Chapter 557 - Forgive that Father

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Chapter 557 Forgive that Father

So she was worried about him. Worried about the guy that troubled her for so long.

“Gao Yi, I don’t…” Xia Ruoxin said as she lifted her head. However, all she saw was Gao Yi smiling at her warmly, just like before.

“Ruoxin, you don’t need to explain anything. You were never a heartless person so I would be worried if you did not worry about him. Well, no matter the reason, he did save Rainy. We should be grateful to him.”

Xia Ruoxin’s lips quivered for a long time, but she did not know what else to say. Perhaps just forgetting everything would be better than any further explanation.

“Let’s eat. If not, it would really be a waste.” Gao Yi filled her bowl with food again, but nobody had seen the look of uneasiness in his eyes, an uneasiness of losing something he loved.

Xia Ruoxin lowered her head. Not knowing why, she only felt an unspeakable sense of guilt, not sure if it was because of Chu Lui or because of the man before her. Chu Lui was mean, but Gao Yi treated her really well.

However, she was just really worried about that guy’s injury and was only reassured after hearing that Gao Yi said it was fine. That’s good. Then, she will not owe him anything. If there was anything with his leg, she would never be able to walk out of it her entire life.

It was too heavy. Too, too heavy.

Rainy rubbed her eyes and looked left and right before extending her small hand to clutch the side of Xia Ruoxin’s clothes. She knew that she was already home.

“Mommy…” said Rainy in a sleepy voice, but her hands were still clutching onto her mother tightly.

“Hm? Mommy is here.” Xia Ruoxin held her daughter in an embrace. Rainy rubbed her eyes from time to time; she looked as though she did not sleep.

“Mommy, let’s not get angry at that Daddy okay?” Her soft, child voice caused Xia Ruoxin to knit her brows. She was not even angry at Gao Yi, and she did not even know when she got angry.

The kid noticed this.

“Mommy, Rainy saw that Daddy cry. Mommy said that adults won’t cry, and if they do, it’s just because their eyes hurt.”

Rainy pulled on Xia Ruoxin’s clothes; her eyes blinked untimely and still had a look of sleepiness on her face.

Xia Ruoxin finally realized whod her daughter was talking about.

It was not Gao Yi, but Chu Lui.

Just that, did that man ever cry? Everyone knew. That guy was cold-blooded… heartless. The most impossible thing for him to do… Was to cry.

“Okay, Mommy?” Rainy lifted her head and tried to open her eyes with all her might, but her eyes flashed across as though she fell asleep again. Just that her hands were still holding onto Xia Ruoxin’s clothes. For some reason, Xia Ruoxin was conflicted, a type of conflict that made her struggle with her feelings.

Forgive, forgiving for real. She said that she no longer hated that guy, but-actually, deep down-she had always hated him. No forgiveness and no letting go. She held Rainy even tighter, and some sort of discomfort made her shut her eyes.

Rainy, do you really want Mommy to forgive him? But… Mommy… really can’t do it. I really can’t.

She could only not hate but could not forgive. Once she remembered whatever the guy did before, she would never be appeased. He ruined her arm. He ruined her life. She did love him, as well as hate in the past, but now, perhaps, complicated was the only word to describe what she was feeling.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, all the teachers carefully held an umbrella over the children’s heads. It was raining cats and dogs outside, and it would hurt a little when the rain pattered on their bodies.

“Rainy, stand here quietly and do not move okay? Teacher will send your friend first.” The teacher hurriedly brought Rainy aside to where there was no rain as she the other child’s parent had already arrived.

“Okay.” Rainy let go of her teacher’s hands obediently and quietly stood at the side where there was no rain. She lowered her head and looked at her feet. Her small feet were already drenched in rain. Even though she liked to play with water, playing with water now felt really cold.

She cowered her body and looked at the distance, but she still did not see anyone coming to fetch her. Daddy, Mommy, none of them were here.

She stuck her head out to take a look, and within a short while, many rain droplets landed on her face. Hurriedly, she went back into the shade. The rain was really heavy.

She extended her small hands and resumed playing with the rain. However, the rain only continued for a short while. She pulled back her hands and blinked in confusion. There were still people using their umbrellas; do people still do that even when there was no rain?

She then lifted her head and saw that there was also an umbrella over her. A blue umbrella which had the same color as the sky.

“You can’t play with water like that.” The voice boomed pleasantly, which somehow made the rain warmer by a little. Rainy looked up and her small face stared at the person before her curiously. She had no idea when did he arrive.

“Daddy came to fetch you and wait with you for your Mommy.” The man lowered his back, and with one hand holding the umbrella, the other held Rainy in a swoop, allowing her legs to leave the floor. No matter how heavy the rain was, the child in the man’s embrace did not feel a single drop of rain.

“Hi, Sir, where are you bringing her?” The teacher walked over immediately upon seeing a stranger. However, after seeing the man’s features, her eyes shined brightly. What a handsome man, with features as gorgeous as television stars; and his facial features ratio was superb. When grouped together, it was even more perfect. Even though he looked cold, but he was still really attractive.

“I came to fetch her.” Chu Lui lifted his head, his tone was neutral, but his eyes showed slight displeasure. She left his daughter alone here and did not even worry about her getting wet.

However, the teacher could not sense his displeasure and was still swooning over his looks.

“Rainy, do you know this uncle?” The teacher only looked at Rainy then. Even though he was handsome, she still could not let a stranger take the child away.

Rainy nodded her head and hugged Chu Lui’s neck.

She did know him. He was…

Her other father.

“Sir, may I know your relation to the child?” asked the teacher as though she was asking for his details, and her face blushed red as though she saw a delicious cake

“I am her father,” said Chu Lui. His lips pressed tightly together. He did not like people judging him in such a manner. This woman’s intentions were too obvious.

Oh, so it’s her father, the teacher realized. But… suddenly, her eyes widened. It couldn’t be. Father? Rainy was his daughter? Rainy’s surname was Gao, and she did meet Mr. Gao before.

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