Chapter 556 - He was a Little Pitiful

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Chapter 556 He was a Little Pitiful

However, he extended his neck again to look at the little fella in Chu Lui’s arms. This little fella seemed like she didn’t ostracize Cousin anymore. Although she had yet to call him ‘Daddy’, this was still a good start, wasn’t it?

After all, Cousin only had this daughter and this only daughter to call him ‘Daddy’. Of course, other than Chu Xiang. That child, I’m afraid only Auntie likes her.

Right, this time he wasn’t here to get scolded. He had serious business.

“That Mi Dongfeng has been sent to a mental hospital according to your wishes. In the future, it doesn’t matter whether he’s normal or not; he’ll continue staying there forever. Even if he’s not crazy-after staying there for a few years, he’ll become crazy.”

Regarding the way things turned out, Chu Lui wasn’t too satisfied. He had originally planned to make Mi Dongfeng rot in jail for the rest of his life. However, he felt that that was being too lenient on him. That man could do anything he wanted to him, but the only thing that he couldn’t and really shouldn’t have done was to target Rainy. He-Chu Lui-only had that one daughter. He wasn’t going to let the harm she went through be in vain.

“And, Li Manni…” Du Jingtang carefully observed Chu Lui’s expression, and yet he realized that there was not a single change in his expression. It seemed like he was already utterly disappointed in that woman. However, none of them were going to forgive her. Not mentioning her medicating Chu Lui-last time, she almost caused Rainy to die. This time, she kidnapped Rainy again. She wasn’t even willing to let off a three-year-old child. This woman, there was already no remedy for her soul.

“Yeah. What happened to her?” Chu Lui pulled the covers up to his daughter’s chin, disregarding the continuous stinging in his leg. Right now, in his eyes, he only had Rainy; he didn’t even have himself. His injuries in front of his daughter were not even worth a mention.

“Because not too long ago, she had a forced abortion and-on top of that-she received excessive emotional stimuli, it led to excessive bleeding in her womb. Right now…” Du Jingtang paused pensively for a moment before he continued speaking, “Her womb has been removed. In the future, she won’t be able to give birth anymore. Therefore, Cousin, this can be considered as her retribution. For a woman, losing their womb can practically mean that they’re no longer female.”

“I understand.” Chu Lui’s expression remained composed; however, his lips that were pressed together further straightened into a line. Between Li Manni and him, it was never clear who had hurt who. But now, they were truly even. Nobody owed anybody anything. From now on, they were nothing more than strangers who would pass by each other on the streets; and their four years together had also gotten closure.

“Don’t bother with the Li family anymore. Sometimes, being alive is tougher than dying. Let’s just let her enjoy her remaining time on this earth, thinking back, this would definitely be an unforgettable happy end for her.” A look of ruthlessness shimmered within his pupils.

“Alright, I understand.” Du Jingtang noted it down. However, ‘self-destruction’—this term… hearing it somehow made people’s hair stand.

Du Jingtang reached out his hands towards Chu Lui. However, Chu Lui simply looked strangely at his hands, not understanding his intentions. Nevertheless, he instinctively hugged his daughter tightly in his arms.

“Cousin, pass the little cutie to me.” Du Jingtang’s hands reached out a little further. So far that it made Chu Lui want to chop his hands off.

“Cousin, her other father is here. We have to return her to the other father.”

A sense of sorrow flashed across Chu Lui’s black pupils. He lowered his head and looked at his sweet-smelling daughter, asleep in his arms. In the end, he had no choice but to clench his teeth and pass Rainy over to Du Jingtang.

“Cousin, I’ll be leaving. In a moment, Auntie and Uncle will come over to see you. They’ve been watching over you for three days. They only returned home a while ago. Try your best to act like you’re fine.”

“Okay, I understand. You’re so naggy.” Chu Lui picked up a bowl at the side and began eating the rice inside. It was just that the rice was tasteless. Yet, he continued to eat, his black pupils slightly drooping, unable to look at Rainy who was in Du Jingtang’s embrace again.

The door shut gently, and Chu Lui continued to endlessly consume food. He choked a bit and then continued eating again. Even when his stomach had started to hurt, he still refused to stop. He lowered his head and looked at his empty arms. Just a moment ago, he was clearly still hugging his daughter; but now, he could only endure the desolation of his surroundings, without any vigor.

Actually, he really couldn’t bear to let go of his daughter. It was just that right now, Rainy was somebody else’s and not his. He didn’t know whether he was pitiable, but he did know that he was receiving deserved punishment.

Gao Yi received Rainy who was asleep over from Du Jingtang’s arms. He carefully carried the child in his arms and thanked Du Jingtang.

“You don’t have to thank me. In terms of kinship, I’m her uncle.” It was just that blood relationship couldn’t beat actual care and concern. He laughed embarrassedly. Actually, his heart ached for that cousin for his. That high and mighty, omnipotent man… since when did he become so battered and torn? Right now, he seemed practically soulless.

He lost his wife and lost his child. Even his one and only daughter was calling another man ‘Daddy’. Although it could be said that it was retribution, he was still really pitiable. Perhaps that man was really too arrogant, too assertive, and too confident in his own abilities. But by the time he had realized it, there was already nobody to forgive him.

“I should still thank you.” Gao Yi’s voice was filled with courtesy, almost as if he was trying to distance himself from Du Jingtang. “I’ll be going first.” He steadied his grip on Rainy and nodded at Du Jingtang before heading towards his car. She was already out for very long; see, now she was so tired that she fell asleep.

“Daddy…” Rainy’s tender voice resonated from within his embrace. Her small hand gripped tightly onto Gao Yi’s shirt. “Daddy, Rainy still wants to eat.” As she spoke, she pouted her lips, evidently still hungry.

Gao Yi’s expression darkened. “Rainy, tell Daddy. This ‘Daddy’, who are you referring to?” Was kinship really, really impossible to change?

He used his hands to gently caress Rainy’s small face, his lips pressing together a little tighter.

After returning to their house, Rainy was carried to her small bed to sleep; and before she slept enough, she was definitely not going to wake up.

Gao Yi placed down the chopsticks in his hand, and he looked sympathetically at the troubled Xia Ruoxin. It started ever since the day Rainy got kidnapped, and because she was too afraid, Rainy also hadn’t been attending school recently.

“Ruoxin, don’t worry about it. He’s fine; he managed to retain his leg.” Gao Yi picked up his chopsticks again. What was she being so absent-minded for? His heart was filled with displeasure. Although Xia Ruoxin didn’t say anything, she was never a woman who could perfectly hide her thoughts and feelings.

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