Chapter 553 - Because You’re Incompetent

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Chapter 553 Because You’re Incompetent

Just because she loved her daughter. It had nothing to do with the father and nothing to do with anything else. She simply loved her child.

“Impossible! It’s not my fault. It’s all your fault. It’s all Chu Lui—your fault. If you didn’t exist in this world, then everything wouldn’t have happened.”

Mi Dongfeng was obviously a little crazy. He wasn’t willing to admit that everything was his fault; neither was he willing to accept his own incompetence. His wife left him because she didn’t love him, and she aborted their child. He refused to believe it; he definitely wasn’t going to believe it.

He suddenly took hold of Rainy’s small body and placed his hands on her neck.

“Let go of my daughter!” Chu Lui took a step forward. Gazing at Rainy’s eyes that were red from crying and seeing her look of fear, his pupils immediately constricted. “Don’t touch her.”

“Don’t touch her? Alright.” Mi Dongfeng took out a fruit knife and threw it onto the floor. “Stab yourself with the knife. Otherwise, I’ll open a hole in your daughter, tsk…” He touched Rainy’s battered but still beautiful and cute face and then exclaimed. “This daughter of yours sure is pretty. If she dies, it would truly be a waste.”

The fruit knife on the floor fell with a ‘clank’ beside Chu Lui’s leg, and Chu Lui clenched his hands into a fist. Thereafter, he bent down to pick up the knife.

“Hurry up.” Mi Dongfeng’s hands tightened around Rainy’s neck again. Rainy’s small face was riddled with slap marks, and the skin on her dainty lips had already been bitten off. Such a petite child—there was no way her tiny body would be able to withstand so much trauma.

Chu Lui gripped the fruit knife in his hand tightly and then forcefully stabbed the knife into his thigh. He grimaced as unbearable waves of pain radiated from his thigh and let out rapid labored breaths to endure the pain, as well as to keep himself alert.

“Ah!” Li Manni screamed out in shock. The sudden gory scene made her stomach churn. He actually stabbed himself; he really stabbed himself.

“I already stabbed myself. Can you let go of my daughter now?” Chu Lui approached them step by step, dragging his injured leg with him. Blood was still flowing from his leg, and yet his expression remained unchanged. His leg was still hurting, and the loss of blood was starting to make his vision spin. However, he firmly dug his nails into the palm of his hand, stopping himself from falling over. He still had a daughter to save—the daughter that he had yet to carry, the daughter that had yet to call him ‘daddy’.

Rainy gently fluttered her eyelids as transparent pitiful tears fell from her eyes. She looked at the man approaching her. That was her father, her birth father. Not Gao Yi, but the father that she had always despised.

“Just one stab? That’s making things too easy for you.” Mi Dongfeng finally released his hand that was clutching Rainy’s neck, and Rainy let out pained coughs. However, her eyes never moved away from Chu Lui. Her small lips quivered from time to time, and her mini pink skirt was smudged with tons of mud.

Li Manni was evidently dumbfounded. For a very long time, she remained in that position. Her face was pale, and at the same time, her body was also trembling.

“Okay.” Chu Lui clenched his teeth and ruthlessly pulled out the knife in his thigh. In an instant, fresh blood gushed out of his wound, making Li Manni scream out in shock again. Within her screams, there was the sound of the knife stabbing into flesh again. A layer of perspiration had formed on Chu Lui’s forehead. Large drops of perspiration fell onto his chin. The pain was beyond what he had imagined

He approached them step by step, just as if he wasn’t the one who had gotten injured… as if that leg wasn’t his, and—truly—as if he didn’t feel any pain.

“Give me back my daughter.” He suddenly launched forward. Those desolate pupils constricted in shock, and before Mi Dongfeng could even react, Chu Lui’s firm fists instantly smashed into Mi Dongfeng’s eyes. The sudden impact made Mi Dongfeng scream out wimpishly in pain before falling onto the floor.

He reached out his hands to cover his eyes and ceaselessly rolled about the floor as anguished cries escaped his mouth. “My eyes, my eyes…” He felt like he wasn’t able to see anything. The pain pulled on all the nerves in his body, making it indescribable.

“Ah! Don’t come over, don’t come over…” Chu Lui’s body was covered in blood, and the knife was still stuck in his leg. There was a long trail of blood on the floor, and it seemed as if he was about to run out of blood.

Chu Lui didn’t even bother glancing towards Li Manni, and suddenly, he smiled. All that he could see was his little daughter-Rainy-who was safe and sound.

Li Manni’s eyes widened in shock, and suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She lowered her head and saw a warm red liquid continuously flowing down from between her legs.

Blood, blood again?

Her eyes widened as she spontaneously fell onto the ground. Another man was endlessly screaming out in pain on the ground.

Chu Lui endured the immense pain in his leg as he picked up Rainy. “Rainy, don’t be scared. Daddy’s here to bring you home.” His fingers carefully ran across Rainy’s face. Although the pain in his body made him unwilling to move even a step, his heart felt unusually content.

“Rainy, Daddy finally got to hug you. Do you know? Daddy really loves you.” His fingers carefully caressed the hand marks on his daughter’s face. “Does it hurt? Tell Daddy.”

Rainy dazedly lifted her small face and then shook her head. She reached out her tiny hands and tightly clung onto Chu Lui’s neck, letting him carry her as he staggered forward with difficulty. It was a weird feeling, different from Mommy… and different from Daddy Gao Yi.

She buried her small face into his chest.

“Lui, save me, please save me…” Li Manni reached out her hands.

She didn’t want to die. She really didn’t want to die. That’s why, she could only beg Chu Lui, beg him to save her.

Chu Lui indifferently turned back and glanced at Li Manni, his vision landed onto the trail of blood between her legs as he pressed Rainy’s face against his chest. “Rainy, baby, don’t look. Don’t look at anything.”

He freed one of his hands and only then took out his handphone to call for help. Let’s just end everything here. He didn’t want any more people to die, he was tired already.

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