Chapter 554 - She Wasn’t Grateful

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Chapter 554 She Wasn’t Grateful

“Rainy, Daddy’s bringing you back, bringing you back to find your Mommy.” As he spoke, he gently kissed his daughter’s tiny face. He dragged his injured leg as he moved forward step by step. As he walked out of the warehouse, he was greeted at the entrance by Du Jingtang who had rushed over just in time. Of course, there were also many cops. However, everything was over. Chu Lui was at ease as long as his daughter was alright.

“Cousin, you’re injured!” Du Jingtang hastily went over. The blood on Chu Lui’s leg, the knife still stuck in his thigh, and the trail of blood next to his leg… it was such a ghastly sight.

“Cousin, does it hurt?” Du Jingtang remorsefully asked him. Did he really not feel pain? This was skin, flesh, and blood-this was a living person.

“No, I feel so at ease. Look, Jingtang, my daughter’s alright. As long as she’s alright, that’s enough for me.”

Chu Lui shook his head, simply hugging Rainy tighter in his embrace. He lifted his head, and a person’s figure descended upon his pupils. It was Xia Ruoxin who approached them.

“Ruoxin, I did it, look. I’ll return Rainy to you. You need to take good care of her, okay?”

Chu Lui carried Rainy over and handed her to Xia Ruoxin. However, the void in his arms made his heart suddenly feel abnormally miserable. Upon losing his support, his body involuntarily swayed to the side; and Du Jingtang-who was beside him-frantically held him up.

“Mommy…” Rainy tightly hugged onto Xia Ruoxin’s neck. The young child was evidently in shock. However, her eyes had never left Chu Lui before she snuggled back into her mother’s embrace again.

Xia Ruoxin tightly hugged her daughter that she had just reunited with, not wanting to let go at all. “Rainy, my Rainy…” She repeatedly called out her daughter’s name until Gao Yi wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Alright, everything’s fine now. Let’s head back.” Gao Yi’s hands slightly tightened around her, giving her silent encouragement. She was worried, and Rainy was scared; whereas that man… there was a complicated look in his eyes.

With this kind of injuries-if it was an ordinary person, they probably would have already fainted. However, Chu Lui was still holding onto his consciousness, his gaze never leaving Xia Ruoxin and Rainy, almost as if he was trying to burn everything about them into his soul.

Just as if this was the last time he was going to see them. As if they were about to part forever.

It was only now that he understood how much this man loved Xia Ruoxin. Perhaps he loved her all along-unknowingly-for four years.

At that moment, the sound of the ambulance resonated in the air. Many people came out of the warehouse, and soon, another two people were carried out. One was Mi Dongfeng, and the other was Li Manni.

Xia Ruoxin carried Rainy and took a step back.

“I won’t thank you for this because you were the cause of everything in the first place. You made my Rainy suffer so much; you deserve to get injured. Even if you die, it’s still well-deserved.” Xia Ruoxin kept shaking her head, rejecting the sense of gratitude that arose inside her. She wasn’t going to be touched, and she wasn’t going to be grateful.

It was his fault. It was his fault in the first place.

“You’re right. It’s my fault. That’s why I was only doing what I was supposed to do.” Chu Lui leaned against Du Jingtang. The desolation and ruthlessness had long faded from his eyes. The him now-in front of her—was just a man who wanted to love but wasn’t able to be loved. He was a very humble man. Little did she know that, sometimes, one word from her could either make his heart float in heaven or throw him into hell, similar to the influence he once had on her.

Xia Ruoxin turned around, refusing to look at the wound on his leg. She carried her daughter and ran away. “Rainy, Mommy’s bringing you home. Let’s leave this scary place. Let’s go home.”

“You should better get that wound checked; otherwise, you might just become crippled.” Gao Yi stopped for a moment. “This is friendly advice: stop trying to use your injuries to garner pity. Otherwise, by the time you become crippled, it’ll be too late for regret.” This man made him feel like he was a strong foe. A strong rival who could invade their relationship.

He hated this man, and yet at the same time, he admired him. However, it didn’t mean that he was just going to give up Xia Ruoxin and Rainy. Chu Lui loved them, but so did he.

Gao Yi turned around and unintentionally blocked Xia Ruoxin’s line of sight. Chu Lui’s chapped lips lightly moved before his body suddenly swayed and fell onto Du Jingtang.

Drowsily, he opened his eyes; and a scene of white entered his vision. He already couldn’t recall how long it had been since he last lay down like this. He always thought that work was very important. But now, he realized that, actually, if he could just sleep in like this for a few days, then he would really be considered a happy man.

He moved his legs, but a terrible pain shot up his body as he did. He gently closed his eyes; and when he reopened them, he was met with a pair of large eyes that looked like black grapes.

He paused, thinking that he was in a dream for a moment. Was it really? He reached out his trembling hands, and his fingers gently touched that fleeting little angel.

It was real; she didn’t disappear. Rainy, his daughter. She was looking at him; she was actually looking at him.

“Rainy…” After not saying anything for days, he found his voice extremely hoarse. If one didn’t listen carefully, there was no way to comprehend what he was saying.

Rainy placed her two hands on the bed. She was only a little bit taller than the bed that Chu Lui was lying on, making standing tough on her.

“Legs are tired…” She pouted her dainty lips and kicked her little legs from time to time. Her two eyes kept staring at Chu Lui. Even Chu Jiang and Song Wan couldn’t understand why their dear granddaughter was suddenly willing to come to the hospital to see Chu Lui. Was it because Chu Lui saved her life? That’s why she no longer hated Chu Lui as much as she did before?

Despite that, they felt truly happy for their son. Although their son had gotten wounded, his injuries were worth it.

“Tired?” Chu Lui struggled to sit up. He ignored the pain in his legs and reached out his arms to pick Rainy up. Then, he carefully took off her shoes. He knew that Rainy was similar to him; she didn’t like people touching her legs. However, thankfully, when he removed her shoes, Rainy didn’t move at all.

He gently caressed his daughter’s small face. He didn’t know how long he had slept for, but by then, the injuries on his daughter’s face had pretty much all healed. Therefore, he probably slept for two days because he was tired, because he was injured.

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