Chapter 555 - Children are Like This

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Chapter 555 Children are Like This

“Rainy, does it still hurt?” He carefully touched Rainy’s cheeks and checked for other injuries. Then, he checked her neck. It was only after realizing that there were no serious injuries on her that he finally felt at ease.

Rainy shook her head. “It doesn’t.” Her voice as sweet as glutinous rice made Chu Lui’s heart feel a lot warmer, no longer having that desolation from before. He hugged his daughter in his embrace, feeling a sense of satisfaction he had never felt before.

“Sorry, Rainy. It’s all Daddy’s fault. Daddy really didn’t know that it was you back then. Otherwise, even if I had to sacrifice my life, I would still have saved you. It was Daddy who made you and Mommy suffer so much. It’s all Daddy’s fault…”

He rested his head on top of Rainy’s, speaking words that a three-year-old child could never understand.

Rainy placed her small hand on Chu Lui’s chest, blinking her eyes from time to time. She lifted her head and was greeted with the tears that had fallen from Chu Lui’s eyes.

This Daddy cries?

She reached out her tiny hand and placed them on Chu Lui’s eyes. Her tender hands kindled Chu Lui’s affection. His daughter was really very cute.

At that moment, the door opened. Upon seeing Chu Lui hugging his daughter, the nurse hurried over. “Mr. Chu, you shouldn’t be doing this. You must be careful with your wounds; otherwise, you might end up with sequela.”

“It’s alright. I know my own body.” Chu Lui continued to hug his daughter. As for the nurse’s advice, it went in one ear and left through the other. He didn’t take it to heart at all.

The nurse’s expression darkened. She had never met such an uncooperative patient. He had two large holes in his thigh and almost suffered bone damage. Yet, he was still moving about so carelessly. Did he not know? His leg almost had to be amputated.

“Right, is there anything to eat?” Chu Lui suddenly lifted his head and asked the nurse. This was a special ward so it was normal for people to order food.

“Oh, I forgot about that. I’ll go get it right away.” So he was still a human. The nurse had thought that this man didn’t know pain or hunger. However, it turned out that he actually did.

“Rainy, are you hungry? Daddy asked somebody to prepare some food for us.” He gently asked his daughter that he was hugging for the second time.

“Hungry.” Rainy nodded her head and answered earnestly.

The nurse who was at the entrance quickened her steps. Otherwise, she felt that she might just end up rolling her eyes at this man. He was so wounded himself, and yet he was still busy taking care of the child. Didn’t he love his child a little too much?

After the nurse served the dishes, Chu Lui didn’t even care about himself. He had actually slept for three whole days already, and he was famished. However, right now, he was only concerned about his baby daughter’s tiny stomach. He didn’t even mind if he starved to death.

This man… once he started to dote on somebody-sometimes, it could really be too much to handle.

“Do you still want to eat?” After feeding his daughter, Chu Lui had started to worry about her seemingly bloated stomach. He hastily put down the bowl in his hand and touched his daughter’s tiny stomach before shouting for the doctor. His forehead had a layer of cold sweat, and nobody knew if it was from pain or shock.

Upon hearing the cries, the doctor rushed towards Chu Lui’s ward with a group of nurses behind him. Because Chu Lui lived in the most high-end VIP ward in the hospital, doctors were specifically employed to watch over him for twenty-four hours every day.

“Mr. Chu, are you feeling discomfort in any part of your leg?” The doctor hastily asked. Mr. Chu’s leg injury was very severe; that’s why they had to pay extra attention to the wounds. If anything happened to him, they would not be able to afford the compensation fees at all.

“I’m fine. It’s my daughter. She seemingly ate a little too much. Her stomach is so bloated; what should we do?” Chu Lui kept his hand on Rainy’s stomach while Rainy simply strangely tilted her head. Her large eyes glanced at the people in front of them from time to time as she shrunk her small body into Chu Lui’s embrace.

The doctor’s eyes twitched. “Mr. Chu, don’t worry. She’s fine. It’s normal for children to eat until their stomachs are like that.” The doctor then stared at Rainy’s stomach again. It was very normal; there was nothing wrong with it.

“Oh. Is that so?” Chu Lui was still not at ease. Her stomach looked so engorged; was it really alright? Don’t blame him for being so nervous and foolish. He really never interacted with children of this age before.

However, Rainy simply tugged at Chu Lui’s shirt.

“Rainy’s hungry.” Her stomach was still not full. Last time, she wanted to eat many things like vegetables and of course—the milk which she hated as well. Mommy said that milk would make her pretty.

The doctor placed his hand on his forehead. The group came in hastily and went out listlessly. Chu Lui worriedly furrowed his brows and stared into his daughter’s eyes that were just like black grapes.

“Baby, are you sure you still want to eat?” Her stomach was already so round. Was she still going to continue eating?

“Mommy says Rainy is still growing. That’s why I should eat more so that I will be a good kid.” Rainy firmly nodded her head. She had remembered her mother’s words clearly. Chu Lui picked up the bowl once again and started feeding his daughter bit by bit. He was more serious than when he went to sign important contracts for the company.

Just then, the sound of laughter traveled in from the door.

Du Jingtang walked into the room and sat beside Chu Lui. “Cousin, you don’t have to worry. Little Cutie eats a lot usually. Her mouth has never stopped before. I’m really worried that she’ll end up becoming a little fatty.”

After he finished speaking, Chu Lui gave him a displeased glare, and Rainy lifted her head as well. The expressions on both their faces were so alike that nobody could say they weren’t father and daughter.

“Shut your mouth, Du Jingtang.” Chu Lui coldly warned. He could say anything he wanted, but he couldn’t insult his daughter. Right now, he didn’t even know how much he loved his daughter. He practically wanted to give four years’ worth of fatherly love to her.

“I’m full.” Rainy yawned and then snuggled herself into Chu Lui’s embrace, automatically finding a comfortable spot to sleep. This evil daddy and Gao Yi daddy were warm everywhere, just like a bed. So soft and comfortable. This evil daddy also didn’t seem that detestable anymore. Moreover, he lost so much blood. It must have hurt. That’s why upon consideration of how much blood he had lost, she would hate him a little less.

She fluttered her long lashes then, her small hands gripped onto Chu Lui’s shirt, and she fell asleep just like that.

“Sleeping right after eating. If that wasn’t a little pig, what was it?” Du Jingtang smiled at Rainy who was in Chu Lui’s arms. Actually, he wanted to hug her as well; but if he couldn’t attain the grape, he was going to defend himself by saying that the grape was too sour to eat anyway. However, by doing that, he only managed to receive another glare from Chu Lui.

See, now that he had his daughter, he didn’t care about his cousin anymore.

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