guy with the family name ‘Mi’.

“That was me. What, you finally remember? I’m called Mi Dongfeng.” Mi Dongfeng sneered. “Today, I’m going to get back everything that I have lost. All the things that I’ve lost, I’ll make you-Chu Lui-pay it back just as much. I lost my wife and my child. That’s why I’m going to make you accompany me. Oh, yeah, Mr. Chu.” Mi Dongfeng laughed maliciously, his entire body electrified with the thrill of revenge. “I know what you used to be. That’s why don’t bother wasting your energy on me. There’s never a hundred-percent guarantee. I sure wouldn’t dare to invite Mr. Chu over; that’s why you should behave. Otherwise, your daughter might end up losing an arm or breaking a leg. Her bones truly are fragile.”

Chu Lui was indifferent to Mi Dongfeng’s lunacy. “If I remember correctly—even if I had not acquired Feng Yong Enterprise, your company would still have gone bankrupt. I was just a step ahead of others. Back then, Feng Yong Enterprise was already empty on the inside; and even if nobody had acquired itright now, Feng Yong Enterprise still wouldn’t be in existence.”

“Impossible!” Mi Dongfeng’s voice suddenly spiked up. “I already had a plan. If I just had a few more days, I could’ve gotten a loan from the bank. At that time, our Feng Yong Enterprise wouldn’t have gone bankrupt; and my wife wouldn’t have left me. My child also wouldn’t have died. It was all because of you, Chu Lui. If you didn’t exist, then who knows how well I would’ve been living right now?”

“You should know that that isn’t possible.” Chu Lui interrupted his delusional rambles. “Not a single bank would’ve given you a loan. If that was possible, then I wouldn’t even have gotten a chance to purchase your company in the first place. I’m a businessman-as long as there’s a profitable business, I’ll never just let it go.

“You’re a businessman as well. Your successes and failures are all brought about by your decisions. Everything that happened was all your fault. It was your own mismanagement of your business; what did that have to do with anybody?

“If your wife had really loved you, then she wouldn’t have left you under those circumstances where you had nothing. If she had really loved that child, then she wouldn’t have easily aborted it. That’s why everything that you’re saying now is just an excuse for your own failure as a person”

Back then, Xia Ruoxin was also very pitiful. She was forced into a corner, and yet it didn’t matter how much she hated him. She still decided to give birth to Rainy. She used everything in her means to raise Rainy, and even if it meant that she had to sell herself, she never gave up on her child.

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